Toronto weekend

Toronto highwayWe left on Thursday afternoon hoping to beat the Toronto rush hour. Unfortunately, Toronto’s traffic is bad all the time. As much as I enjoy visiting this metropolis, I honestly, have no idea how people can drive there and stay sane.  Anyways, we arrived later than expected so we didn’t do much that day. On Friday, however, we decided to head out to the Ontario Science Centre.

Ontario Science Centre

I was VERY excited to visit this place because “Body Worlds” is currently having an exhibition there. Hubby wasn’t much interested in seeing filayed corpses on display (What’s wrong with him? LOL), but he agreed to go with me anyway. Unfortunately, they didn’t let us take any photos. (To see some pictures, go here) It pisses me off when venues have that policy and the only reason I can see behind it is so they can make more money with the exhibits merchandise. ie:

Ontario Science Centre-Body Worlds shop

But Body Worlds is really cool and a great educational tool for learning first hand all ab0ut the inner workings of the human body. The rest of the Science Centre had lots of interactive games like this:

Ontario Science Centre-game

So naturally we spent some time screwing around with the various perception and logic games. After awhile my back started to ache (tailbone issues again), so we headed back to the hotel, but not before snapping some pictures of more crazy licence plates.  It turns out, Toronto is a regular cornocopia of funny and ridiculous plates:

Be great

This one says-T UP FOR FUN. (Oh golfers!)

T Up 4 Fun

I saw two others but didn’t have my camera on hand at the time. One had a plate that read “Mumzi” (gag!), while the other was this huge, obnoxious truck that said “Truck” (Lest there be any confusion)

The next day-Saturday-was the day of the wedding, but it wasn’t until later, so we went shopping. If you want to be really specific, we were actually staying in the town of Markham and Markham is about 70% Chinese. We went into one such Asian malls and were pretty much the only non-Asians around. It kinda felt like walking around in public naked. But I had a craving for Hong Kong buns, so we went to a bakery, where no one spoke a lick of English and were stared at like we were some lost tourists. LOL.  The woman behind the counter was really rude, but ah well, I got the buns, so that’s all that mattered at that point.  I didn’t want to draw any more attention, so I waited until we were outside and took a picture of the mall.

Markham mall

There are a number of Chinese malls in Markham and while they can make you feel self conscious if you’re non-Asian, they are great for finding authentic restaurants, desserts (as mentioned) mini Buddhas and Chinese pop music and movies.  Next up came the wedding and here is a nice blurry one.

TomandJens wedding8

It was a nice reception and the food was not very vegetarian, but there was an open bar which everybody took full advantage of. One of hubby’s childhood friends was pretty in the bag most of the night and when we were in the ladies together, was feeling insecure and complained about her looks. ie:

Her: “I hate my (insert any random body feature)

Me: “You’re crazy! You are beautiful.”

Her: “I don’t believe you!”

Seriously? Now I know what men have to go through in vainly trying convince their girlfriends that they are attractive women! Sheesh! But in her defense, weddings do have a way of bringing out your insecurities if you’re single, which she is. But and this is no lie, I’m sure she won’t be single for long, since she is a sweet gal. Anyways, after more drinking and silly dancing, the venue apparently was done for the night and turned on all the lights, telling all the guests to go home.  It was only midnight, but I was relieved, because by the second rotation of ‘Uptown Girl’, I was ready to hit the hay.  On Sunday, we woke up early, met my brother and his girlfriend for an awesome breakfast at “Fox and Fiddle” (I forgot to include the photos) and left for Ottawa.

Along the way we stopped for the tourist trap known as the ‘Big Apple’.

Big Apple

Here you can go on kiddie rides, feed llamas and eat apple desserts.

Big Apple-Pies

It smelled like heaven in that place! But I didn’t want to bring something home that would’ve gotten wrecked anyways, so we just watched the apple pie making in process but didn’t sample.

When we got back home, I thought I could finally sleep the hangover (I mean, fatigue) away, but last night, I only slept for about four hours. The electricity in our house kept going on and off  and by the fourth time, I said “screw it” and went downstairs to watch ‘Hannibal Rising’ on TV.

So that’s our last big trip for awhile and its back to normal. I’m hoping I can make it through work today and bellydance class. Then again, the buns I bought will probably help.


20 thoughts on “Toronto weekend

  1. walkingonsunshine18

    Awww… you were in my neck of the woods – we should have got together! Sounds like you had fun! 🙂

  2. Linda

    You passed up tasting apple pie? I couldn’t have done it. I adore apple pie but seldom make it because my husband doesn’t like cinnamon-a must I think.

  3. hannah78 Post author

    Robin-You should. But once inside the city, I recommend taking advantage of its numerous public transportation options instead of driving. 🙂
    Walkingonsunshine-Oh yeah! I totally forgot! Next time we’re in your area, I’ll drop you a line so we can hang out.:)
    Linda-Yeah cinammon is a great spice! They had apple pies mixed with other fruit and probably no cinammon, you could try that instead.
    Meanie-The pies are pretty much factory made, so they definitely aren’t as good as homemade. The candy apples looked good though.

  4. XUP

    It’s interesting that you felt self-conscious in the Asian mall. My daughter and I were somewhere recently (I can’t remember where — maybe Toronto, too) and she suddenly freaked out and said, OMG, we’re the only non-Asians here. I hadn’t even noticed, I’m that oblivious. I suppose that’s why visible minorities tend to hang together in groups and make their homes in neighbourhoods populated by people from their own culture

  5. hannah78 Post author

    XUP-Well I used to be “oblivious” too but awhile ago I used to hang out with a Chinese girl and her friends who were also Chinese and we would frequent Chinatown. Of course, being different in that situation didn’t bother me, but some of her friends were assholes and kept making me feel like the odd one out. Token white chick and everything. So now, I guess I tend to be more self aware. In a perfect world, nobody would notice skin colour, but it might awhile until we get to that point. Which is sad, because no one should be made to feel like they ‘don’t belong’ somewhere on account of their race.
    Hella Stella-I am a lucky duck! It is a beautiful exhibit! Let me know what you think of it if you go.:)

  6. hannah78 Post author

    JustJP-Yes you should come to Canada, particularly Ottawa, because its a very nice city and not just because I live there. 😉

  7. Lynn

    We just got back from a weekend in Mississauga, which is very, very Indian. It’s so strange to go to the mall or grocery store and be the only white person there. It doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable, exactly, but I am aware. It’s interesting to see life from the other side, so to speak.

  8. hannah78 Post author

    Lynn-I guess it is interesting. But what makes me uncomfortable and pissed off is how people treat you if you’re in the minority and their the majority. So I prefer to be in a ‘mixed’ area. Which is one of the reasons I like Ottawa so much, since its very diverse.

  9. Chris

    Ah memories of my former home.

    And seeing that giant apple is cool too. I finally made a stop there last time I drove past it.

  10. hannah78 Post author

    Jocelyn-The pineapple ones look like this:

    I wish I could have grabbed more flavours, but it was not comfortable there.
    Chris-I thought you might like this post, since its about your old home and all. 😉 What do you think of the pie at that giant apple place?

  11. Marie

    I hope the buns were good even though the Asian lady was mean to you.

    That looks like a fun trip! (minus the traffic)

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