TGIF with Kittens!

TGIF babies! What are your plans for the weekend? Tonight I’ll be going to a rehearsal dinner, followed by a wedding tomorrow evening at the National Gallery of Canada. (The groom is apparently loaded) and then on Sunday…I’ll probably relax, paint and clean the house. 

Anyway, I was going to put this video with a future post that featured some of my favorite music videos, but it was too cute and charming not to share right now.  Happy Friday everyone!


9 thoughts on “TGIF with Kittens!

  1. f.B

    Happy Friday!

    Plans are to go out to a pretty short happy hour, then head home and watch Tropic Thunder (I know; we’re, like, 2 years late on that one).

  2. bevchen

    This weekend I will mostly be hand washing socks and underwear (pleeeease let pay day come soon so Ib can buy a washing machine!), cleaning the shower, washing dishes and sweeping while the boyfriend does things with his choir. Oh yes, I lead an incredibly exciting life….

    Enjoy the wedding!

  3. Jocelyn

    All I can say is that, in my life, sometimes big human hands come down from above, too, and rearrange my being, sometimes putting it on a trolley. So that was weird.

  4. hannah78 Post author

    Kate-I feel for you I really do. Kittens are awesome! Maybe you could get a hairless one?
    Blueberry-I’m glad!:)
    f.B-Is that the movie with Will Ferrell? I thought it was “meh!”
    Bevchen-Hand washing shoes and underwear? Man, poor you. I hope you get a washing machine soon!
    Wendi-Nope. Just think you too could make a video of a ‘cat town’ and your feline could play a starring role! LOL
    Jocelyn-Yeah me too. Though they aren’t always too good at getting me out of bed in the mornings. 😉

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