More Shopping and Sympathy

We spent the next few days shopping…or rather I should say..I spent the next few days shopping while hubby tagged along. (I kept asking him what he wanted to do, but he just shrugged and said: “I don’t know”.)

Here are some things we discovered:

1. Vancouver is a bicycle town-big time! Maybe not as big as some European cities, but still there are some majorly avid cyclists there. So, naturally there were a few shops that catered to their needs.


Many of these cyclists are also nuts and far too bold for their own good. They would swerve in and out of traffic and dart all over the road, completely oblivious. But at least there weren’t as many dumbases who dart down the pedestrian sidewalks, like they do in Ottawa. (THAT makes me want to scream!)


2. White Spot is the best restaurant chain I have ever visited. After discovering our hotel wanted to charge us $30 a day for donuts and waffles that taste like cardboard, we decided to eat at White Spot instead. Luckily one was right across the street and we got a discount from being guests at the nearby hotel.  As a Scot, I’m pretty picky about oatmeal, but they were bang on each time! They also have a great lunch menu with some very yummy veggie burgers.


3. Commercial Drive is a great place to shop but not all stores are created equal

Quackers recommended shopping at commercial drive, so we wandered the streets. I bought some really nice clothes and saw a cute mural.


But not all the stores were fun to visit. In fact, while trying to fit into form fitting denim overalls, my belly got caught in the zipper! Ouch! It reminded me of Julie’s reading at Blog out Loud, only I haven’t recently given birth and am just chunky around the middle. Double ouch! It was just as well though, because, after trying on the next size up, the zipper came apart. So the merchandise wasn’t high quality anyways.

Later on Thursday, we went to hubby’s friend’s wedding rehearsal and it was loooong. Long, because it was midly chaotic, hot as hell, my shoes hurt and my gut started to get stabbing pains. The stomach issue prevented me from fully enjoying the rehearsal dinner, which was unfortunate, because the meal was great. Luckily, however, it subsided by the next day! Which was great, because I had much more great food to consume and zippers to bust damnit! 




10 thoughts on “More Shopping and Sympathy

  1. quackattack

    Your hubby is a real trooper – keep him!

    Glad you enjoyed Commercial.

    AND White Spot! Don’t you want a Triple-O burger RIGHT NOW??? Too bad they don’t have them in Ontari-O. 😉

  2. pinklea

    You got your tummy caught in a zipper??? I beg to differ – you do NOT have a chunky middle! It was obviously just a very badly-behaved pair of overalls, and you certainly wouldn’t want to take those home. Too much training would be involved, and your other animals would likely not make friends with something so uncouth!

  3. Lynn

    I’m really enjoying reading about your trip. It makes me want to visit! I expect the recounting to end with a full photo-listing of all the stuff you bought. I’m SO envious just reading about it!

    Also, I must point out that the zipper/belly story belongs to Julie of Thoughts of a Smother Mother. I can’t take the humiliation…er, credit :).

  4. hannah78 Post author

    Quackattack-I do want a Triple O (It sounds kinda sexual doesn’t it? LOL) Yeah, safe to say Ontario sucks in the veg burger department.

  5. hannah78 Post author

    Lynn-Woops! Sorry about that. I corrected the post so its now attributed to Julie.:) Thanks and I’m glad I’m reflecting the fun that is B.C. Good idea about posting pictures of all my purchased merchandise. I think I’ll do that! 🙂
    Pinklea-Those overalls were awful and yeah I’m glad I didn’t take them home. They would probably ‘bite’ me again! LOL

  6. Jocelyn

    Out of all the cool stuff you wrote in this post, I’m ashamed to admit I’m stuck on the idea of overalls having a zipper…like, up the front? Or up the side? That makes more sense.

    So, yea, color me a dumb-distractable reader…

  7. hannah78 Post author

    Jocelyn-The fashion word I was looking for was actually ‘jumpsuit’. ie:

    They pretty much only fit really hungry supermodels.

    Bevchen-They really are and the funny thing is they complain about motorists not respecting them, when they practically crash into them and don’t obey traffic lights and rules. So stupid.

  8. Chris

    During my visits to Vancouver, I also stopped in a White Spot. Wow… what a great place. I’m craving their food right now as I write this! LOL

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