A week and no posts?


Please excuse my recent absence-As previously mentioned I’ve got my upcoming ‘vacation’ on the brain and really don’t have the energy to blog. The only things I seem to have energy for these days are reading, watching TV and stuffing my face.

But tonight instead of sitting on my ass and watching HBO Canada (I ordered that channel recently and am loving it so far!), I will be going to my first ever “Blog out Loud” to listen to all the lovely and talented Ottawa bloggers who will bravely share their best posts with us.

So if you’re around, come out tonight and say hello!


10 thoughts on “A week and no posts?

  1. hannah78 Post author

    Marie-Thanks! 🙂
    Robin-Awww, thanks. I read your post and thought it was good.:)
    Dr. Monkey-I’ve already met XUP a couple of times but I’ll say hi for you anyway.
    Wandering Coyote-Will do! 🙂

  2. Amy @ Muddy Boots

    It was fun, eh? I had two iced lattes, which is more caffeine than I’ve consumed ALL YEAR, so am sitting on the couch with my laptop… at 12:30am and not feeling the least bit tired. Think you’ll read next year??

  3. hannah78 Post author

    Pinklea-We do! In large part due to XUP. You Vancouverite bloggers never get together in person?
    Reederscorner-I know! What is your favorite show on that channel?
    Amy-LOL. And that is why I ordered beer! I might read next year, though I’d have to write something mind blowingly genius before then.
    Or I could just ramble about my dog and cats…that could work! 😉

  4. XUP

    Dr. Monkey – She really DID say hi from you!! At first I thought she meant you were actually THERE trying to say hi to us and I was all excited, but then she explained that you just said to say hi on the blog!! HI!

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