Granville Island and meeting Mrs. Pink


The next day, we got up and intended to meet Pinklea for breakfast at DeDutch. I was worried. Not because I thought she might be a weirdo, but because I wasn’t sure if I was clear enough with her in our previous emails about where exactly to meet. We agreed to meet at the one on Oak street, but I asked her earlier if there were any DeDutches closer to Coquitlam where we were staying. She suggested a place in Burnaby and then I got super busy and I wasn’t able to reply that Oak was better for us.ย So I paced around the room and worried that we would end up in two different restaurant locations. But luckily for us, she showed up at the right location, wearing a fabulous Greek tan and signature pink shirt. ย (She’s mildly fond of the colour. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )Anyways, it was great, we discussed all sorts of interesting subjects and she was nice enough to give us a ride to Granville Island, which we intended to tour that day. Oh and the food at DeDutch was De-licious! (Get it? Ah I kill me!)

Granville was just as crazy as the aquarium and the market was even worse since it was packed not only with tourists, but hungry tourists looking for some good fresh fish or baked treats. ย In between dodging people and trying to get my bearings, I managed to snap some photos.


Poor creepy looking fish. He reminds me of the one at the aquarium.


It doesn’t look crowded from this picture, but trust me it was!

After tiring of the market, we sat down outside to listen to a musician who was playing on the dock. There was an obsessive little kid there who kept pestering the hordes of seagulls that mooched in the area.Granville

That’s him in the red hat. Never tired of chasing those birds. The next few hours were spent shopping and looking around at all the boats. Here is one picture of a boat that recently docked. The gentlemen below were scrapping mussels off the bottom. Fun job! ๐Ÿ˜›


We also saw an old grisled looking seagull…

Oldseagull Yes, I take pictures of seagulls, what of it? LOL

..and some more great views:



You get a better idea of just how packed Vancouver is with boats-Commercial, tourist and pleasure crafts all jam the shoreline. I pointed at one big ass yacht and said to hubby:

“I want that one! Can you buy it for me dahling?”

To which he snorted and replied: “Yeah sure, I’ll get right on it.”

I detect a note of sarcasm. LOL. After Granville, we walked what seemed like forever and toured Kitsilano in greater detail. Oddly enough, I had the best sushi I’ve ever eaten in that area. It was at this little hole in the wall, sketchy looking establishment where you expect the food to be crap, but the sushi was so delicious and creative! Guess you can’t judge a restaurant by its exterior. Hubby spent our lunch looking at a local real estate magazine for fun and pointed out some of the million dollar houses currently for sale in Vancouver. Some were in the $5-10 million dollar range. Holy crap!

I wonder how much that yacht cost?


11 thoughts on “Granville Island and meeting Mrs. Pink

  1. quackattack

    Agh – I have yet to visit De Dutch! Their commercials kill me – everytime I see one on tv, I beg my aunt to take me – lol! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. ctug00

    Wow, looks & sounds like you had a wonderful vaca – how awesome!! I’ve always found dives & truck stops have some of the *best* food!

  3. hannah78 Post author

    Quackattack-I didn’t see any commercials for them while we were in Vancouver. Odd. But yeah, you should go, their food is pretty good. (Not as good as White Spot though!)
    CTug00-It can definitely be a crap shoot with restaurants sometimes.
    B-No problem. There will be more pics soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Kate

    What does it say about my financial status in life that I couldn’t even give you a ballpark figure on what a yacht costs? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Sushi sounds wonnnnnnnderful right about now! And you’re so right — it’s the little hole-in-the-walls that often have exceptional food (perhaps because they concentrate more effort on their product than the decor).

  5. pinklea

    Yeah, I had a couple of panicky moments there about showing up at the wrong DeDutch, but then I reasoned that if we missed each other, at least we’d all get a good meal! Glad you enjoyed Granville Island too. Great photos!

  6. hannah78 Post author

    Kate-LOL. Yeah I also have no clue what a boat that size would cost. (More than I can afford!)
    Some hole in the walls are great, some are terrible, it all depends on the chef. But its awesome when you find awesome food for cheap!
    Pinklea-I reasoned that too but didn’t want to miss my chance to meet ya!
    XUP-It is the second best place for sushi! (and bubbletea!)

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