More Shopping and Meeting Quackers


Glorious shoes, purses and clothing are just one or two Skytrain stops away!

One of the greatest things about Vancouver is the shopping. Man is it awesome! Unfortunately, hubby didn’t enjoy it as much as I did, but tried not to complain too much when I dragged him into every second store.  Vancouver salesclerks also tend to be a little more ‘engaged’ then their Ottawan counterparts and more than once I found myself in a change room with an employee flinging more clothes at me saying:
“You should try this on too…oh and this..and this…and this”.

Out of politeness and trying to be more openminded, I would try on their suggestions, but didn’t actually buy any of them. (Turns out super tight booty shorts just aren’t my thing. Who knew? Oh yah, me! LOL)

Early into our first week, we also met Quackers (my nickname for her), also known as Quack Attack at a very popular vegetarian restaurant called ” Naam“.


The place was packed and hot as hell! But Quackers was super sweet and such a great conversationalist.  We ate lots of yummy food and enjoyed the songs of a local guitarist.Naam2

Naam also has some really cool t-shirts, but none were in my size, so I wasn’t able to purchase any. Boo! After dinner, Q told us about a really cool book store-Banyen Books– and clothing store that we had to go to, so we walked on over to them. The bookstore was chock full of neat stuff  and I found a book that I’ve been meaning to buy for awhile now. (Check out the link!) The dress store was unfortunately closed, but I did take a picture of the gorgeous dress in the front window.Reddress

After marching and sweating, we hopped on a bus and soon parted ways.  When hubby and I finally got back to our hotel room, it was around 11pm and we slopped down into our bed-Full of food and happy.


16 thoughts on “More Shopping and Meeting Quackers

  1. Darrell

    I actually liked some (but not all) of the things the clerks had you trying on. They were definitely a departure from your normal style, though, so I could see why you’d shy away from them.

    My only other observation is that more stores need to provide places for long suffering husbands to sit. Preferably near fans.

  2. hannah78 Post author

    Darrell-“Places for long suffering husbands to sit”..LOL, funny but true. Many places have chairs and magazines, but not all. Maybe they should have a little TV in womens clothing stores that airs hockey games for husbands to watch. 😉
    Kate-Sadly no. We were too stuffed and hot to eat anything else. I wish I had though.

  3. hannah78 Post author

    LiLu-Isn’t it? It would be a great dress to wear when the weather is a bit cooler.:)
    Bevchen-So far the book is a fun read. You can order it online if you’re interested.:)

  4. XUP

    Darrell – maybe if the dressing rooms had glass doors so you could actually watch all the women changing? That might improve the shopping experience for you, no?

  5. hannah78 Post author

    XUP-LOL. I think lots of guys would like that!
    Jocelyn-Will do! I think I’ve hit the limit for booty shorts though. Seeing myself in them once is mortifying enough. LOL

  6. bob

    Awesome! I miss naam, i only got to go there once, but it has stuck with me forever, i wish i had bought a crate of their miso gravy 🙂

  7. hannah78 Post author

    Bob-I didn’t try their miso gravy! Man, if only quality restaurants like these were in Ottawa!
    Quack Attack-It was a bit warm wasn’t it? LOL. That place should get air conditioning!

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