Back from B.C!

Well I’m back from our whirlwind tour of Vancouver and Victoria. Did you miss me? I’m going to do a series of posts that tell of our adventures in hopefully the least boring manner possible. So without further ado (I am just FULL of clichés today!), here are some photos from our first few days in Vancouver.

After a smelly and stuffy plane ride and loong and humid taxi trip, we finally arrived at our hotel and spent the next few days touring around. First-We went to Stanley Park and the Vancouver Aquarium:


There is the park and here are some shots from the aquarium:

Seal lionHappy seal!


Huge, ugly fish. Don’t ask me what kind of fish, because I really have no clue. There were a hundred people staring at him when I took this picture. He must have thought himself a pretty nifty fish for having that many spectators. Here is another tank with some jellyfish:


Next, are some images from their “Amazon rainforest exhibit”. Lotsa birds! :


These guys were very noisy and here is a shot looking up at another unusual bird (again don’t ask me what the heck it is):


Oh and here is picture for Calvin, since I know how much he loves cephalopods, like this big ol’ octopus here. ;):


Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a better picture, because this guy was all scrunched up on the glass. But you still get a good view of his suction cups. (Can’t believe I used to eat these things!)

We also waited an hour in line to see their beautiful belugas. I took lots of pictures of them, but this one is my favorite. Aren’t they adorable? I just want to jump in that tank and kiss them! (Somehow I don’t think the staff would appreciate that though):


I liked the Vancouver Aquarium, but admission was too expensive and it was very crowded, which is good for those who run the place, but not so good for one’s sanity and it made it difficult to get a good look at some of the animals. But you can’t go to Vancouver without seeing the Aquarium right? After leaving, we wandered around the Park and I took some more pictures. Like this:

Stanleypark2and this…


Vancouver has lots of beautiful giant trees like this one. Lastly here is a picture looking out from the park to the water:


One bus ride later-We were walking down a street and I stopped in front of an art gallery to take shots of two cool statues outside:



After walking for miles and miles in the glorious heat (Poor Ottawa, no summer for you!), we stopped in a place for bubble tea (Oh there are a zillion bubble tea places in Vancouver and Victoria.  I was in heaven!) and then retired our weary feet for the day.

Next up-Shopping and more shenanigans!


17 thoughts on “Back from B.C!

  1. Kal

    Thanks for getting up close and personal with that evil octopus for the cause. That took guts. I bet they are just as scary close up as they are on video.

  2. Cassandra

    Summertime is the worst time of year to go to the aquarium, but yes, it is a must see when you’re a tourist in Van.

    I know you had amazing weather while you were there…

  3. quackattack

    Great Beluga photos!

    Yeah, I recommend people visit Van in the Spring or Fall if at all possible … it’s worth it to avoid the hoards of tourists during peak season. And, the weather is pretty much consistent from April through to the end of October anyway …

    Well, there was that sucky heat wave this year … sooo out of the ordinary. It’s over now – THANK GAWD!

  4. olivia

    Welcome home. Good to see you survived the heat. Looking forward to more pix. :~)

    Oh, and that bird up top is a Scarlet Ibis I think.

  5. hannah78 Post author

    Julia-Thanks! You should definitely try and make it there at some point. B.C. is a very neat place:)
    Kal-LOL. That’s about as close as I would get to an octopus! Their neat in their own way though.
    Cassandra-Yeah, summer is infinitely insane in Vancouver and Victoria! But maybe next time, we’ll go in the Fall.
    Quackattack-I envy your heatwave! Too much damn rain here!:P
    Olivia-Your probably right, I think it was an Ibis.
    Dr. Monkey-Thank you! 🙂

  6. Kate

    Hooray! You’re back! I’m telling you, someday you HAVE to work at an aquarium … then you can get alone time with the belugas before the place opens and after it closes. 🙂

  7. hannah78 Post author

    Lacochran-They’re freaky to me too! But there is something so very beautiful and peaceful about them as well.
    Robin-Thanks. Glad to be back. 🙂
    Kate-I would LOVE to work at an aquarium! But I don’t forsee myself getting a degree in marine biology anytime soon, so I’m not sure if its a realistic possibility. However, I did once volunteer at a reptile zoo. The ‘alone time’ with the evil iguanas wasn’t nearly as fun as it would be with belugas. LOL

  8. XUP

    Of course we missed you! Though we did hear about you from Quack and Pinklea. I won’t comment on the aquarium photos because I kind of have issues with stuff like aquariums and zoos and animal circuses and stuff. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your sweltering hot Vancouver pics though

  9. f.B

    Welcome back!

    And something about the word “belugas” makes me laugh. But I so rarely see pictures of them; not even on the Discovery Channel or NatGeo.

  10. pinklea

    That octopus is one of the best things about the Vancouver Aquarium, to my mind. The belugas and the rainforest room and the sharks are fine, but I just love the octopus. (Did you know that an octopus is as smart as a cat? Did you WANT to know that?) Yes, the aquarium isn’t the cheapest place to visit, but I think it’s worth it. And apparently so does everybody else in Vancouver – too bad it was so crowded the day you were there, but I don’t think I’ve ever been there when it wasn’t packed.

  11. hannah78 Post author

    XUP-Aww thanks. As for ‘animal attractions’, I think the ones that house wild animals in order to rehabilitate them and educate the public are good, while those like circuses which cage and exploit them for ‘entertainment’ are not. It all depends on the owners of such establishments and their intentions. Many animals that would have perished in the wild and/or face virtual extinction, are now thriving thanks to certain zoos and rescue centres.:)

    f.B-Whenever I think “belugas”, I immediately think of Raffi, which makes me all happy and sentimental. (I loved his records when I was a kid) Yeah you don’t see them very often on TV, but supposedly there are tons of them in the wild.

    Pinklea-Octopus as smart as a cat? Don’t tell Calvin that! LOL. It was worth the cost once, but I’m not sure if I would make multiple trips.

  12. J.

    Welcome back!

    I looks like we did the same trip this year 😉 I fell in LOVE with that piece of “Love” art.

    The aquarium was amazing. Was it busy when you went? There were tons of kids from school there doing a field trip..

  13. hannah78 Post author

    J-Isn’t Vancouver neat? Gigantic, but neat.
    The aquarium was packed with people and kids and the flow of traffic wasn’t well organized, so it was basically humid madness inside. But seeing the animals made it worth it.:)

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