A Bus full of Hipsters makes me feel old


I don’t usually care what people wear, but after another night of crappy broken sleep, my tolerance was greatly reduced this morning.  Anyway, as I dragged my weary butt on the local bus,  it felt like I was having a nightmare of the most pretentious proportions-Everybody on the bus was wearing bright neon colours and cheap sweaters with bad 80s graphics on them and acting like they were rock stars. (Ha!)

Why the hell do kids dress like this when they weren’t even alive or even a microscopic speck in their parents eyes in the 80s?

But I guess its inevitable-70s fashion got regurgitated in the early 90s, so its now time for the 80s. But honestly, I really can’t help but laugh when some young schmuck struts around in a “I love vinyl” t-shirt he bought from D-Tox. This particular group of kids also pissed me off because half of them insisted on spreading their legs wide or sitting on the outside seat on the bus, so nobody could sit next to them. One other girl insisted on blocking a bunch of other seats so she could smooch her equally hip boyfriend whose pants looked about two sizes too tight! I went right up to her and barked “Excuse me!” and she looked at me like I had green skin. Yeah, the nerve of me trying to get access to available seats!

Looking at all these young fools makes me feel really old. Perhaps I shouldn’t judge-I mean there were plenty of people giving me the ol “What the hell is she thinking”? look when I was 16 and wearing head to toe black with black eyeliner and industrial music coming out of my walkman. But back then I didn’t want to follow the big trends and tried to find my own melodramatic way. I didn’t want to be “goth”, I just wanted to be different. But kids nowadays (there, I feel even older now!) seem to just blindly follow major fashions and swallow whatever crap is put out there. First it was gangsta rap and now its hipster crap. (Oh and don’t even get me started on “text speak” and its destruction of the English language!)

Makes me nervous as to which big trend they’ll be following next or what sort of horrors will be mass marketed towards them in the future.


21 thoughts on “A Bus full of Hipsters makes me feel old

  1. f.B

    that picture is AMAzing. “here comes success.” okay, kid. i’ll wait for it. too bad there’s a stain below “success” on your shirt.

  2. Titania

    UGGGGHHHHH, the 80’s fashion is back? (apparently, I am not awake when i get out of my house in the morning as I have no recollection of any type of fashion). That was a scary decade, it should be buried as one of those big mistakes no one wants to remember. And I used to wear all those things too, like hair bandanas and big bangs….

  3. Lynn

    The return of super skinny jeans, neon shirts, and giant cowl-neck sweaters with belts overtop is SCARING ME.

    Seriously, the windows of shops at the mall are full of this stuff. What am I supposed to wear for the next decade?

  4. XUP

    “head to toe black with black eyeliner and industrial music” wasn’t a big trend? Hmmmm. Interestingly all these kids think they’re being different, too. And what they’re being different from is the grown-ups. So I guess that counts, doesn’t it? Because grown-ups are sooooo lame.(And just for fun, an alternative phrase to “microscopic speck in their parents eyes” which I always found apt is “back when they were just jism in their daddy’s balls”

  5. kim

    “Maybe you should judge?”
    Are you freaking kidding me? It’s one of the pleasures of being older and wiser. We get to laugh at the horrors that are today’s “fashion statements”
    It’s kind of our job.

  6. hannah78 Post author

    Titania-I used to wear stirrup pants, scunchies and polka dot stuff when I was a young lass growing up in the 80s! LOL. I agree, it was mostly scary stuff that should stay in the past!
    Lynn-Exactly! What will people wear? Its a terrifying thought.
    XUP-Yeah yeah..I realize the irony. But honestly, I wasn’t trying to fit into a big trend, I was more fully embracing my moody, overly sensitive adolescent self. LOL. It was also a rebellion against all the Gap and Abercombie and Fitch clothes that everyone else my age was wearing.

    I like your alternative phrase better than mine. Much classier! 😉

  7. Capital Mom

    Kids these days! I was just thinking the same thing yesterday when I saw a young woman wearing neon. It helped me remember that yes I am old!
    Let’s see some pictures of the young you!

  8. hannah78 Post author

    Capital Mom-Pictures of the young me? LOL. Sorry but no. I tended to run away whenever people dug out cameras when I was a teen. (It was probably for the best! ;))

  9. Marie

    Watching kids these days wear what I use to wear makes me cringe and burst out laughing at the same time.

    I know exactly how you feel!

  10. hannah78 Post author

    Marie-Good! I’m glad I’m not the only one who is mildly horrified and amused at the same time looking at these whipper snappers. 😉

  11. Kate

    I can almost deal with hipsters and trendy kids — at least they’re fun to laugh at. What really freaks me out are the girls who are 15 who wear outfits even I wouldn’t dare wear as a legal adult. Not only do I find it extremely inappropriate, I find it really scary. These girls are so young with adult bodies (hey, government, thanks for pumping our food full of crap) and can be preyed on by perverts like *that*. I know what I’m saying is nothing new, but nonetheless, it deeply disturbs me.

    Hmmm. I think I may have gone off on a bit of a tangent.

  12. hannah78 Post author

    Mireille-Ha! Yeah me too. We would have been super rad! 😉
    Native Minnow-Yep, the 80s or should I say the worst of the 80s is coming back in style.
    Robin-LOL. They probably shook their heads like many of us are doing now.

  13. B

    I’ll never understand fashion! But it does seem like everything always comes back around sooner or later and that’s not always a good thing!

  14. hannah78 Post author

    B-Definitely not always a good thing. I don’t know why everything has to be recycled though. Its the 21st Century for pity’s sake! Where are all the crazy “futuristic” type clothes? 😉

  15. Kal

    Its so like the circle of life to put us in this situation. When I was a teen I thought all the looks from the old people made them stupid. Now I look back, while making my own looks at those kids and realize that I was the dofus back then. Don’t worry, their day is coming when they make the same realization that you and I just did and THAT will be their punishment. Let them look like they did in the 80s. It will be another fine occasion for us to just shake our heads because you just know they will focus on the funniest trends and images.

  16. kitkat

    I think when we were their age (yep, I’m old too), the minor differences were huge. I thought that I dressed completely different from my friends, and I was certainly different from the majority of the kids at school. I’m sure that if I were able to visit myself from high school, though, I probably couldn’t pick myself out of a crowd. They think they’re being different because in their eyes those minor differences (she wears neon, but that other girl wears miniskirts with tights) are immense. Yeah, it’s annoying that they think they’ve invented neon high-top sneakers or leggings, or maybe they just think they’ve invented “retro.” Either way, it’s annoying, and the next trend will be too.

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