Hey! Its September 9, 2009! Woo! Here are some random facts on good ol’ number nine:

-999 is the emergency number you dial in the UK and is the world’s oldest emergency call service.

-Digitally remastered versions of all the Beatles albums will be released today, along with artwork and fancy booklets.


-The number 9 is revered in Hinduism and considered a complete, perfected and divine number because it represents the end of a cycle in the decimal system, which originated from the Indian subcontinent as early as 3000 BC.

-Nine is a significant number in Norse Mythology. Odin hung himself on an ash tree for nine days to learn the runes.

-In many south Asian countries, the number nine is said to be a Kannan (Mannish-Woman) number which means it represents men who are womanly or act womanly. (Like Emily Howard!)


September 9 is the 252nd day of the year (253rd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 113 days remaining until the end of the year.


-Today is the day that the animated movie ‘9’ opens. It looks good and I think I’ll go and see it. Speaking of nine, I STILL haven’t seen ‘District Nine’. I better haul ass and watch it before its replaced with another Rob Schneider/Wayan Bros/Hannah Montana/Twilight abomination in the theatres.

-Nine (九 pinyin jiu) is considered a good number in Chinese culture because it sounds the same as the word “longlasting” (久 pinyin jiu).

-I’ll be turning 29 in December! (One step closer to 30. *sighs*)


18 thoughts on “9-9-9

  1. Marie

    29 is a pretty awesome age. So is 30 for that matter!

    You’ll have to let us know if you liked the movie 9. I’m a bit curious to know if it’s any good.

  2. hannah78 Post author

    Marie-I hope you’re right. About the turning older thing. Yeah, I’m curious about ‘9’ too, since I am big on animated films. I don’t think I’ll be seeing it today though. (Too tired!)

  3. meanie

    can you review “9” when you do see it? we are torn in our household to go see it (husband yes, me, not so much). you could make the decision for us!

  4. hannah78 Post author

    The Quack-‘9’ looks like it could be very good.
    Wandering Coyote-She’s a charming laaa-dy that Emily Howard! 😉
    LiLu-I agree! Have you ever watched “Little Britain”? If not, you better get on that ASAP!
    Wendi-Abomination is a good word for a Wayan Bros production!
    Meanie-Sure! I’m a bit of an animation aficionado, so I have no problem watching and blabbing about the latest one in theatres.:)
    Pinklea-Well actually you’re commentator number 8, but close enough!:)

  5. hannah78 Post author

    Jocelyn-LOL. Hey that’s a big accomplishment! Great, now I want jelly candies.
    Natashya-I’m sure I’ll be 40 in what will feel like a heartbeat!

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