My new Favorite Vampire Show!


After a friend of mine posted his undying (pardon the pun) love for “True Blood” on Facebook, I decided to check it 0ut.  So far, its pretty good-No sparkling douchebags or lame teenagers, lots of sex, interesting and diverse characters and hotties to keep everyone happy.

Some not so good things about it, however, is that it can delve into ‘ major cheese territory’ sometimes and can also be VERY predictable!

But all in all, it’s very enjoyable and addictive. My hubby  (who hates vampire stuff) and I had the following conversation about it one day:

*Enters into room where I am watching it in our living room* Hubby:  “So this show is basically just attractive people having sex right?”

Me : “Yep.”

Him: “Oh o.k. then”. *sits down to watch*

LOL. Actually there is a bit more to it then that, but it knows its a fluff series and doesn’t take itself too seriously.  Which is good, because its a show about freakin’ vampires, not a biopic on Shakespeare or a historical re-enactment of WWI. And if my horror movie-hatin’ husband likes it, you know its not all that bad!


19 thoughts on “My new Favorite Vampire Show!

  1. batman

    I got hoooked on True Blood but the episodes I’m watching now are starting to drag a little. It was actually profiled in a MacLeans magazine recently.. interesting.

  2. Robin

    I love this show, however I think I am in the minority being pro Sookie and Sam. Not a big surprise, I rarely go for the obvious couple.

  3. hannah78 Post author

    Batman-I’m only on season 1, so maybe by season 4, it will start to get old. I had no idea the show was in MacLeans. Odd.
    Robin-Sookie and Sam are cute, but I like her and Bill. Which is weird, because I don’t usually go for the obvious couple either.

  4. Darrell

    I hate to break it to you hun, but there’s only BEEN one season.

    You’re going to have to watch the next one on – brace yourself – regular TV.

    We’ll also probably have to pay for a special channel if you want to see them when they come out.

  5. Manda

    I’ve heard great things about True Blood, but I just don’t know. A lot of my uncertainty about whether or not it’d be worth the watch is Anna Paquin – I want so much to like her, but somehow I just… can’t.

  6. The Maven

    I may be the only person alive who hasn’t checked out this show. I suppose I’m going to have to if I’m to stay insanely cool.

  7. hannah78 Post author

    Darrell-Really? Awwww…We should consider ordering HBO.
    JustJP-Yes, you should. Its worth ordering.
    Manda-Not a Paquin fan eh? Well that’s o.k. truthfully her weird blonde dye job, fake accent and huge gap in between her teeth can get on my nerves at times too. But the other aspects help you to look past it.
    The Maven-You should check it out! Your ‘insanely cool rep’ depends on it and you don’t want to mess with that do you? LOL

  8. Marie

    LOL. I’m guessing my boyfriend would react in the same way as your husband.

    I’ve heard so much about it, I may have to check it out.

  9. olivia

    I’ve read the Sookie Stackhouse books long before the TV show came out … and was excited when I heard they were making a show based on the series. Haven’t see True Blood yet, though some friends of mine gave me a review of how close to character the actors are. I’ve heard a couple people say that the actor playing Sookie doesn’t seem to capture her the written Sookie. But like I said, haven’t see it myself … yet. 🙂

  10. f.B

    I reacted exactly like your husband did. And like justjp did. And like Marie said her boyfriend would. And… and I’m starting to think there’s a pattern here.

  11. Nat

    God, The Man loves those WWI and WWII freakin’ biopics… gah! Give me vampires anyday… (Vampires have so well… been done.)

    For my cheese I watch supernatural… 🙂

  12. get off my lawn

    The only thing I can think of that would be more insipid than a vampire TV show would be a biopic on Shakespeare. But, occasionally, I’ll watch either. What’s wrong with me?

  13. Linda

    My best friend is the mother of a character who was on the show a couple of times-the aptly named Randy Sue. I tried to watch the show once when I was in the States but I just can’t stand Anna Paquin. I don’t know why she bothers me so much.

  14. hannah78 Post author

    Marie-LOL. Yeah, you should watch it.
    Olivia-I’ve heard the books were much better than the series, guess I’ll have to read them at some point. 🙂
    f.B-LOL. I’m sensing a pattern too. Anything with sex in it should hold most men’s attention.
    Charlotte-Yay! Thank you so much for posting that link! It will save me lots of time and money.:)
    Nat-Yeah, I agree, vampires all the way! 😉 Sometimes, you just need an escape into fantasy-land. I’ve seen a few Supernatural but haven’t really gotten into it.
    JoLee-I’ll be sure to read them and let you know what I think.:)
    Get off my Lawn-LOL. Insipid can be fun sometimes! 😉
    Linda-Randy Sue! LOL. That would describe everyone on the show! Anna isn’t the greatest and they probably could have found a better actress, but I don’t think she’s that bad. But we’ve all got our actors who get under our skin. *Cough! Tom Cruise!*

  15. Kate

    Normally I hate anything related to vampires (freaks me out!), but I really like this show.

    Probably all the sex. 🙂

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