Back to Reality

Well its back to reality-Life in Ottawa and our routines. I haven’t been loving having to get up at 6am and the daily two hour commute, but it has been good to be back with our zany animals and my cooking supplies. Fall is about to begin and I have already packed my calendar with social activities, new classes at the rec center and my brain is already buzzing with Fall-themed desserts.

But here are some things I’ve been pondering since returning to Ottawa almost three weeks ago:

-After sitting for FAR too long in a bus that was idling in rush hour traffic, why oh why doesn’t Ottawa have a train that goes from one end of the city to the other? Will the dream of rapid public transit ever become a reality here?


-Has anyone ever played Brain Age? If so, is it and the Nintendo DS worth buying? I’m trying to find new ways of distracting myself during these ass numbing commutes.


-Speaking of distracting myself on the bus-Is knitting something anyone can do if they try hard enough? I’m not great with textiles, but it seems like a very practical hobby.

-Anyone interested in a trek to the “Peace Garden” restaurant  sometime? I’d like to organize a little dinner outting there.

This Fall, I am also going to try out some new festivals/craft sales along with the usual ones and will bring my camera along. Having this blog has really inspired me to take photographic documentation of my latest excursions.

What are your plans for Fall?


11 thoughts on “Back to Reality

  1. GingerMandy

    brain age is so fun, the first time i did it my age was in the high 70’s (so bad) but once you play it more it’s really addicting and you can see how much better you’re doing. definitely get it!

  2. bevchen

    I used to be able to knit. My Grandma taught me when i was about 10. I’ve forgotten how now, but if I could do it at 10 I’m sure anyone can do. I’m really not the most crafty of people…

    Oh yes. Fall. Autumn. It is coming. Already. Eeek!

  3. hannah78 Post author

    Hella Stella-What is with all the cult stuff in Ottawa’s vegetarian restaurants? LOL. But Perfection sounds great. When are you free?
    GingerMandy-I think most people probably score that until they get into it. It looks addictive! Maybe I’ll ask for it for Christmas. 🙂
    Bevchen-My Grandma tried to teach me once as well when I was around that age, but I had ADD and gave up fairly easily. Hopefully I would be better at it now though. (Even though my attention span still isn’t great.;))
    Fall is coming quick eh?

  4. quackattack

    Yeah, seriously … as soon as you visit any other large city in Canada you’ve really gotta wonder why Ottawa is so far behind in the rail department. It would seriously make the commute so much more bearable … not to mention be better for the environment to take all those cars off the road … and save on money currently used to fix/expand roads … generate more revenue for the city … Wow – wake up City of Ottawa!

  5. Kate

    I believe fall has already begun in Chicagoland! Thus I am eating homemade butternut squash bisque for lunch … nomnomnom.

    This fall I’m heading to a very cool work conference in Louisville and a family trip to Disney World. I was considering taking a cake decorating class at the local community college, but have decided to teach myself (which I think you can do with knitting, too, given all the books and online resources available). I’m planning to visit with as many friends and family members as possible with Brian being away on tour until December. And, of course, making as much tasty food and cramming in as much fall TV as possible. Oh, and movies, too! 🙂

  6. LiLu

    There’s a tetris-y game on Brain Age that rocks, but I only know this because my DS was free. I don’t think I’d shell out the $$$ they’re asking for it… maybe if it was like, $50? The games are expensive too.

    Also, traffic blows!

  7. hannah78 Post author

    Kate-I’ve been to Chicagoland, but it was during the summer. It must be nice in the Fall. Hmmm..butternut squash bisque. You’re so lucky you get to go to Disney World and I’m also considering taking a cake decorating class, but am unsure too because it is expensive and there are videos out there online. I can’t wait for Fall TV! 🙂

    LiLu-Yeah, new DS’s cost $200! Crazy! Traffic definitely blows!

  8. J.

    For sure you can knit of a bus. A friend of mine does it all the time. The only tip that we can pass along is, try and use shorter needles. If they are too long, you risk poking the person sitting next to you
    Keep us posted.

  9. kitkat

    I have to pipe up about the knitting. First, I’m not into crafts. Second, I’m not good with my hands. Third, I like to start projects and not finish them.

    If I can knit, anyone can.

    Granted, I’m not very good at it right now, but I can knit basic stuff pretty well. I tend to like repetitive activities (don’t know why), and I do think knitting requires the ability to deal with that. It’s great to do on a rainy day or during the winter, and yes, I think if you get good enough, it’s certainly quite useful. When someone has a baby or it’s Christmas, you can make people gifts.

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