Wanted: New Doctor ASAP!


How happy are you dear readers with your family doctor? Because mine really sucks! Let me paint you a picture of him:

-He hates people and should have retired years ago but is clinging on for the money

-He spends no more than two minutes with you, one of those minutes he spends pushing drugs at you.

-His misdiagnosis rate is really high!

-He is cold, miserable, patronizing, very rude and has the personality of a bedpan

In the past, he has lied to me, told me he doesn’t do basic medical procedures(meaning he doesn’t “want” to do basic medical procedures) and at my last appointment definitely crossed the professional doctor/patient boundary. So basically he’s a giant jackass.

But when I’ve called other doctors in the area who advertise that they are taking new patients, I was told that they only take “orphans”. Meaning people who have no GP at all!

Which I guess is fair, but I really don’t want to be stuck with this jerk. Anybody have any recommedations? Anybody?


20 thoughts on “Wanted: New Doctor ASAP!

  1. XUP

    We couldn’t find a family doctor at all when we moved here even though we were “orphans”. We ended up going to a community care clinic and getting assigned to a nurse practitioner. It took us almost 2 years of being on the waiting list to get her and I haven’t been very impressed, but she’s better than your doctor. You have to apply at whatever clinic is in your community. Worth a try? Stuff like this is all part of what makes our health care system the best in the world, right?

  2. Lynn

    We’re very happy with our family doctor, but I know she only takes new clients who don’t have anyone. I hate to say it, but I think your best bet is to lie. Call around, and if someone is willing to take on new patients, tell them you do not currently have a doctor. It’s not exactly untrue…if you consider you and your doctor to be totally broken up :).

  3. Marie

    I really like my GP thankfully.

    Can you drop him and then say you don’t have a GP and then go to another one? Or does the system not work that way?

    I hope your GP retires ASAP.

  4. Kate

    Seems very odd about those doctors who supposedly take new patients, but not really. Maybe you could lie to them if the situation becomes desperate?

    I’m not sure how the Canadian medical system works … here, I might recommend you look for another provider through your insurance company’s Web site, but I don’t know that you actually have an insurance company. Or maybe you should move to my neck of the woods and go to my awesome new doctor!

  5. quackattack

    Unless you have some kind of on-going condition which requires special attention and monitoring, I say just go the clinic route.
    I can’t recommend anyone because my doctor was at the University at which I studied/worked. Also, I wouldn’t recommend my Mother/Sister’s doctor … she AND her receptionist are kinda Quacks. Lol!

  6. hannah78 Post author

    Lynn-Yeah but the problem with lying is that I might get caught and then be completely doctor-less.
    Lynn and Marie-If I can’t find anyone, then I might actually break up with him and hopefully I’ll find someone better. He should retire! Save everyone a world of grief!
    Kate-Most people in my province are covered under OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) and that’s about it. I might just end up moving to your neck of the woods if I don’t find someone soon! LOL
    Quack Attack-Crazy quacks! 😉 I might go the clinic route, but hate waiting forever. Oh well, we’ll see.

  7. pinklea

    It’s pretty hard to get a GP out here too – too many people, not enough doctors. I know people who have HAD to go the clinic route for years simply because nobody seemed to be taking new patients. I’ve never heard of a GP only taking people who are orphans, though. I was able to change my GP once because I was moving, so maybe if you say that you’re looking for someone closer to home/work, that might get you in with someone new. Good luck!

  8. hannah78 Post author

    Lacochran-Unless it becomes known to my new doctor that I left my current one voluntarily. I think orphans are people who moved from another area or whose doctors quit and didn’t find a replacement. But maybe I’m wrong.
    Pinklea-Yeah all the greeder dr’s move to the States so they can make more money, leaving many of us Canadians a primary physician. Bastards. *cough* anyways, LOL, I think even if I say that I’ve moved, they still say tough luck. Le sigh.
    Kristen-No idea who Dr. Hyldahl is, but perhaps he’s related to my doctor. 😉

  9. f.B

    Agreed: leave him. It doesn’t sound like you’ll miss him. Actually, it sounds like you’ll be much better off without him.

  10. Dr. Monkey

    Too bad you have socialized medicine. You’d be able to find many bad doctors who would treat you if you lived in the USA.

  11. hannah78 Post author

    Robin-That’s unfortunate that you hate your gyn. I had one once who’s name (I am not kidding) was “Dr. Moreau” and lets just say the name fit. LOL
    f.B-No I definitely will not miss him, but if I can’t find a new one, I’ll miss having a regular physician.
    Dr. Monkey-Not only that, but I’d get to see all those crazy protesting tea baggers up close and personal too if I lived in the US. Shucks! LOL

  12. Lynette

    Hi there, just wanted to let you know that I HIGHLY recommend nurse practitioners.

    We popped into a “community health centre” when we first arrived here in Ottawa because they had a no-appointment-needed walk-in clinic at the time. That then got us on file with a resident nurse practitioner: who can do full exams, write perscriptions and refer you to surgeons if required through their “acting advisor” physician affiliate.

    We have since had 4 or 5 different NP’s within the same centre (as some have gone on maternity leave, joined dr’s with borders, advanced within the office, etc) and we have been THRILLED with each of them! We have lucked out and always had female NP’s, and every one of tem takes a good 15min to half hour with you on each visit.
    I am happy to say I even use NP’s for my 2 young children instead of a Pediatrician.

    If you can find a Nurse Practicianer somewhere, I highly recommend for you (both).
    Hope that helps,

  13. Nat

    I have a really great doctor, and he’s part of a group of really fabulous doctors — how I got so lucky I’ll never know. But good doctors aren’t easy to find. (Blame some bad planning in the 80s and 90s.) I’ll send you the clinic’s info but I’m not sure if anyone in the group is taking patients.

    Dr. Monkey — yup social medicine is to blame… that’s why there is a primary care doctor shortage in some states too right?

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