Strawberry rhubarb pie and Blogger Meetup!

DSCF5990Last night I tried my second attempt at making pie and made everyone’s favorite-strawberry rhubarb. It didn’t come out looking very pretty, but it tasted good! (Of course, being a perfectionist, I obsessed over how it could have been better, but its still pretty yummy)

After baking and cleaning up, I was really tired and marched up to go to bed where I saw Pumpkin rolling around on the floor outside my bedroom. So for no reason other than her looking cute, here’s a picture of one of my kitties:


Such a sweetie! Anyways, tomorrow is the Ottawa Womens Blogger Meetup, which I found out about on Three Seven blog.

The meetup is at 6pm at the Heart and Crown in the Byward Market on Thursday, June 11.  So, if you’re female, looking for something to do after work and/or just want an excuse to drink, please join us! 🙂


15 thoughts on “Strawberry rhubarb pie and Blogger Meetup!

  1. Lost Artist

    That pie looks positively delish! Nice work on the lattice. That’s really hard.

    Have fun at the blogger meet up. I never get to meet fellow bloggers because apparently, I’m the only person in Lexington, KY who blogs.

  2. hannah78 Post author

    Lost Artist-Thanks! Pie making is still a ‘work in progress’ for me, but good to know it looks edible. That’s odd there is no other bloggers in Lexington, KY. Maybe there are blog meetups in other towns close to you.:)
    Robin-Kitties sure are the bestest! (Except when their fighting and caterwaling, but its a small price to pay!)
    J.-I think it does. 🙂
    Chris-LOL. I aim to please!

  3. XUP

    Lost Artist – I’ll bet there are lots of bloggers in the Lexington KY area. Ferreting them out is the tricky part. For months now we’ve been holding Ottawa blogger breakfasts and thought we’d pretty much connected one way or another with most bloggers in Ottawa and now, suddenly there’s this whole group of women bloggers in the city getting together that most of us have never heard of. And I’ll bet there are a bunch more Ottawa bloggers out there. Ergo there are bound to be more bloggers in Lexingon, too — that’s my convoluted theory anyway

  4. hannah78 Post author

    XUP-You’re right, the internet is a mecca of information on local groups and bloggers are no different. Good luck L.A.! 🙂
    JustJP-You could make some! Strawberry rhubarb pie may not go perfectly with beer though. 😉

  5. Lala

    Hey! I see you love ZeFrank too! I wish we’d had a chance to chat tonight at the Heart and Crown. Next time!

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