Productive weekend

Frankenstein's Monster

The weekend was productive-or at least ‘artistically’ productive. I found a site called “A Patchwork of Flesh” that collects various interpretations of Frankenstein’s Monster, so I thought I would submit my own. Unfortunately, however, I didn’t realize that the artwork had to be 2.5 by 3.5 inches until after I finished. I also underestimated how difficult it is to depict a fictional creature with a warped head using only a small movie picture. LOL.

Ah well, here is my monster. He likes flowers and I thought I would try and draw him half naked, because those shoulder pads aren’t doing anything for him.

The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning, watching more ‘Six Feet Under’ and painting. I also managed to bake a cranberry/pumpkin cake and it turned out wonderfully. Does anyone have any vegetarian suggestions for a replacement item for the usual turkey? We’re hosting Thanksgiving again at our place and I’m not fond of Tofurkey, so anything other than that is welcome.:)


14 thoughts on “Productive weekend

  1. f.B

    I like your monster. He’s clearly still got some issues to work through (read: neck plugs), but he’s much more human than the usual interpretations.

  2. lacochran

    He does look like a sensitive soul. I took a figure drawing class and the instructor said that we tend to modify the subject we’re drawing by making them more like us. So, in my depiction, I might make the subject’s face narrower than it is if my face is narrower. So, my question to you is, does it resemble you in any way?

    That cranberry/pumpkin cake sounds fantastic!

    We aren’t fans of the tofurkey either. We tend to just do lots and lots of vegetables and grains and such. I have a fantastic barley/wild mushroom recipe that I make every year and my carnivorous nephew can’t get enough of it. Let me know if you want the recipe.

  3. hannah78 Post author

    f.B-That was the idea and I’m considering making similar drawings of other popular monsters. Here’s hoping it works out.:)
    Lacochran-LOL. Well I hope he doesn’t resemble me TOO closely, but yes, after some frustration, I purposefully made him look more human. (And his face shape is closer to mine than the weird block that is portrayed in the movies)
    Hmm..that barley/mushroom idea sounds great. Please do send me the recipe at:

  4. Kate

    Does it have to be a meat stand-in? My MIL always does a lasagna for Thanksgiving — you could do something along those lines. Also, big foodie magazines usually offer vegetarian menus for the holidays. Bon Appetit just came out with their menus and I’m assuming Gourmet will (if they publish a November issue now that they’ve been shut down … do not even ask me how devastated I am by that). You can check out their Web sites or go to In addition, I’d be willing to bet Heidi Swanson at has some veg Thanksgiving recipes. Her stuff is always tasty.

  5. kim

    Do you eat fish or nothing with a face? I love stuffed salmon- otherwise I always just skipped the turkey and made everything else- tons of yummy veggies- mashed & scalloped potatos and miso gravy

  6. Marie

    I love it! Great drawing and I love how the only color you put in there is the purple flower. Great drawing.

  7. XUP

    I didn’t know you were an artist along with all your other talents! Excellent. And ya, tofurkey (Gaghhh). I’ve made my own tofurkey in the past — marinate slices of tofu in a herb marinade (lots of sage) and then bake it. Or I’ve made a nut loaf and a nice mushroom gravy. To me all the other stuff is Thanksgiving dinner anyway – especially the stuffing and cranberries, sweet potatoes… yum

  8. hannah78 Post author

    Robin-Great! Mission accomplished!:)
    Kate-Frankly, I’d rather make something other than pasta, since I make that the rest of the year. But thank you for the links, I will go digging around with them and see what I can find.:)
    Kim-I only eat fish once in awhile and am trying to cut back. That miso gravy sounds good. I found a veggie version that might work!
    Marie-Thanks! The few colours I put in there aren’t as saturated as I would have liked, but that is the problem with working with coloured pencils and scanners.:)
    LiLu-Aw, thanks hun.:)
    XUP-Thank you for the compliments. That nut loaf and mushroom gravy sounds really good. Could you send me the recipe?

  9. XUP

    I hate it when people ask me for recipes because I never really have any. I just mix stuff up. I will look around to see if there’s something close and send you that along with my modifications.

  10. Prefers Her Fantasy Life

    Very nice drawing–sensitive monster–kind of an oxymoron, but not really.

    I’d go with the lasagna or maybe Thai peanut noodles. I’ll have to do one or the other because Daughter is a vegetarian.

  11. Lynette

    i’ve heard that has some good ideas. The nut loaf sounds good! (I’ll steal recipe too…if it exsists)

    hope all is well in your corner of the world 🙂

  12. hannah78 Post author

    XUP-LOL. O.k I promise not to ask you to send any more recipes. 🙂
    Prefers Her Fantasy Life-Hmm…Thai peanut noodles. Not sure I’ll make those for Thanksgiving but thank you for giving me a dinner idea for the rest of the week.:)
    Lynette-I think I’ve been on that site, I should go back and see what’s new.

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