More WTF news..


I’m sure Canadians and Ottawans in particular are sick of hearing about this already, just like we’re tired of hearing the gritty details regarding Michael Jackson’s memorial and Stephen Harper’s stupid “wafer incident“,  but I have to say “WTF is going on with this Shannon Tweed crap?”

For those who don’t know-One of the dumbasses-Doug Thompson- hired to temporarily replace our regular dumbass mayor who is on trial for bribery and influence peddling-wanted to create a day to honor Shannon Tweed.  If you don’t know who the hell that is-I’ll sum it up: She’s a former Newfie tart who posed in Playboy and married the singer of Kiss. Yes, folks, forget about having a day to honor decent people who were born and STAYED in Canada, ie. Romeo LeBlanc, David Suzuki, etc-lets celebrate somebody who posed naked for masturbation material and who was in our fair city for a whopping whole four years! (She also happens to be in town with her husband who will be playing in Bluesfest)

Fortunately, Mr. Thompson, changed his mind after people complained and there will be no “Shannon Tweed Day”.  Awwww..

She’s not the worst person on the planet or anything,  but just like Councillor Jan Harder said:   “It’s a frivolous use of a proclamation process to honour somebody who, quite frankly, means nothing to the city of Ottawa.”

Mr. Thompson what the hell were you thinking? Or am I talking to the wrong head?


16 thoughts on “More WTF news..

  1. Dr. Monkey

    I would hardly classify Playboy as masturbation material. It’s about like Cosmo or Elle.

  2. Friar

    And apparently Gene Simmons is miffed, that Ottawa is not honoring Shannon, like we said we would.


    Go cry me a river.

    WHY are these idiots even in the news?

    And what exactly did Shannon Tweed ever accomplish, anyway?

    Except to be born-good looking and sleep with Gene Simmons?

  3. Robin

    First I must state she is not married to Gene Simmons, he refuses to ever get married but they have 2 kids, close enough.

    Second, somehow I always remember her as a staple on Skinemax doing soft core porn.

  4. hannah78 Post author

    Marie-Yes “special” LOL
    Dr. Monkey-LOL. Gotta love those “articles” in Playboy. Some sage advice in there! 😉
    Friar-Exactly! Who the hell cares what Gene Simmonds thinks, particularly what he thinks of Ottawa? Oh but don’t forget, Shannon is also on a reality show! Lord knows only people of the highest calibre are on those shows! 😉
    B-Or maybe we could just have a day called: “Blond, breast implanted bimbo day!” Like seriously! LOL
    Robin-Their “common law” so close enough. I would not be surprised if she did porn videos too!

  5. Wandering Coyote

    I was wondering what that whole Shannon Tweed thing was about, but wasn’t interested enough to do the research. Thanks for the mini-version!! Honestly, RIDICULOUS doesn’t begin to describe the whole thing…

  6. hannah78 Post author

    Wandering Coyote-Exactly! Its exhasperating to even try and describe how freakin’ stupid this whole debacle is!
    Kim-Major Fuckary! There we go, that describes it! LOL

  7. f.B

    haha. I’m sorry, Mr. Thompson, but we simply cannot officially honor pornstars with taxpayer-funded events.

  8. Chris

    Damn. First I miss Bluesfest because I’m not moved in yet and now there will be no Shannon Tweed day? Ottawa is starting to be a real disappointment — and I haven’t even moved there yet! 😛

  9. get off my lawn

    I thought Simmons was the bass player. I had no idea there was controversy over this. I had no idea Tweed was from Canada. Her newf accent doesn’t show.

    I find myself not caring. So thumbs up on putting an end to Tweed day.

    however, you can’t have a Pam Anderson day cuz she’s from Vancouver Island. Courtenay BC could have a “Pam Anderson day”, right after “Barry Pepper” day and a week before “racist beating” day. Seriously, what are people putting in the water in these places?

  10. Nat

    Completely and totally agree with you on this one. (And generally I disagree with Jan Harder on principle.) Like WTF… what’s next a Tom Cruise Day? (he lived in Ottawa briefly when he was 12 or something.)

  11. XUP

    I don’t think Sharon or Gene give a rat’s ass. Poor old Doug just got all dribbly drooley because he’s having lunch or something with them and thought he’d flex his mayoral powers so they’d like him more. The Harper communion wafer thing though is hilarious. I want more news on that one. Why the hell would he put it in his pocket instead of just eating the damn thing? Is he a germophobe? Anti-catholic? On a carb-free diet? WTF indeed.

  12. hannah78 Post author

    f.B-LOL. Mr. Thompson: “But why? Our current mayor pulls all sorts of shit!”
    Chris-Yeah we’re just a bunch of ol’ fuddy duddies!;)
    Darrell-LOL. Don’t pretend you don’t like it!
    Get off my lawn-I wish I knew what was in the water that makes politicians these days make stupid decisions like these.
    Nat-I know! What are we so desperate for celebrity validation that we have to devote a day for those who ‘grace us with their presence’?
    Give me a break!
    XUP-Flexing his new “mayoral powers” probably is the reason! As for the Harper communion thing, he did eat it! That whole thing is stupid. But on the other hand, it does make our ‘great robot’ look bad, so perhaps it is a good thing! 😉

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