Some inner peace at a Buddhist Temple

EntranceTempleAfter picking up our rental car on Friday, I thought it would be really neat to go the International Buddhist Society Temple in Richmond, BC. Buddhism is a very interesting religion (or philosophy) to me-It promotes peace, harmony and discourages ego and strong attachment to superficial things. Overall, it seems much healthier in its outlook then many other religions. As soon as we arrived, I felt the stress melting away and enjoyed all the natural beauties of the area, like this pond:


and these statues..

BuddhisttempleAll the buildings were in this early Chinese style-Beautiful and pristine.

Buddhistemple2There was a HUGE Buddha statue inside one of the buildings with incense sticks and little photos and words of followers who have since passed away. I couldn’t take any pictures of the large statue, but I did manage to snap this picture in the courtyard of a smaller one:

Buddha2There was also some artwork presenting an image of General Guan Yu and the work he did to help promote Buddhism in China. Hubby is a big fan of the General and knows quite a bit about the Three Kingdoms period. Here is an engraving that I liked of some herons:

EngravingheronsAnd here is a really cute panda statue

PandaattempleI used to wonder how followers of Buddhism practice their spirituality and religion. What sort of rituals do they do? Well this translation of another text provided some of the answer.

Buddhist practice


11 thoughts on “Some inner peace at a Buddhist Temple

  1. Marie

    Lovely pictures! I think my favorite is of the panda. Only because I think pandas are so adorable. 🙂

  2. hannah78 Post author

    Robin-No problem.:)
    Chris-Thanks and it was nice there. I wish I could take all my lunch breaks in that place.
    Marie-Pandas are too adorable! (Don’t think I’d get as close to a real one though. LOL)

  3. XUP

    Halifax is the center of Shambhala Buddhism in North America so it’s very ingrained in the social fabric there. My daughter went to the Shambhala school for the first little while. They have some interesting practices – meditation is a big one…hours and hours and hours of meditation. Aside from that it seemed like a pleasant enough religion on the surface. I never delved too deeply into it all. The people, like people everywhere were just people like people everywhere.

  4. hannah78 Post author

    XUP-Halifax is the center of one sect of Buddism? Whodathunkit? Yeah hours of meditation seems to be a major factor in Buddhism, I’m not sure I’d be able to sit still for that long! LOL.

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