Monster Cinnamons

The weekend was productive but not super exciting. We mini-putted, I cleaned, painted and watched the chick flicks “Bride Wars” and “Confessions of a Shopaholic“. I’m not really a “chick flick” kinda gal, but I was in the mood for fluff. But both made me wonder why there are so many movies, books and TV shows that represent only one kind of woman-The New Yorker who is fabulously wealthy, very pretentious, fashion and shoe obsessed and who power lunches and power walks around central park. Seriously! Go into any bookstore and look at the chick lit section and more than half feature this stereotype. Where is the diversity? Where are the movies with women whose lives you can relate to? They don’t have to be serious type of films, but just a tad more realistic. Anyways,  on Sunday, I also made cinnamon buns. And not just any cinnamon buns but MONSTER ones! Just like my earlier braided bread, these babies came out huge!:


But they smelled and tasted awesome, so its all good! I love cherries so I crammed some in there too:


Wish you guys could taste them! The weekend was humid as hell and I felt pretty tired, but having one of these to eat during the week instead of the nasty cafeteria food, inspired me to get off my ass and start baking!


14 thoughts on “Monster Cinnamons

  1. Robin

    Dude, I’m doing this plan where I’m dealing with my addiction to sugars and carbs, thanks very much for those images. Sheesh =)

  2. f.B

    “The weekend was productive but not super exciting.”

    I dunno. You mini-putted and made huge cinnamon buns. That sounds really exciting to me. Now I’m going to be thinking about mini-putting all day.

  3. Kal

    I would take a regular girl that could produce baking porn like this over your ‘Sex in the City’ self absorbed beauty any day of the week. Baked goods are undeniably sexy. Anyone out there want a totally ordinary guy who is not a New York athelete/male model/international jet setter but can make them laugh AND will do laundry, snow shovelling and vacuuming?

  4. kerri

    omg! those cinnamon buns look amaaazing! I’ve been thinking about making some for a while now, your post may have just pushed me over the edge.

  5. Jocelyn

    If you would just pop over with a pan of those buns, I’d totally give you a pair of towering stilettos and let you act pretentious and New Yorky.

    Just for kicks.

  6. hannah78 Post author

    Dr. Monkey- Why, yes my buns are quite hot and tasty and my cinnamon rolls aren’t bad either. 😉
    JustJP-Thank you my friend.:)
    Marie-LOL. Num num
    Robin-Oops sorry about that!
    Chris-Not really my type of movies either, but once in awhile they can be o.k.
    Get off my lawn-Thanks! No wussy small baked goods in my house.
    Wandering Coyote-Thank you.:)
    f.B-I should’ve organized it so we ate buns while mini-putting. Ah well, maybe next time. Are there no mini-putt places in your area?
    Pinklea-LOL. Aye aye!
    Kal-You have a sense of humor AND you can do laundry, snow shovelling and vacuuming? You will find a girl, trust me!
    Kerri-Glad I could help.:)
    Jocelyn-Promise? I would totally rock the tacky jewelry they love to wear too!

  7. Mélanger

    Oh my. I can almost taste these from the screen. They look so good. LOVE cinnamon buns. LOVE.

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