Next couple days-Bug Zoo and Whale Watching

August 4-5, 2009

On Tuesday, we decided to do some browsing around Victoria and went to a Bug Zoo. I have a love/nervous relationship with bugs-Their fascinating and have been around for millions of years, but many of them also scare the living shit out of me. But I like testing my own limits and fears, so we went and looked at all the creepy crawlies, like the cockroach being shown here:

Bugzoo1Of course, not all of them are freaky and some are considered quite beautiful, like these butterflies. The bottom butterfly is beyond gorgeous 

Beautiful butterfliesHere is a tarantula. Tarantulas (unless their poisonous and/or very aggressive) don’t bother me as much as smaller spiders. It sounds weird but when I was working at a zoo similar to this one years back, I actually liked holding the Pink Toes and Chileans, they’re very docile and the pads on their feet are so delicate. I didn’t hold this guy during our stint in this zoo in Victoria though.

TarantulaBut I did hold this friendly little guy, I don’t remember what species he is, I was more excited to be holding him before all the little kids got to. Heheh.

Me and bugAnd just for fun, I took a picture of this “roach house”. I don’t see a TV in there though, poor roaches, no “Maury” for you! 😉

Cockroach house

The next day, we went whale watching and to put it as succintly as possible, it was freezing and a bit of a panic when the whales finally emerged but it was awesome!  These majestic beasts are so beautiful up close!

Whale watching-Victoria-Whales together

Whale watching-Victoria8Here is the closest picture I took before my damn camera ran out of memory and I sat and grumbled “damn camera!” while quickly trying to delete old photos. Those whales come right up to the boat to check you out.

Whale watching-Victoria-Closeup of whale

I asked our tour guide and local marine biologist on how to help the whales and she said the usual-We need to cut down on pollution, whale hunting and garbage, but we also need to stop buying farmed salmon. Why? Because farmed salmon breeds sea mites which attack baby  salmon when they pass under the farming areas, thus killing them and reducing their numbers. Which provides less food for the whales. Also, just FYI-farmed salmon is grey and has to be dyed with chemicals pink. That in itself should make you question where you buy this fish.


8 thoughts on “Next couple days-Bug Zoo and Whale Watching

  1. bevchen

    Awwww, whales! I love wales! You took some great pictures 🙂
    I think tarantualas are less scary than smaller spiders because of all the hairs – they look almost furry, which make them seem more like cute little animals than horrid creepy bugs.
    As for cockroaches… they terrify me!

  2. Kate

    I AM SO JEALOUS YOU GOT TO GO TO THE BUG ZOO! Seriously. My childhood dream was to become an entomologist.

    Bummer those roaches can’t watch Maury. Now they’ll never know who the baby daddy is. 😉

  3. hannah78 Post author

    JustJP-It was! I wish I was still there!
    Bevchen-Exactly! All the hairs on tarantulas make them more like little animals! Yeah cockroaches are gross..I held a hissing one once and was like “O.k. get it off me” after about a minute. LOL
    Kate-Entomologist definitely sounds like an interesting job! (More interesting than office admin anyway) I know, those roaches are missing out on some “quality” baby-mama-drama! LOL

  4. pinklea

    I didn’t know you kind-of liked tarantulas! My Ex was totally into them and had a Mexican red-knee (which are now endangered, I think), a curly-haired, a red rump, a Goliath bird-eater, and a green bottle blue, amongst others. They all lived in tanks in our kitchen, and I got completely used to them. I never touched one, but I wasn’t really afraid of them. I just thought they were rather unattractive. Whales are much more esthetically pleasing to my mind. Great photos!

  5. hannah78 Post author

    Pinklea-Yeah if I had to pick between tarantulas or whales, I would go with whales too! LOL.I love tarantulas, but I don’t agree with the exotic pet trade. (Which is part of the reason some tarantula species are almost extinct) Captive bred spiders, birds and reptiles are a better choice for a pet.:)

    Native Minnow-They seem to be pretty successful on Vancouver Island but I can’t vouch the same for everywhere else. I wish I had my videocamera to tape them.:)

  6. f.B

    The only chance I have to see orcas, in DC, is on the Discovery Channel or NatGeo. And I stop and watch every time they’re on.

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