Can you keep a secret?


Dreaming of meaty goodness…

I’ve been a ‘mostly’ vegetarian for eight months now and I have a secret to share with you guys:

I miss hamburgers like CRAAAAZY!!

And I’m not talking about the usually grainy and often inadequate tofu/vegetable burger, I’m talkin’ the full, meaty, bloody, greasy oh-so-evil kind. And when I saw I’m craving a meat sandwich, I don’t mean the gross McD’s/Wendy’s/any crappy food joint hamburgers, I’m more thinking of the kind that you slather in sauce and fry on the BBQ or eat in a gourmet place like Chez Lucien or The Works. Full and luscious. Do any other vegetarians feel this way? Do you have any foods that you miss since giving up your carnivorous ways? Perhaps, once summer is over and the smell of frying carcass is gone, I won’t even think of these sinister little buggers. I sure hope so.

Many animal products have great veggie imitations these days, but burgers-not by a long shot!


29 thoughts on “Can you keep a secret?

  1. Robin

    My husband is a vegetarian and he craves red meat sometimes, usually he just eats some beef jerky. When I was a vegetarian I remember at one point craving a steak so bad, that was the end of that for me.

  2. Amanda

    I was a vegetarian as a teenager and it was bacon I wanted. All the time.

    I tried again a few years ago and it was steak. Really, really good filet mignon, and I broke down and thats what ruined it for me

  3. hannah78 Post author

    Chris-Burgers are good aren’t they? There needs to be a closer veggie imitation.
    Darrell-Probably. Maybe I’ll look in the stores for some more of those “Licks” garden burgers. Those weren’t bad!
    Robin- LOL. Steak was my favorite food and while it is good, strangely enough, I don’t miss it that much! Maybe I just got over the initial ‘hump’ of steak withdrawal more quickly than some. 🙂

  4. Wandering Coyote

    You can’t beat a good burger. I was a vegetarian for a while and I missed them like crazy. Though there are lots of really good veggie options out there now – unlike 15 years ago.

  5. Friar

    I like those burgers you make on the BBQ….you take that first bite, and the greasy meaty juice just bursts out.

    MMMMm……meaty juice.

    I could never be a vegetarian. I think I’d gouge my eyes out first.

    Dammit. Now you got me craving burgers for supper.

  6. Friar

    You often hear about vegetarians craving meat.

    Yet you never hear about Meat-atarians craving broccoli and lentils.

    Funny, how that is. 😉

  7. kim

    I was full veg for 5 years an then randomly one day I started craving chicken wings (which I didn’t even like before) Since my reasons for going vegetarian weren’t political, I went right out and ordered a heaping plate of extra hot wings and devoured them all (and then had diarrhea for a week straight.) Still don’t eat a lot of meat, but haven’t been a veg since that plate of wings.

  8. XUP

    Ah that Friar… what a card… For me, burgers were all about good bread and the condiments, so really anything with a decent texture covered with lettuce, tomato, onion, etc.. is a burger. Most veggie burgers are pretty lame. I had one at The Buzz on Sunday that was awesome — they make their own with ground pecans and almonds. Give that one a try. Great meaty texture. The meatiest thing I used to enjoy were beef ribs – big, tender, juicy, flavour-packed falling off the bone beef ribs. Fortunately, I never see them anywhere anymore so I’m never tempted

  9. hannah78 Post author

    Friar-LOL. That is funny. Surely there must be some ‘closet lentil bean lovers’ out there!;)
    Kim-Chicken wings=Instant death to your intestines. I had a similar experience years ago. For some reason all that fat, weird meat, skin, hot sauce and bone marrow just doesn’t make your insides very happy. LOL

  10. f.B

    I tried not eating red meat for a while, a few years back. It worked, kinda. But then I started seeing hamburger commercials one summer and, well, that was the end of that.

  11. Mélanger

    My ex was a vegetarian for a while and craved the same thing. I know I didn’t eat meat during the whole ‘mad cow’ thing and it was the strangest thing eating again. Here we have beetroot on our hamburgers. So yummy. Maybe you can TVP up a version with pickled beetroot ????? 🙂 See?

  12. JoLee

    I’m a Vegetarian as well, no meat at all, and you know what I’ve been missing in the last few weeks? HOT DOGS! I didn’t even eat those when I did eat meat.

  13. hannah78 Post author

    XUP-The Buzz eh? Looks like a place hubby and I will have to try! I agree with you on the ribs, they are also mighty tasty, but a lot of it is the sauce (or at least for me anyways) which can be duplicated and put on tofu. Its not the same but could still be worth a shot!
    f.B-Those hamburger commercials are pure evil I tell ya!
    Mélanger-Beetroot? Hmm, I’m pretty openminded when it comes to food and condiments, so I think I’ll give that a whirl! Thanks!:)
    Reederscorner-There are other ways to get protein but admittedly their not as fun and sometimes not as tasty!
    JoLee-Ew! That and sausage are two “meat” products that I will never miss! All sorts of gross crap in those things. Veggie dogs are MUCH better!

  14. Brie

    I have been veggie for so long (17 years) that I don’t even remember what meat takes like anymore! Sometimes if something tastes too yummy I start to wonder if it is meat and then I always have someone check it for me.
    I do like the smell of roast beef though. It reminds me of Sunday dinners at my grandmother’s.

  15. Lost Artist

    Hamburgers and Bacon. I love them both so much. Oh and hot dogs! and pepperoni! I admire people who can go veg, but clearly it’s not for me.

  16. Miss Chris

    I love that picture! I could never survive as a vegetarian because I crave meat. Steak and bacon, specifically. My mother was a vegetarian for years but had to go back on meat due to diet issues.

  17. hannah78 Post author

    Brie-Wow! 17 years! Good job! I remember eating roast beef sandwiches with gravy. Nummy!
    Lost Artist-Becoming a full vegetarian is not for everyone, but I think its good for the planet (and your health) to eat vegetarian at least once a week.:)
    Miss Chris-Steak and bacon appear to be very popular among my readers. LOL. They are yummy! Veggie bacon in strips is pretty good too though! 🙂

  18. bevchen

    I could never become vegetarian. I don’t like enough vegetables and vegetarian stuff is practically impossible to get here (Germany)… unless you go to organic food shops where everything is ridiculously expensive. So I would basically have to live on pasta with tomato sauce, potatoes, carrots and cheese forever! (Well, maybe a few more things than that but I would be very limited).

  19. Pauline Post author

    Lauren!-You enjoy torturing me don’t you? 😉 Kidding. Thankfully since this post, I have had some truly wonderful veggie burgers. I previously thought they were a myth, but their out there!

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