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I’ve recently decided to start drawing a series of penguins. Those cute, flightless arctic birds just make all my troubles just melt away. Here is the first one in the series. Its not perfect, but its a start. He is one proud King Penguin.

Monster Cinnamons

The weekend was productive but not super exciting. We mini-putted, I cleaned, painted and watched the chick flicks “Bride Wars” and “Confessions of a Shopaholic“. I’m not really a “chick flick” kinda gal, but I was in the mood for fluff. But both made me wonder why there are so many movies, books and TV shows that represent only one kind of woman-The New Yorker who is fabulously wealthy, very pretentious, fashion and shoe obsessed and who power lunches and power walks around central park. Seriously! Go into any bookstore and look at the chick lit section and more than half feature this stereotype. Where is the diversity? Where are the movies with women whose lives you can relate to? They don’t have to be serious type of films, but just a tad more realistic. Anyways,  on Sunday, I also made cinnamon buns. And not just any cinnamon buns but MONSTER ones! Just like my earlier braided bread, these babies came out huge!:


But they smelled and tasted awesome, so its all good! I love cherries so I crammed some in there too:


Wish you guys could taste them! The weekend was humid as hell and I felt pretty tired, but having one of these to eat during the week instead of the nasty cafeteria food, inspired me to get off my ass and start baking!

Dying Young

It is unfortunate to hear about Farah Fawcett’s death and her struggle with cancer. As someone who has witnessed family members die from cancer, it touched a nerve. Farah was a bit before my time, but indeed she should have lived much longer than she did.


The other big shocking death was Michael Jackson. Now, let me state first that while I may not be the biggest MJ fan and really didn’t like his last few albums, I still respected him as an icon and talented individual. It really is a shame that he didn’t get a chance to move away from the negativity that surrounded his public image and return to being looked at strictly as a great performer.  As a child of the 80s, I remember when “Thriller” came out. The song was great and the video incredibly fun. Michael Jackson brought together many different nationalities and  was stanchly devoted to combating racism and segregation, which you have to give him props for. He definitely had issues and was not impeccable, but being thrust into the limelight at such a young age and being constantly harrassed by papparazzi would cause most people severe psychological problems, why should he be different? Anyways, lets not focus on the ‘circus’ surrounding his final years and lets remember him as a great performer who sang songs like this

which has been sung by millions of people worldwide and featured in films like ‘Rush Hour’

LOL!  Anyway, RIP MJ and Farah. I hope you finally found the peace and happiness that often alluded you in your final painful years.

Hazy..crazy days of summer..


Sorry, I wish I had something interesting or earth shattering to say, but my mind is sleepy and already on summer vacation. It is almost criminal to be forced to stay inside and *gasp* go to work when there are lakes to be swam, roads to be conquered, BBQ to be eaten and antique stores to peruse.  Looking around at all the cranky and tired faces, I don’t think  I’m the only one who is really looking forward to time off.

Can’t..wait..for..summer adventures! God I hope the weather continues to be compliant!

Weekend and thoughts..


It was a decent weekend-Made pie for my dad’s birthday-key lime woo!-went to a dessert bar and then a club on Saturday night with some friends and took Monday off to garden and clean the upstairs.  The time spent hanging out with friends on Saturday was great but I came to realize two things:

-I have got to start making my own Italian sodas (SO yummy! They served them at the dessert place)

-I’m not into dance clubs as much as I used to be.

Now, let me clarify the second statement-I love my friends and love hanging out with them, but clubbin’ just ain’t as much fun for me now that I am married and livin’ in the ‘burbs.  It’s not as much fun when you’re married because most clubs are meat markets and not as fun when you live in the burbs because of the hassle of finding a way home that won’t result in being harrassed at the bus stop by drunken club goers.  (Luckily for me, my hubby drove me home). Now, don’t get me wrong, just because I’m married and like to bake and have moved away from getting pissed drunk at a club and dirty dancin’ with some schlub, that does not mean I’m completely boring and vanilla.

Quite the contrary-There’s all sorts of activities I enjoy doing. But I felt awkward and out of place at the club on Saturday. The music was the mediocre crap that kids younger than me listen to nowadays and I could just not relax and just have fun. It was kind of funny though, because at some point during the night, this j0urnalist came up to us and asked us where the best clubs in the area are and I just responded:

“Umm, I dunno, there is another one, but I rarely go to clubs so I forget the name. But people seem to like it there. Oh what’s the name..?” *ponders at the ceiling trying to recall*

So yeah, she was DEFINITELY talking to the wrong gals. Truthfully, my friends and I rarely get together to go dancing, so this was a rare occurrance. But I just don’t think I want to do it at all anymore. Hanging out at a pub chatting-Absolutely! Eating cake even though I shouldn’t-Definitely! Going miniputting/bowling/shopping/camping/watching a concert-Count me in!

Self consciously dancing at an overcrowded club while trying to avoid eye contact with people-No thanks!

Am I the only one who thinks this?

Anyway, next time we get together for silliness, I’m gonna suggest drinking and dancing at my place. And if my friend, K brings her karaoke machine, all the better! 😉

Fun in the grocery store and Selena

My hubby and I dropped by the grocery store yesterday to pick up some taco fixings.  While he was perusing the vegetables and fruits, I wandered over to the bakery section to look for some cupcakes. The only ones they had were topped with cheesy “Happy Fathers Day” plastic words.

So I picked up some chocolate cupcakes, wandered over to my unsuspecting hubby, looked him straight in the eye and said with dead seriousness:

“Hubby, I have to tell you something-Happy Fathers Day.”

Hubby gave me a brief ‘panicked deer in the headlights’ look, but soon relaxed after I started grinning and laughing.  “Don’t do that!” He said annoyed.  LOL. Hey, I have to amuse myself somehow right?

Anyways, the rest of the night was fairly uneventful, except when hubby was sitting on the edge of the couch reading a website on his laptop. Selena, for all intents and purposes, loves us both, but tends to cling to my husband more.  When she was a young puppy, he spent all day with her since he worked from home during the summer, while I went to work.  Thus, she tends to be slightly more attached to him than me. (Which, frankly, I’m not thrilled with, but what can you do? Besides, I already have a velcro-animal in my cat Marcus, who follows me around) So, last night, with the rest of the couch taken, Selena, needing to be close to my man, wedged herself  in between the arm of the chair and my hubby and sat up just like a person:


LOL. She looks so cute! Turns out she liked this position also because it gave her access to the side table and all its goodies.

Blue and more blue

I spotted a blue jay recently and tried to take a picture, but unfortunately he was camera shy and hopped away when he saw me point my lens at him.


Can you see him? He’s on the left. While we’re on the theme of blue, I thought I would post a painting I’ve been working on. Its my second foray into painting insects and I thought I would try a butterfly this time. Turns out, butterflies are tough! So its not 100% accurate, but its not too bad.


Recently, I’ve also been overcome with feeling very blue. Its very unpleasant. But stuff like this helps take my mind off it. What do you do when you’re feeling blue?