Past two days

Its been an interesting past couple of days. First, I’ll start with Tuesday, June 30, which was my first “Comic Jam” hosted by none other than my dear friend Sue. Sue and her pals are VERY talented artists, animators (Some have worked on well known Canadian cartoons) and comic book creators.  So I was a wee bit intimidated, since I don’t draw cartoons or comic books. But everyone was really laid back and friendly and it was great to sit and create zany characters together on the drawing books that were passed around.

DSCF6012No boring or forced conversations, just lots of creativity, joking around and interesting questions. Drawing with strangers is an excellent way to break the ice and get to know someone. The restaurant where this event was held-The Shanghai Restaurant-was also very comfortable and geared towards the young, liberal, artist-type. They had these awesome Star Trek paintings that made my heart sing…

DSCF6009like Kirk and Sulu.


Plus, there were articles in the bathroom devoted to a drag queen named “China Doll”, who, interestingly enough is on the Comic Jam invite list, but unfortunately was absent on Tuesday.


China also sings karaoke at Shanghai Restaurant. Hey there’s another outing right there!:) Saturday-Canada Day-was quiet. I worked on more penguin drawings, did some painting and later, hubby and I watched “Corner Gas” and “Trailer Park Boys”. (Very patriotic!) When I grew tired of Bubbles et al. , I went to bed and struggled to go to sleep, with all the fireworks going off. Its a sleepy Thursday and everyone else took today and Friday off, so its very quiet at work. Next year I’ll take Friday off and will be out there watching the fireworks, not in bed trying to sleep so I can get up at 6am.

China Doll photo-


7 thoughts on “Past two days

  1. Hannah

    Robin-It was fun!
    Linda-It is very stimulating. Its amazing what some people come up with just off the top of their heads.:)

  2. get off my lawn

    Someone slugged poor George Takei in the eye. Him an Shatner never got along. I think the two paintings should have it out. No holds barred, no quarter asked, none given, chair, table, cage match – bloodsport style. Because of Canada Day, I’d root for Shatner.

  3. hannah78 Post author

    LOL-I know! Poor George! I’d vote for him. Shatner is too much of a jackass. (Hey, we can’t all be good right?)

  4. hannah78 Post author

    I should go back. I’m not big on singing in public, but I like watching others and drag queens usually put on such good performances.:)

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