Blue and more blue

I spotted a blue jay recently and tried to take a picture, but unfortunately he was camera shy and hopped away when he saw me point my lens at him.


Can you see him? He’s on the left. While we’re on the theme of blue, I thought I would post a painting I’ve been working on. Its my second foray into painting insects and I thought I would try a butterfly this time. Turns out, butterflies are tough! So its not 100% accurate, but its not too bad.


Recently, I’ve also been overcome with feeling very blue. Its very unpleasant. But stuff like this helps take my mind off it. What do you do when you’re feeling blue?


18 thoughts on “Blue and more blue

  1. Miss Chris

    When I’m feeling blue, I try and day-dream my way out of it. I sort of picture the way I want things to be. Kind of like a self fulfilling prophecy. I envision things going my way, etc. It seems to work for me.

  2. Tug

    I love the painting – VERY nice! When I’m blue it’s always good to go outside, or talk to a friend I know will make me laugh…feel better.

  3. pinklea

    That’s a really lovely painting, even if you say the butterfly’s not 100% accurate. The lines are so clean and simple! I’d love to be able to paint (even painting walls is not my strong suit).

    When I’m feeling blue, hydrotherapy works well for me. I take a long shower or bubblebath and talk to myself, trying to figure out whatever is bugging me and creating my low mood.

  4. Julia @ Mélanger

    I like to bake. I like to read. I like to research something new. I like to remind myself of all the interesting things that I have set myself to do. I try to keep busy. I always have a list of things to tackle. I also think of my father (who passed away 13 years ago when I was young) and remind myself how proud he would be of me….of what I have achieved. And remind myself how he would be encouraging me to keep exploring this huge world around me….

  5. J.

    When I’m feeling blue, I take a hot bubble bath, drink a tea and watch a really good movie (in my case, When Harry Met Sally always puts a smile on my face). If I have to let it all out, I will, sometimes you just need to do that to make yourself feel better.

  6. XUP

    Lovely butterfly! When I’m blue I find it’s usually because I feel like I’m in a rut in some or all aspects of my life, so I create a project for myself – a goal – to make a significant (or minor) change. It gives me something to focus on and generates some excitement for the future. If it’s just a small, short-term funk, there’s nothing like a long run outside to clear the yuck.

  7. f.B

    I crawl in the bed, or stretch out on the couch, turn up some music and just wait until I can at least think clearly about how to get myself out of it.

  8. hannah78 Post author

    Miss Chris-Good advice except I think I spend TOO much time daydreaming and the stuff I dream about isn’t always pleasant. I guess I should work on positive visualization.
    Tug-Thanks! Hubby usually makes me laugh. Another reason I married him!
    Pinklea-Aww..thanks hun! A bubblebath definitely sounds good.:)
    Kal-LOL. What did those poor hobos ever do to you?;)
    Julia-I cook and bake as well to distract myself and because I enjoy it. That is such a great philosophy you have about how proud your father would be of you and your achievements.:)
    J-Its been awhile since I’ve seen”When Harry met Sally”. Its one of the few romantic comedies I actually enjoy and I should give it a spin!
    Robin-Thank you!:)
    XUP-Thank and I think my current goals are improving in French and Mandarin. Hopefully I can conquer them!
    f.B-Rest and music sound like good therapy to me!

  9. JoLee

    Beautiful work! I haven’t been feeling blue but I’ve def been feeling a little gray because the sun has been on hiatus for FAR too long.

  10. get off my lawn

    To get over the blues, I like to buy a bunch of Mr. Freeze treats. You can’t call them flavours, Mr. freeze coms in different colours. I like to take my time and compare the subtle nuances in taste. Guess what my favourite colour is? Blue.

  11. hannah78 Post author

    Reederscorner-You have good eye sight! I should get a better lens on my camera.
    Darrell-Thanks! My husband and father-in-law did a good job!:)
    Get off my lawn-Hmm..Mr. Freeze. Those take me back!

  12. Blueberry

    Very nice painting! I really love butterfies. I seem to feel blue most of the time. Going to see live music or watching a movie takes it away temporarily. Reading a book maybe.

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