Black and blue weekend


What did you do on Friday night? Because I can guarantee that it was a better night than mine. I spent Friday evening at the local high school waiting….and waiting..and then trying but failing to give blood at a donor drive held by Canadian Blood Services. When it was finally my turn, two nurses spent five minutes arguing which vein to tap on my left arm.  After the second one left, the one I was assigned kept stabbing me with the needle in various spots on the inside of my elbow joint.

Yeah, OW!!

And after all that stabbing and squeezing of the tourniquet, they still couldn’t get half a litre out of me! How is that? Honestly? So now, my inner arm is bruised to hell and looks like a bunch of vampires were chewing on it! I love giving blood, but between last time when my iron was too low and now, its becoming frustrating. Next time, I’ll do as they suggested and wear a different shirt, but if that doesn’t work, then I’ll just donate at the central location where the staff aren’t so stab happy and better (and nicer!) at drawing blood.

Hubby was also sore after helping out his volunteer group clean up a camp site that was used over the summer by a camp for at risk youth.  His job involved  hauling lumber around and cleaning up leftover debris. He also got tapped accidently in the head with a piece of wood and almost got a rusty nail into his leg, which made me freak out a little. (O.k. a lot! I’m a worrier, what can I say?) But I’m proud of him for sticking with this charity group, they do good work for the community. (Even if they delegate tasks a little unevenly. LOL)


Anyway, this weekend, I also watched the movie “Happy-Go-Lucky“. Basically its about an English woman named Poppy with big teeth who acts like she’s drunk 24-7. She’s high on life. At first its irritating, but then it’s kind of inspiring-I tend to take things too seriously sometimes, so maybe I should lighten up more often like her. (I’ll never wear her patterned pantyhose and orange panties combo though. LOL)

For the rest of the weekend, hubby and I whined about our sore bodies while watching rented reruns of  “Six Feet Under“. I didn’t get into this show when it first aired, but I really wish I had because it is so great!

six feet

The series is about a family who run a funeral home and presents their relationships with each other and the outside world in a bittersweet way. There is also background information on the people who use their services and the deceased, so every character-living or dead-is well thought out. If you are looking for a good show and are tired of the meandering nonsense of Desperate Housewives or True Blood, then you should check it out! 🙂



17 thoughts on “Black and blue weekend

  1. Robin

    I never donate blood because it’s so hard to find my veins, when I have money again I’ll donate that instead. I love Six Feet Under, one of my favorite shows of ALL time.

  2. Ashley

    Ahhh I looooooove Happy Go Lucky!
    The opening scene when her bike is stolen and she laments cheerfully that she never got to say goodbye is brilliant!

  3. Natashya

    I have hiding veins too. Good for you for volunteering anyway!
    We don’t have HBO and miss a lot of the good stuff, we did catch some of the Six Feet Under reruns when they brought them to cable, but would love to see the whole series – it’s excellent.

  4. skylark

    Cookie Girl had surgery last week and they tried for over an hour to get the IV in. Finally they had to go in through the jugular! She looked like a bad Halloween movie. Six Feet Under was one of my favourite series also. I started losing interest midway through the second season though. I forget why now. Perhaps it became a bit too repetitive and predictable or maybe the novelty just wore off. I’m finding that with Dexter now.

  5. hannah78 Post author

    Robin-Some people appear to have that problem, but I’m so pale, you can really see practically all the veins in the underside of my arm. So it seems weird to me that they couldn’t find a good one. Ah well.
    Ashley-Yeah that was cute. Right after she annoyed the hell out of that shopkeeper with her cheerfullness. He looked like he wanted to kill her! LOL.
    f.B-Nope they really don’t mix. Some people think that the can just stab away and the person isn’t actually feeling it. Um, yeah, its not like drilling for oil, it does hurt!
    Natashya-Well Blockbuster has the entire collection of Six Feet Under. The Movie Network will also be showing it from the beginning. (Of course we learned this after we started renting them! LOL)
    Skylar-The jugular?!! Seriously? Holy crap, poor girl! I don’t find Dexter repetitive, I still love it even after all those episodes! (Desperate Housewives on the other hand…)
    Dr. Monkey-Yeah, it was a good film. Very uplifting and cute.:)

  6. Lynn

    I’ve had Happy Go Lucky on my to-rent list for ages. I really need to get off my duff and see it. It sounds like it was made for me!

    As for Six Feet Under, we watched the first season only and loved it. Not sure why we never did move on to season 2…I’ll add it to my ever-growing to-rent list :).

  7. Kate

    Six Feet Under is arguably my favorite show of all time. I own all the seasons on DVD, and that’s a big deal — I never buy shows on DVD, but those discs were worth every penny. Have you watched the series finale yet?

  8. XUP

    I haven’t watched anything really awe inspiring for a long time. But I’ve been hearing good things about The Wire. I might go get that

  9. hannah78 Post author

    Lynn-It’s an enjoyable flick. Get off your duff! 😉
    I have a big to-rent list too! The next older series I’ll be renting will be “Rome”. Have you seen it?
    Kate-No I haven’t seen the finale yet! I hope its great though.
    Lacochran-Yes, OW is right! LOL
    XUP-The Wire eh? Thanks, I’ll check that one out too!

  10. Marie

    Those needle people need to be fired. ASAP. I’ve had a nurse try to take blood before and couldn’t find the vein. So not fun.

  11. pinklea

    Six Feet Under is one of my all-time fave TV shows, and I actually watch very little TV. I have downloaded all 5 seasons, so I can rewatch any episode any time I want. I cried the first time I viewed the final episode, and I still cry every single time!

  12. hannah78 Post author

    Marie-I agree! I didn’t have the greatest faith in her at all!
    Pinklea-Wow! Lots of fans here! Well I hope the finale moves me as much as it did you.:)

  13. Kal

    I love how you make even the most mundane tasks in everyday life interesting. I had to give some fluids too recently. They were very nice to me. Maybe because I had that ‘deer in the headlights look’ and I was terrified I would pee all over the bathroom – mid stream sample? What the hell is that about?

  14. hannah78 Post author

    Kal-LOL. When I first read ‘fluids’ in your comment, I thought you were going to provide a story of the donation of another kind. LOL. (Yes, I’m a perv! :P)
    Yeah providing a ‘mid-stream’ sample is definitely an art form and pretty gross.

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