One Year Wedding Anniversary Weekend!


This weekend was our one year wedding anniversary and I thought why not spend the time in Perth, ON-Where we spent a few days on our honeymoon a year ago.  Saturday, was a beautiful day and we hit the road as soon as possible.  For dinner, we went to the awesome restaurant “Fiddleheads“..


..then we walked around Stewart Park across the street.


Sunday-our actual anniversary date-was unfortunately cold and rainy, but at least we had a great breakfast at Temple’s Sugar Camp. Their awesome maple syrup makes its way into practically all the food and its a very Canadian place to eat with lots of history.


After breakfast, we shopped around and went into a furniture store where I spotted this interesting mannequin:


She looked kinda freaky but still neat.  (I wonder how she would look in our entrance hallway..hmmm) We tried to do more shopping, but because it was Sunday, most of the store owners were in Church and hence their shops were closed. (Boo!)  Anyway, between the rain and lack of places to spend money, we decided to head back to Ottawa, where we ate at a fancy (*cough overpriced and kinda overrated!*) Italian restaurant and went to bed at a decent hour.

Seems like we’ve got the whole ‘old married couple’ routine down pretty pat already. 😉


18 thoughts on “One Year Wedding Anniversary Weekend!

  1. raino

    ah…i don’t think that sounds at all like an old married couple routine. sounds like a good time to me. and fiddleheads rawks btw! that mannequin is a little odd especially with the placing of those flowers which btw she is not holding. odd..

    happy anniversary to you both!!!

  2. hannah78 Post author

    Raino-Apart from the rain, it was a good time and Fiddleheads is awesome! Can’t beat the food and view there!:) Thank you for the well wishes.
    Robin-Wow! Happy future anniversary! Are you guys doing anything special?

  3. XUP

    Was that mannequin for sale? Because Zoom would totally love her! She collects mannequins and they’re pretty hard to find

  4. hannah78 Post author

    XUP-I’m not sure if she was for sale or not. I think she was decoration, but next time I’m in Perth, I could find out. 🙂

  5. batman

    Congrats on your first year together (married.. I’m sure you were together for a least a little before you got married)! I’m thinking of things to do for our anniversary – 5 years coming up in July. I can hardly believe it.

  6. J.

    congratulations on your one year! Are you going to post pictures from your wedding on here? I’ve love to see some

  7. Dr. Monkey

    You’re not longer a newlywed. Alas, how time does fly. Congrats on the milestone.

  8. raino

    i would love to be there when you walk up to the sale clerk and ask ‘can i buy the mannequin?’

    am i the only one that finds that bizarre?! lol

  9. hannah78 Post author

    Batman-Yeah we were together before we got married. (Hubby knew the crazy that was me before he popped the question. Bless him! ;))
    5 years eh? That is great! Maybe you could go on a roadtrip like we did, go on a hot air balloon ride (my parents once did this), eat at a nice restaurant…there’s lots of things you could do!
    J.-I dunno if I’ll post our wedding photos here or not. I’m still undecided on the whole post your face online thing. Perhaps…
    Dr. Monkey-Thanks! Time does fly!
    Marie-But I thought creepy looking mannequins were part of the whole “anniversary” experience. LOL.
    Raino-Hehehe. I should have done that for their reaction alone! (I seriously doubt I would be the first to ask though) I still think she’s cool, but it would definitely be a challenge stuffing her into our car. LOL.
    Kim-Me too! But then again-Aren’t most mannequins scary looking?
    Kate-Thanks! We did!

  10. pinklea

    Old married couple or not, happy anniversary! And you know what? Weekends like this past one are the ones you’ll end up remembering for many years, because that’s the kind where you talk and share and just hang out being yourself. Keep talking and sharing and you’ll celebrate many more anniversaries, I think!

  11. hannah78 Post author

    Nat-They’re both beautiful. Very relaxing.:)
    Olivia-It was a good time (apart from the rain)
    Pinklea-I hope we remember trips like these for a long time, because they are very romantic mainly due to their spontaneity. 🙂
    Julia-Thanks! 🙂

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