Woo! My cd arrived!

I am so happy right now, because my ‘Just Friends‘ soundtrack finally arrived in the mail and I can’t wait to give it a spin! For those who have not yet seen the genius that is this movie-Go see it! It is hilarious! The plot starts with a nerdy, high school guy (played by Ryan Reynolds in a fat suit) who is in love with his best friend, but of course she wants to be “just friends”, which breaks his heart. So he moves away, loses the pounds and tries to forget about her. But one day, he accidently ends up in his home town again and falls in love her once more. But of course, things are still not as easy for him!

Anyways, the soundtrack is awesome and contains “gems” like this song:

Pretty hot eh? LOL! Seriously though, the cd does contain actual good music, but the comedic ones definitely make it even sweeter! To listen to them, click here.


14 thoughts on “Woo! My cd arrived!

  1. Dr. Monkey

    If you email me your address I’ll burn you a CD and send it to you. My email is monkeymuckATgmailDotcom

  2. XUP

    Does she end up falling in love with him because he’s skinny now and they live happily ever after or what?

  3. Lost Artist

    Ha ha! I’ve actually seen that movie about 4 or 5 times. and it is pretty funny. That scene with him singing I swear is totally killer.

  4. LiLu

    This movie was pretty good, although it made me sad in my pants to see pretty, pretty Ryan ug-o-fied!

    I’ll check out the soundtrack…

  5. hannah78 Post author

    Raino-Your welcome! It IS funny darnnit!
    Dr. Monkey-Which cd? I’d like to be prepared for whatever Monkeystein sends in the mail. LOL.
    XUP-Watch the movie and find out! Are your comments about Dr.Monkey based on personal experience? LOL.
    Lost Artist-I kill myself laughing every time I watch him singing along with that cheesy 90s boy band! Its silly, I know, but I like silly!
    Robin-Not just good-but CANADIAN good!;)
    LiLu-Aww, he’s still pretty cute even with his “washboard abs” hidden away. I like a guy with a sense of humor!

  6. XUP

    No, but he isn’t really a doctor – he just plays one on the blogosphere. That should tell you something right there!! (I’m just kidding – you know that, right? He seems like a really solid bloke.) (Ha ha – I got to use the word bloke)

  7. hannah78 Post author

    XUP-He’s not a real doctor! Well I for one feel duped! LOL. He does seem *insert British accent* like a standup gent!

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