A Doggy Shower and a No-Show

When the weekends finally arrive after a loong week, I run around in circles pondering the best way to spend my two days of freedom. So on Saturday, I thought why not go to a dog baby shower? LOL. Hopeful Hearts-a local dog rescue that specializes in middle aged and senior dogs-hosted a dog shower for a local sweetie named Lily who just had 11 (!) puppies! The event was held at a natural pet foods store and they had a decent selection of items.

DogbabyshowerAfter cruising around the store a bit with hubby and Selena, I thought I would introduce myself to some of the foster parents and their dogs, like this guy here:


He was there with his foster sister-Keira-the very shy, three-legged dog. The foster dad asked me if I’d like to hold the boxer’s leash which I did and got him to sit and lie down. It was at this point, the foster mom said:

“Don’t pop the leash! That’s negative reinforcement and we’re trying to teach him through positive reinforcement”

 I’m not an expert, but from the training courses I have done, I’ve learned that giving a dog a gentle correction through popping the leash upwards, is NOT negative! And while the foster parents were sitting there, yelling out his name, snapping their fingers and doing the hokey pokey, their dog was growling and charging other dogs like my dog! So whatever techniques she’s doing are obviously not working! Cripes! Anyway, after spending a bit more time in Carleton Place, we headed back so I could take care of some business that I have been ignoring. (Very secretive I know!)  Sunday, was a bit of a bust. I had signed up through email for a vegetarian pastry workshop but after making the fairly lengthly trip to the restaurant, I found the doors locked! Luckily I had their phone number, so I called and after speaking to a kid who had no idea what I was talking about, I got on the phone with his father who told me the workshop had been cancelled. Yeah, thanks for not emailing me before I came downtown numbnuts! I won’t be signing up for anymore courses with you guys again! Downtown is constantly changing, but one thing that stays the same is the abundance of eccentrics and extroverts.  For example, in the apartment next door there was a guy who was not just singing, but BELLOWING Italian opera! I tried to spot his precise location, but couldn’t, so I just snapped a pic of the building.

SingingguyDespite the volume it was still better than the crap my neighbors used to listen to when hubby and I lived in an apartment. LOL. On my way to Rideau Mall, I stopped by the goth store-Trivium and found this ensemble:


What do you think? I could wear it to all the weddings I’ll be going to in the near future! O.k. Well maybe the nipple tape is a bit much. LOL. I actually like goth wear-just not hot pink fishnet shirts with S&M gear! There was actually another outfit on the other display that was more toned down and quite nice. But one thing about Trivium is that its very overpriced and frankly I’m amazed that in today’s tough economy, the store is still alive and kicking. But I guess there’s a large market for expensive goth gear!  Anyways, for the rest of the weekend, it was decided that the best way to spend my time would be to chill and make food. Isn’t that partly what summer is all about?


18 thoughts on “A Doggy Shower and a No-Show

  1. quackattack

    Ooh, if you dig goth style you need to check out the Dress House in Kitsilano (on W 4th Ave) when you come to visit … the dresses that woman makes are just amazing!

  2. hannah78 Post author

    Quackattack-Sounds good! I’m sure there are quite a few goth shops in Vancouver. (Hubby will just “love” being dragged around clothes shopping!;))
    Kim-Me too. People should start wearing it everywhere…church, shopping, movies, work. Very chic! LOL

  3. get off my lawn

    Nothing wrong with nipple tape. But you can’t have any pink in a goth outfit. Who ever heard of a depressed and dark hearted, pink goth?

    You keep popping that leash. Some dogs’ people just have no brains.

  4. hannah78 Post author

    Get off my lawn-Maybe its all the ‘Avril Lavigne’ influence that ironically made goth outfits pinker. Which is an abomination.
    Yeah, some people who consider themselves “experts” on dogs really don’t know what the hell their talking about and should probably get another hobby.
    XUP-I’ve found that too! Some people in certain organizations get too possessive, cynical, bitter and strange. They put their emotions ahead of the animals and some don’t know the first thing about dog training, like the idiot in my post.
    f.B-LOL. It is also the gift that keeps on giving. 😉

  5. Darrell

    That’s actually a mens small – it’s not Avril inspired, it’s Brüno inspired.

  6. hannah78 Post author

    Hella Stella-Glad I’m entertaining somebody out there! 😉
    Darrell-LOL-That’s right! He makes pink (and velcro!) on men very ‘In’.

  7. LiLu

    What, do you don’t have any nipple tape?? I have it in black, purple glitter, and skulls. To keep it klassy

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