The Gardens

We decided on Monday to visit two major gardens-The Butterfly Gardens and the Buchart Gardens. After a short pleasant drive, we found the large green house where a cornocopia of butterflies, plants, flowers and more exotic birds were held. It was humid, but so beautiful in there and more moderately priced at $12/person.

Butterfly gardens13

Here are some of the flowers that thrived, there were so many it was hard to pick what to photograph.

Butterfly gardens2

They also had some ponds and waterfalls with beautiful koi fish.

Butterfly gardens-Koi fish

Here is a rarely seen Owl butterfly, named for the “eyes” on its wings:

Butterfly gardens-Owl butterflyHere is a black butterfly, one of many:

Butterfly gardens12…and a cute orange and black guy perching on a leaf. There were literally hundreds of butterflies in there and it was so cool to seem them flutter around and drink dew.

Butterfly gardens14

Next up was the Buchart Gardens which was conveniently situated just down the road. Like the Vancouver Aquarium, it was a bit more of a tourist trap and hence had inflated prices and hordes of tourists.

Buchart Gardens-EntranceIt was nice there though..

Buchart Gardens9..with lots of beautiful flowers. Now why can’t I grow beauties like these at home?

Buchart Gardens10

Buchart Gardens-Animal statuesWe walked down a forest path and found these animals made out of hedges or something. Aren’t they cute?

Buchart Gardens-Fish fountainI thought I got the perfect shot of this fish fountain, until I got home and spotted the yutz in the white shirt standing to the right, messing up my picture. Well, like I said, its a tourist trap so its hard to expect photos with no other people in them.

Buchart Gardens-Spanish pond

More cool greenery and water. After finishing up here, hubby and I drove around Victoria looking for a place to eat lunch. It was BC Day so most stores and restaurants were closed, but luckily we found one Vietnamese place that was open and had great noodles and coconut water. It was probably a good thing that nothing was open, because by then we were pretty tired and wanted to relax in the B&B. Tomorrow is another day…


15 thoughts on “The Gardens

  1. bevchen

    Oh wow, more beautiful photos. Love all the flowers. And the butterfiles! How did you manage to get so many photos of butteflies? Last time I was in a butterfly house they all just kept fluttering away from me.

  2. kitkat

    I love the butterflies! They are so pretty. I like “owl.” About once a year, in Kansas City, monarch butterflies pass through, and they’re everywhere for a couple days. I always loved that. Anyway, thanks for the beautiful pictures. It looks like you’re having a nice time.

  3. hannah78 Post author

    B-No problem! I could share more, but I don’t want to bombard people with too many photos.:)
    Bevchen-The secret to taking good butterfly shots is to be very, very sneaky. Luckily, I’m good at this since I’ve had lots of practice giving my cats and dogs the occasional medication when they get ill or to prevent them from getting fleas. LOL
    Kitkat-Aww..that sounds so nice about all the monarchs in Kansas City. We had a nice time, these posts are actually from our vacation two weeks ago. I should probably date the posts to make it clearer.:)
    Marie-That’s the idea! Poor butterflies have to deter all the hungry birds somehow. Thanks for the compliment.:)

  4. f.B

    That owl butterfly was so cool; so, so cool.

    And those animal-hedges would’ve been great to see, too; unless it was at night and they looked real (translation: I am afraid of bears).

  5. hannah78 Post author

    Robin-You should go! Butterfly gardens are one of the most relaxing activities. 🙂
    Kate-Me too!
    LiLu-I’d like to see the photos from that butterfly garden you visited.
    Reederscorner-He’s a sneaky yutz, but a yutz nonetheless!;)
    f.B-LOL. So you’re saying you don’t want bear hedges on your front lawn then?

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