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You’ll have to forgive my poor communication skills today. I’ve been up since 4:45am! This week is my period and because that doesn’t suck enough, my body also decides that I should not get a good night’s sleep during this *special* time! Urgh! (Pretty sure I’ve mentioned this phenomenon before)

Anyway, apart from that it was a good weekend-I saw “Drag me to Hell” on Saturday and can sum it up in two words: 1-Awesome and 2-LOUD!!!

The movie was so loud that I stuffed two bits of napkins in my ears and it still sounded like bombs going off in the theatre. Call me old, but lots of people will still ‘jump’ during a scary movie, even if you don’t crank the sound up. Anyway, apart from the ringing in my ears and the jackasses behind us kicking our seats and laughing at everything that happened (dumb asses!), it was an enjoyable experience.  I am so happy Sam Raimi is making horror flicks again, because he is so freakin’ great at them!

This weekend, my husband, his dad and my dad also started constructing our back fence since for some reason, the people living in our condo before us didn’t want a back fence. Odd. I’ll post a picture when its done.  Apart from that it was a pretty quiet weekend and freakin’ cold! WTH is with the weather? Can you believe I wore a toque today? A toque! That is just not right. Hopefully, it will warm up soon, because no way in heck am I wearing long johns on my upcoming anniversary. (Although they would look pretty hot with my polka-dot dress! LOL!) Other activities,  included more shopping, cleaning, watching part of a flick my co-worker lent me and finally trying out the yoga dvd I bought at Chapters last week.


I attempted to follow the crazy movements but quickly realized that the tiny cusion I was using just wasn’t going to cut it. It was too small and kept moving around so my knees would be leaning into the wooden floor. Very uncomfortable! So it looks like I’ll be in the market for a yoga mat. Anyone know a good place to buy one? It was  pretty funny though, because, I also haven’t done yoga in awhile. Throughout the movie, the narrator kept saying:

“Now that stretch should feel really amazing.”

And I would grunt in reply: “Yeah, it doesn’t. Sorry!”

LOL. Yoga is an activity that yields lots of benefits-mentally and physically (there’s a reason its so popular!) but I am so lazy that I haven’t done it in months. Plus-Being an ADD child, the whole ‘sitting still while breathing heavily’ thing, can be…challenging.  But hopefully, practicing can become part of my daily routine. Do you practice yoga?


8 thoughts on “Movies and Stuff

  1. Robin

    It’s SO hard to enjoy the movies anymore, or at least the older I get. I want my own personal theater, I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.

  2. hannah78 Post author

    Robin-I know! Between the overpriced food, sticky floors, neverending commercials and morons in the audience, it really is not as fun as fun to go to the movies. I want a personal theatre too! 🙂

  3. LiLu

    I LOVE bikram, or “hot” yoga… but I haven’t been in forever. I’d love to get back into it, though…

  4. f.B

    I’ve been thinking about Drag Me to Hell. I think the Apple guy – Justin Long? – is in it and he’s pretty funny. But I wasn’t sure. But I’ve needed to see something scary for a while…

  5. hannah78 Post author

    LiLu-A friend of mine does bikram and likes it. I might give it a try once but it seems pretty intense. I like Hatha, personally.
    Kate-I think I’ve seen them in Wallmart before, so I’ll have to run in and look around. Thanks for the link, I’ll check out Kripalu.:)
    f.B- Yeah Justin is in it. Its a great, cheesy horror movie. If you liked “Evil Dead”, you should like “Drag me to Hell.”

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