I’ve recently decided to start drawing a series of penguins. Those cute, flightless arctic birds just make all my troubles just melt away. Here is the first one in the series. Its not perfect, but its a start. He is one proud King Penguin.


15 thoughts on “Penguins

  1. hannah78 Post author

    LiLu-They are cute aren’t they! I hope they last the next few years with global warming and all. Oh and I do want to see you penguin walk! It sounds hilarious!

  2. Chris

    That is awesome! You have a real talent! I used to draw too, but never anything as good as that. I look forward to seeing the completed collection. 🙂

  3. Lost Artist

    Oh wow. You are so talented. You know who else likes penguins? Kitkat. Her url is penguinsrcool (at blogspot). ha ha. And I drew her a cartoon penguin recently. Show us more penguins!

  4. Mélanger

    You are kidding me? You drew that? It’s so good. I am hoping to see some penguins later this year on a little holiday to Tasmania. They are so cute. Well done on this. Awesome.

  5. get off my lawn

    Flightless birds are an abomination. I don’t trust those little freaks. They are too organized and filled with some strange purpose for my comfort. If you wake to find them staring at you in your house, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    Nice drawing though. Good rendition.

  6. hannah78 Post author

    Chris-Thank you and the collection will be up soon.
    Lost Artist-Oh yes, Kitkat. Is she still blogging? I read that she was taking a break. I’ll have to visit her page and see.
    The Maven-Exactly! Penguins are awesome!
    JoLee-LOL. I think I will draw him.
    Mélanger-You’re going to Tasmania? That is so cool! Take lots of pics please!
    Get off my lawn-Their evil plotting is why I like them.;)

  7. Kate

    Ohmygosh, I ADORE penguins! I used to work at an aquarium during college and the highlight of my day was visiting the African Black-footed exhibit. There are even penguins embroidered on the handmade belt I wear. Please keep up the series!

  8. hannah78 Post author

    Kate-You worked at an aquarium with penguins? Lucky girl! I am hoping to add two more penguin sketches this week! 🙂

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