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Blog out Loud

Last night’s ‘Blog out Loud’ was good-Packed, but good. I recognized only a few people there-Nat and Amy being among them- and situated myself with XUP (Which I pronounce “Zup”) , Zoom and her beau, WoodsyStella and La Canadienne . Raw Sugar serves beer, which is unsual for a café, but was greatly appreciated since it was pretty warm in there and it helped me feel a tad less shy. Here is the chalkboard with the events listed at Raw Sugar, if you look real close you can see BOLO:

DSCF6044And being an arts afficionado, I snapped a shot of two murals on the side of the café.


We had to leave just before Andrea from Peek inside the Fishbowl began reading her post, so I’m sorry Andrea for our departure before your piece. Anyway, thanks to Lynn for organizing such a great event.

TGIF kiddies and I’ll be away for two weeks on vacation. Yay! Take care.:)

A week and no posts?


Please excuse my recent absence-As previously mentioned I’ve got my upcoming ‘vacation’ on the brain and really don’t have the energy to blog. The only things I seem to have energy for these days are reading, watching TV and stuffing my face.

But tonight instead of sitting on my ass and watching HBO Canada (I ordered that channel recently and am loving it so far!), I will be going to my first ever “Blog out Loud” to listen to all the lovely and talented Ottawa bloggers who will bravely share their best posts with us.

So if you’re around, come out tonight and say hello!

Video for you!

Not much is new with me these days-I’m eagerly awaiting our trip to Vancouver and some time off. Oh and I hurt my ankle-I thought it would be ‘fun’ to do some sprinting while my ankle vehemently disagreed. WTH? I just bought new fancy running shoes that are supposed to reduce injury or at least provide better support! *grumble grumble* So needless to say, there will be no more Zumba-ing until the pain is gone.

But in better news-I have found my new favorite animated video-Its cute yet demented and has a soundtrack that keeps playing in your brain until you go crazy! I love it! The animation was made by Jessica Borutski and the music is by Plone:

Can you keep a secret?


Dreaming of meaty goodness…

I’ve been a ‘mostly’ vegetarian for eight months now and I have a secret to share with you guys:

I miss hamburgers like CRAAAAZY!!

And I’m not talking about the usually grainy and often inadequate tofu/vegetable burger, I’m talkin’ the full, meaty, bloody, greasy oh-so-evil kind. And when I saw I’m craving a meat sandwich, I don’t mean the gross McD’s/Wendy’s/any crappy food joint hamburgers, I’m more thinking of the kind that you slather in sauce and fry on the BBQ or eat in a gourmet place like Chez Lucien or The Works. Full and luscious. Do any other vegetarians feel this way? Do you have any foods that you miss since giving up your carnivorous ways? Perhaps, once summer is over and the smell of frying carcass is gone, I won’t even think of these sinister little buggers. I sure hope so.

Many animal products have great veggie imitations these days, but burgers-not by a long shot!

My first Zumba


After getting home on Friday, I rushed around my house in a mad scramble to get ready for my first ever “Zumba” class. I’ve been hearing good things about the ‘Latin dance/cardio’ class so thought I would give it a whirl. One not-so-great thing about the particular class that I’m taking however, is that its at 5:30pm on a weekday!

5:30! Couldn’t they make it just a smidgen later, so us commuting suburbanites don’t have to break the speed limit in order to make it to class?

Ah! Anyways, luckily I made it-Wearing half of my work outfit paired with yoga bottoms and worn out shoes.  When other people arrived, I also became aware that I was the whitest person in the class! And I don’t mean that in a self deprecating, smart ass way-I mean literally!-everyone else was all tan and buff, while I looked like an extra from a vampire flick. I’ve also not been keeping up to date with my waxing appointments, and when we started throwing our hands up in the air, I soon realized that was also the hairest chick there too! So basically, this is what I looked like at the back of the class:


LOL.  My worn out shoes were also not my friend and it was difficult not to slip and fall on my ass. But despite all the fashion faux pas and being REALLY tired by the end of it, Zumba was fun! The instructor was hilarious too, wiggling his faa-bulous little Cuban butt and making jokes.  You could tell all the ladies in the class really loved him. 

So, if you’re  somewhat coordinated and looking for a good way to work up a sweat and don’t mind cheesy Ricky Martin music, Zumba just might be for you!

More WTF news..


I’m sure Canadians and Ottawans in particular are sick of hearing about this already, just like we’re tired of hearing the gritty details regarding Michael Jackson’s memorial and Stephen Harper’s stupid “wafer incident“,  but I have to say “WTF is going on with this Shannon Tweed crap?”

For those who don’t know-One of the dumbasses-Doug Thompson- hired to temporarily replace our regular dumbass mayor who is on trial for bribery and influence peddling-wanted to create a day to honor Shannon Tweed.  If you don’t know who the hell that is-I’ll sum it up: She’s a former Newfie tart who posed in Playboy and married the singer of Kiss. Yes, folks, forget about having a day to honor decent people who were born and STAYED in Canada, ie. Romeo LeBlanc, David Suzuki, etc-lets celebrate somebody who posed naked for masturbation material and who was in our fair city for a whopping whole four years! (She also happens to be in town with her husband who will be playing in Bluesfest)

Fortunately, Mr. Thompson, changed his mind after people complained and there will be no “Shannon Tweed Day”.  Awwww..

She’s not the worst person on the planet or anything,  but just like Councillor Jan Harder said:   “It’s a frivolous use of a proclamation process to honour somebody who, quite frankly, means nothing to the city of Ottawa.”

Mr. Thompson what the hell were you thinking? Or am I talking to the wrong head?