Conversations with Bus Drivers. Vol.1

Today, after waiting a few minutes at a bus shelter with only three walls, a bus pulls up and feeling chattier than usual, I board, face the driver and point to the defunct shelter:

Me: “That bus stop shelter had one of its walls smashed weeks ago. When is OC Transpo going to fix it so we don’t have to freeze in a few weeks?”

Bus driver: “What? Where, I don’t see anything.”

Me: “Exactly! One of the shelter’s walls was destroyed.”

Bus driver: (with light going off in his head) “Oh! That! Well, that’s not good”

Me: “No its not good. (duh!) So could you ask someone when its going to be fixed?”

Bus driver: “Sure, yeah”. Smiles.

I really hope somebody gets on that. But it was a LONG time before someone got around to cleaning up all the shards of glass from that wall’s demise, so I’m not holding my breath on getting the replacement wall put up anytime soon. Nice to see my tax and bus pass dollars hard at work. *grumble*

Second conversation with second bus driver:

Driver, who is seconds away from retirement and coo-coo craaazy, points to idiot on bicycle who is crossing across traffic in a bold fashion and says:

“Look at that, do you see?”

Me, standing up waiting to disembark at my stop, “The cyclist?”

Driver: “Yes”..mutters something incoherent, then says, “some people are in such a rush”.

Me: Thinking of all the times this nutso bastard honked his horn at people angrily, yelled at pedestrians crossing to “walk faster!” and who loves to drive super fast and stop abruptly, which causes all his passengers to cling on to the support bars with a look of dead panic in their eyes.

“Well some people are crazy.”

Bus driver continues to star at cyclist: “Yep!”


16 thoughts on “Conversations with Bus Drivers. Vol.1

  1. hannah78 Post author

    Robin-Wow! You sound like an even bigger hermit than me! LOL. I’m not usually super chatty in the morning, but its Friday so what the hell? 🙂

  2. skylark

    I read on OCTranspo’s site that you can report bus shelter concerns to It may be a more reliable way to let them know about the vandalized shelters… unless of course the person at the other end of the email is also seconds away from retiring!

  3. Kate

    I hope they get that wall fixed pronto. No matter how warm I used to dress, there were many days when I became a full-on popsicle waiting for the train or bus because there was either no shelter, it was a crappy shelter or there were already too many people in the shelter. Boo.

  4. LiLu

    I had a cabbie like that last night. He was aghast at others cutting him off… while he was speeding…

    Thankfully, I am still in one piece.

  5. hannah78 Post author

    f.B-LOL. Yeah he was really not as aware of this as he should have been considering he passed this shelter regularly.
    Kate-Isn’t it awful? Public transportation is really not designed around the interests of the public.:P
    LiLu-LOL. Everyone’s a critic eh? These people should be put on a show called “Worst bus/cab driver” and forced to watch it. It would be hard to remain oblivious to their own shitty driving then!

  6. XUP

    Ya, OC Transpo customer “service”…that’ll work. I don’t know how many times I’ve called them to complain about trashed bus shelters, buses that don’t show up, drivers that drive past people at bus stops, drivers that should be locked up for driving over sidwalks, narrowly missing pedestrians/bikes/cars and slamming on the brakes – repeatedly in one ride. Do I ever hear back from customer “service”? Is anything ever fixed? No and No. But I wish you well.

  7. hannah78 Post author

    XUP-Exactly! I’ve also sent complaints on that site of theirs and yeah nothing! A group of trained monkeys could do a better job running our bus system!

  8. Wandering Coyote

    Oh, do not get me started on OC-fracking-Transpo. It was the bane of my existence when I languished in Ottawa, and I could tell you some stories, let me tell you!

  9. hannah78 Post author

    XUP-LOL. Good idea! Maybe he could send some to run our city council too!;)
    Beth-Yeah its not the best system in the world, but maybe part of me would miss the craziness too had I moved!
    Chris-Yep, cheaper than movie tickets (though its becoming almost as expensive!)
    Wandering Coyote-LOL “OC-fracking-Transpo”! (They should change their name to that)
    I’d love to hear your stories!
    Prefers her Fantasy Life-They’ve been inhaling too much of something that’s for sure! 😉

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