More Baked Goods and an Ugly Car

Its been a busy couple of weeks-I’ve been trying to organize and clean our house and there will be the much anticipated ‘decorating’ with Fall-themed items. (Yes, I am turning into a WASP-Y house wife, so sue me!) I love this time of year; The weather is perfect-not too hot and its not -40 yet! (Woo!) I’ve also been cooking some comfort foods and after reading all the comments admiring the scones from Point Ellice House, I decided to make my own:

Scones-First try

Scones are a big deal in my mother’s Scottish family-My mom isn’t big on cooking or baking, but her grandmother was and used to make the most amazing scones. For my first attempt, I made basic ones with raisins and sprinkled sugar on top. I think they turned out o.k. Their supposed to be shaped like triangles, but many of them turned out more like mutated circles.  (I think next time, I’ll make them in dinosaur shapes, just for fun. LOL)

I also made a half whole wheat crust pizza and added the chopped up the hot banana pepper in the pot in our backyard to it.

Hot banana peppers

Its nice to know that a few things other than weeds are growing in our backyard. As for the last food item, I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream icing and sprinkles. Their for a work BBQ today.

Chocolate cupcakesDon’t worry, these aren’t all that I made, there is another bigger container with eight more cupcakes. If you’re feeling like chocolate, the recipe is here.

Last weekend, hubby and I went to Bruce Pitt for awhile. The bugs were awful, so we didn’t stay long, but on our way back, I spotted this dumbass and his douchemobile:

d-bag and his car

Yep, nothing says “winner” like a cheesy paint job and creepy spider on the side of your car. Why are there so many guys like this anyway? Don’t they get tired of trying so hard? As you can see,  another hobby of mine is taking pictures of weird/ugly/neat cars and equally quirky licence plates. So, I’ll be posting more in the future. 🙂


19 thoughts on “More Baked Goods and an Ugly Car

  1. XUP

    I think guys and their crazy cars are their creative equivalent to women and their crazy hair, make-up, wardrobe/accessories excesses.

  2. hannah78 Post author

    XUP-LOL. You’re probably right. Y’know yesterday after work, I was getting on a bus with all the other office commuters and spotted this girl who was wearing a ‘corporate’ type of outfit but she sexxed it up by making the top lower, the pants skin tight and she wore crazy heels. Her boobs were literally popping out of her shirt, which I’m sure all the male commuters enjoyed but made me question her sanity. It would be great for a nightclub, but trying that hard to be sexy 9-5? Stupid.

  3. pinklea

    Ooooh – I LOVE weird/ugly/neat cars and odd license plates too! I anxiously await more photos! (Photos of the baked goods are also anxiously awaited too – not eating them right now, but I can drool, can’t I?)

  4. Kate

    When you mentioned Bruce Pitt, at first I thought he was a person — like, you went to Bruce Pitt’s house. I had the same problem at my first job. Everyone used to mention Billy Wilson’s all the time. Took me a good three months to realize that was the name of the bar next door to the office. Clearly, I’m a genius.

    And also, I’ve never made scones. That needs to be rectified immediately.

  5. hannah78 Post author

    Pinklea-Weird cars are fun to look at eh? The only problem is you usually only see them when you don’t have a camera handy.:P. Feel free to drool all you want over my baked goods. (Hm. that sounds kinda funny. LOL)
    Lynn-I use a piping bag. The one I used this time wasn’t so hot though. I’m going to have to make another trip to Michaels soon!
    Kate-LOL. I’m sure you’re not the only person to make that mistake. No scones? Yep, sounds like a problem to me! 😉

  6. Mireille

    Baked goods are best when they’re homemade and, especially, odd-shaped. I think dinosaur-shaped counts as odd, so you can aim for that next time.

    I couldn’t get any peppers to grow this year. Lucky you!

  7. f.B

    ooh, scones. I bet they taste delicious; whether triangles or mutated circles.

    oh. and that spider on the car says “class;” all class.

  8. hannah78 Post author

    Blueberry-Yeah, giant arthropods on your car are just plain tacky.
    Wandering Coyote-Waste of money indeed! He’s not even the worst I’ve seen-I’ve seen cars with spinning hub caps, lights in the undercarriage, booming expensive stereos, I could go on and on…
    Mireille-We were lucky for the peppers this year, but I’m sad that my flowers died.
    f.B-Definitely “classy”. Its right up there with naked chicks on truck mud flaps and bumper nuts which make me LOL!

  9. Jocelyn

    I spent years looking for a successful scone recipe. Finally, I realized I needed to read the word “currants” and “chocolate chips.”

    Also, I needed Rose Levy Birnbaum’s BREAD BIBLE.

  10. hannah78 Post author

    Jocelyn-LOL. I could see how that would mix things up a bit. Thanks for the book tip, I think I’ll check out Rose’s “bible”.:)
    Julia-Thanks! I used a piping bag and tip. Scones aren’t too hard, they just take practice. 🙂

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