Our Last days in Victoria

I was determined to make the most out of the last few days of our trip and thought why not start with doing something crazy? So we went to a place called “Wildplay” in Nanaimo. Wildplay is like a small amusement park for stoners, teenagers and thrill-seeking tourists. They offer activities like jumping off a bridge on a bungee cord, ziplining across a canyon and swinging on a giant swing. We (or I should say I, since hubby wanted no part in any of this crap) picked the zipline.

After signing the long waivers, we waited and waited while hubby paced and looked around nervously, until finally, our tanned ‘instructors’ came by, put us in harnesses and ran us through a practice run between two trees. All systems were a go. I tried to give off an air of fun exuberance but frankly I was scared-We were soon going to be hovering 150 feet in the air with very little water down below to break our fall, should something disastrous happen. But luckily it went well and it was pretty fun.

Ziplining-Nanaimo, BC.-Me

One thing I should mention about ziplining, however, is that you’re VERY susceptible to wind direction changes which turn you and make you face the wrong way on the line and you tend to get stuck. Yes stuck. I got stuck both times and was scared as hell and hubby got stuck right after some girl jumped off the bridge on the bungee cord. So he was stranded up in the air when he suddenly heard this bloodcurdling scream behind him, which fair to say, unnerved him just a “little” bit. LOL. Luckily, however, when you get stuck the instructors with their spiffy gloves (as partly show in the top right hand corner) come out to get you and drag you back onto a platform.

After leaving the park, we decided to visit a wild bird sanctuary that was on the way back to Victoria. I have a slight fear of large birds, but they are beautiful and I thought it could be fun. We saw cuties like this guy, named Elton:

Bird sanctuary-Owl

and this handsome devil..

Bird sanctuary-Demo-Closeup.

..and this huge bald eagle

Bird sanctuary-Bald Eagle3

We also saw some Laughing Kookaburras named Boomer and Roo:

Bird sanctuary-Kookaberras                       “Hee hee!”                              

Some of the birds there were unfortunate victims of flying into telephone wires. They were found electrocuted and missing hair, but were rehabilitated thanks to the people at this centre.

The next day after doing some shopping we boarded a water taxi..

Victoria-Water taxi

..and headed off for tea at Point Ellice House, which is one of the oldest houses in the region and a former socializing venue of Victoria’s upper crust.

Victoria-Ellice House-Afternoon tea

Hmmm..tea, cake and scones…

Victoria-Ellice House-Food It always comes back to food with me doesn’t it? 😉

We also toured inside the old house and saw how rich people liked to decorate back in the day. They seemed to have had a fondness for cluttered shelves and busy wallpaper:

Victoria-Ellice House-Kitchen

as well as for headless mannequins:

Victoria-Ellice House-Bedroom

and creepy photos of little girls holding dolls:

Victoria-Ellice House-Doll pic

Personally, I liked this room, it was chock full of gorgeous stuff:

Victoria-Ellice House2

So that’s it folks, Point Ellice was our last activity in Victoria and we left for Ottawa the next day. (August 7) It was a great vacation and badly needed but we needed to get back to reality and our furbabies. (Plus, I was running out of money. The province dubbed “Bring.Cash” was rapidly draining my financial safety net)

We were sad to leave, but looking forward to new adventures back home. 🙂


21 thoughts on “Our Last days in Victoria

  1. olivia

    Looks like you had a great time all-around. And it was fun to see what you did each day – the way you did the blog entries … :~)

  2. Nat

    I find that in general, the mannequin without heads are creepy… it’s like you expect it to start moving it on its own.

  3. hannah78 Post author

    Olivia-Thanks and it was a great time all-round.:)
    Nat-LOL. I know! Can you imagine sleeping in that room?
    Mireille-I know! She looks like an unhappy old lady.

  4. Kate

    Those kookaburras are beautiful!

    We went ziplining in the Honduran jungle last year. I was terrified at first, but it ended up being SO MUCH FUN! I’d love to do it again.

  5. hannah78 Post author

    Kate-Ziplining in Honduras sounds great! Did you do any similar adventurous activities while you were there?
    Lynn-Indeed! I think I might make a batch myself! 🙂

  6. Kate

    I got to hold a macaw and a monkey, which was pretty cool! The monkey sat on my head. 🙂 We were there during a family cruise so we did other neat things in other places, like swimming with stingrays, kayaking in clear kayaks (so you can see the fish!) and LOTS of snorkeling.

  7. Marie

    My boyfriend did that zipline thing. I almost crapped in my pants when he told me what it was but was thankful he made it to the other side in one piece.

    You are a very brave woman!

  8. XUP

    Tea and scones sound so much more fun than ziplining, but holy shit to you for doing it!! I’ll never forget the camp thingy we went to once and my scared-of-her-own-shadow daughter was all over the 40-foot tree climbing, zip-lining, bungee jumping stuff, while hardier kids had second/third/fourth thoughts. Also, you know who would love that creepy doll kid photo? Zoom!

  9. hannah78 Post author

    Marie-Thanks and you should try it sometime. Its not that bad. (Or at least a bit less terrifying than bungee jumping. LOL)
    Bevchen-That scone does look great doesn’t it? Hmm.
    XUP-LOL. That is so great that your daughter was into more adventurous activities at that camp. She was probably tired of living in her shell so much. (I know I am!) I’ll give Zoom a nudge and see if I can get her over here.:)
    JoLee-It was! Those birds get really close to the spectators.
    Julia-He was very cool. Those claws mean business! 🙂

  10. hannah78 Post author

    Blueberry-Bungee jumping is definitely something I’ll have to ‘work up’ the nerve to do. Tarantulas aren’t that bad though. Most of ’em are almost cute.:)
    Chris-That’s too bad, but yes there is always next time!

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