Hot and Horrible Hunks

Is it wrong that I find certain ‘evil’ movie characters seriously hot? I don’t think so, but maybe I’m just nuts.  Since it’s almost Halloween, I thought it would be fun to disturb you all with my list of the “sexiest bastards” to ever grace the big screen. 

 1. Cillian Murphy-“Scarecrow” in Batman Begins


Personally, I prefer him without the cloth sac over his head. LOL.  Something about mad genuises always gets me!

2. Ralph Fiennes-Red Dragon/Francis Dolarhyde from movie “Red Dragon”


Maybe it’s because I love the novel so much or maybe its due to my appreciation for his sinewy back muscles accented by that beautiful Blake tattoo, but damn is he fine! Sure he murders families and has a split personality, but nobody’s perfect right? 😉

3. Tadanobu Asano as Kakihara in “Ichi the Killer”


I’ve seen a few Japanese “yakuza/action” flicks and while many of them are beyond ridiculous, this one is a little less so with interesting characters and visuals. Kakihara is a crime boss who is also a twisted pervert and loves giving and receiving pain.  (So much so that he slashes the corners of his mouth and staples the cuts together. Ow!) Which I guess makes him a good antagonist. I don’t appreciate or respect sick scumbags like this in real life, but as a strictly fictional character, for some crazy reason I find him attractive. Go figure! (Now if only he could improve his wardrobe)

4. Billy Zane-The Collector in “Demon Knight”


Speaking of gory flicks,  Zane provides a nice distraction as a demon who is searching for a key that will plunge the Earth into the Devil’s playground. He’s not only hot, but also very funny in this movie!

5. Gerard Butler “Dracula 2000”


So this pick is kinda obvious-Most women find Gerard attractive and probably doubly so as the die-hard romantic Dracula. Personally, I just like seeing him with his shirt open.

6. Malcolm McDowell-Alex deLarge in “Clockwork Orange”


Yet another ‘gang’ leader and all round evil bastard who gets neutered in a experiment to reduce violent tendencies in criminals. But you gotta love a guy who appreciates Beethoven though. 😉

What about you? Any favorite male or female villains?



Red Dragon-


The Collector-




20 thoughts on “Hot and Horrible Hunks

  1. XUP

    Antonio Banderas – not usually a bad guy but I can’t comment on a hot guy post without mentioning him and Zorro was kind of a bad guy, wasn’t he? Also Armand in Interview with a Vampire was a bad guy Antonio.
    Hugh Jackman in The Prestige.
    Ewan McGregor as Frank Churchill in Emma.
    Allan Rickman as Snape in HP.

  2. Kate

    I’m right there with you when it comes to Ralph Fiennes! I’m also smitten with Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl. I understand you may no longer want to be bloggy friends with me after making that admission, but I have to be honest. 😉

  3. quackattack

    Oh, Cilian … he’s such a beautiful piece of perfection, isn’t he? Swooooon … why haven’t we seen more of him??

    Billy Zane had such a sexy voice … whatever happened to him?

    Believe it or not, I just watched Clockwork Orange for the first time this past weekend. I think I need to read the book.

  4. hannah78 Post author

    XUP-Hmmmm..Hugh Jackman. Thanks for those movie suggestions, I haven’t seen them yet. (Except for Zorro)
    Kate-Never heard of Chuck Bass, but then again I don’t watch Gossip Girl. I’ll have to look him up. 🙂
    Quackattack-I know! More Cilian please! I haven’t read Clockwork Orange yet either, but its on my list of novels to read.
    Robin-LOL. Me neither! Being “wrong” is too fun! 😉

  5. Wandering Coyote

    …And if you watch him in “28 Days Later…” there is a shot of him buck naked at the beginning!

  6. hannah78 Post author

    Wandering Coyote-Really? I don’t remember that scene! Looks like I’ll have to re-rent it! 😉
    Lacochran-I love Donald! He’s such an awesome actor!

  7. Blueberry

    Cillian, yes good choice. I haven’t seen some of those movies on your list. Beautiful villains…something to think about… Sweeney Todd, anyone?

  8. Jocelyn

    You weren’t kidding; these characters truly are right bastards. But I get the vibe on each one.

    There was something about John Malkovich in DANGEROUS LIAISONS that was kind of hot. Not the lisp, either.

  9. hannah78 Post author

    Blueberry-You should see them! They’re great movies! I haven’t seen Sweeney Todd, but yes Depp does look sexy as a crazy barber. 🙂
    Jocelyn-I know how to pick ’em! LOL. Oh I love Dangerous Liasons! He was wonderful in a naughty, scheming way. 🙂

  10. B

    I can agree on #1 and #2! I’m not sure if you’ve seen Hannibal Rising but the actor who plays the young Hannibal is pretty hot.

  11. hannah78 Post author

    Walkingonsunshine-Thank you!:)
    Titania-Oh yeah! I forgot about that movie! Hmmm..
    Darrell-It’s not what it looks like! Honestly! LOL
    O.k. it is what it looks like, but you will always be my #1 ‘Good Guy’ hottie! 🙂

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