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H1N1 Shot and Santa Paws

On Friday night, I got the bright idea that hubby and I should get our H1N1 shots.  So we went to our local City of Ottawa office, got some wrist bands, went home and came back two hours later to get stabbed with needles. I was nervous, because the last time I got a flu shot, the nurse jammed it into my arm, but the H1N1 needle is small and you barely feel it.

Well that is until the next day when you feel like you were hit by a Mack truck! I was incredibly sick the entire weekend-Dizziness, nausea, extreme fatigue and migraines-you name it, I had it. It sucked big time! Anyways, I feel better today, but I just thought I would warn you guys that there is a chance you could have a reaction to the shot. I have never had reactions to flu shots before but this one kicked my ass!

On a brighter note, Selena got groomed and isn’t she sweet?:

Good thing she was groomed too because we went to Licoln Fields for the Santa Paws event.  For the unitiated, Santa Paws is an event organized by the Humane Society (I still have faith in them despite my last post) where you can have your furbeasts photo taken with Santa. Selena met some cute puppies before her picture. Like this Newfie:

and Springer Spaniel (wearing the latest from the Walmart pet section):

Selena’s photos with Santa will be available in a week. Here is an image of the process-Santa holds the confused animal, while some guy squeezes a squeak toy to get their attention and the photographer snaps away. One person brought their cat who was so incredibly tolerant of the whole thing. (Our cats would freak the fuck out! LOL)

Check your local shelter and see if a similar event is going on near you!:)

This makes me sick (and blind with rage)

Apparently, members of the Toronto Humane Society have been abusing and neglecting their animals. As a huge supporter and former volunteer of the Humane Society in Ottawa, plus all round animal lover, I’m outraged! Many of the animals that end up in shelters already have a tragic history of horrific abuse and neglect at the hands of their scumbag owners. When they are finally rescued they require special medical and emotional attention, as well as deserve clean and sanitary living conditions.  According to an OSPCA laywer (Chris Avery): “It’s absolutely disease infested,” Avery said. “The animals were left to catch horrible diseases and die in their crates.”

Humane society president Tim Trow, general manager Gary McCracken, supervisor Andy Bechtel, manager Romeo Bernadino and vet Dr. Steve Sheridan-You should all be ashamed! You’re scum and have tarnished the reputation of the Humane Society. I hope someday someone leaves you to rot in your own filth when you need help the most!



No love for Grandpa

This made me laugh, so I thought I would share it.  I miss having a grandfather sometimes, but I’m not sure I would like a “Leland”. (Though he could prove useful in scaring away Jehovas Witnesses and door-to-door salesmen, LOL)  The ad is from


Date: 2009-09-20, 5:36PM AKDT

Have we got a great deal for you!

Have you ever wondered how your life would be with a hateful, cantankerous, rude, hypocrytical, opinionated, obnoxious, obese, angry, hairy, verbally abusive, and co-dependant Grandfather that your not related to?

His name is Leland, hes in his 70’s, hopefully in poor health. Leland enjoys judging others and enabling one of his many criminal children to plunder various objects from his wives family.

If you enjoy suspenders, creepy non-audible chuckling, being referred to as “dickhead”, generic old man comb-overs, random accusations of drug abuse, that old people stench that sticks in the back of your throat, rude judgemtal comments about your loved ones, watching your grandmother be maliciously manipulated into hating her own children/grandchildren/anyone, your house being cluttered with useless shit that he pretends he invented, and interacting with someone who is completely devoid of a soul, then we have the Leland for you!

Care Instructions:
1)Leland needs plenty of happiness to suck out of the area around him, so make sure that you provide him enough sacrifices. (I.E. children, cats, adult humans….really anyone extra you have laying around).
2) Make sure you have a healthy supply of ridiculous red suspenders readily available.
3)An elderly woman to follow around and order about.
4)Enough tools to invent really crappy things that for some wierd reason really have been invented before.
5)Thousands of dollars in cash or anything tradeable/sellable/pawnable so that his worthless, space wasting peices of shit sons can come and steal it for drugs.
6)Anyone that ever needs a favor excluding anyone in his family, so that he can have the immense joy and satisfaction of telling them no.
7)Cats to kick.
8) Children to kick.
9)Disabled people to kick.
10)Erection pills, he cant get it up alone, but he needs to jerk off to his diabolical genius. Possibly his inability to achieve an erection has caused some of his more “Fun” personality quirks.

As hard as it is to let such a wonderful person and human being leave our lives… We all feel the need to share this beautiful creation of god with the rest of the community, if not the world.

If you feel up to the task… PLEASE don’t dilly dally around.. I imagine everyone will rush to respond to such an earth shattering offer… he may be gone before you can get to him.


  • Location: Peter Creek
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

PostingID: 1384332033


The weekend was good-Pretty typical. I managed to clean the inside of our car and squeezed Selena into a pink sweater that my aunt made ages ago for her dogs.  The sweater was hiding in my parents crawl space, so I brought it home to make our puppy look all purdy.

Selena is a matted mess lately and I’m relieved that we’ll be able to take her to the groomers soon. Based on Pinklea‘s suggestion and my own curiosity, we also started watching “The Tudors“. It’s pretty good so far-Lots of beautiful clothing, scenery, scheming, intrigue and sex. Most of the characters look nothing like their real life personas, but its TV, so what can you do?

On Sunday, I made clafouti with pepper jack and goat cheese. It sounds gross, but it actually turned out o.k. I’m trying to experiment with different cheeses in order to make the perfect clafouti.

Hubby also surprised me with a big package of markers from an arts store. Isn’t he sweet? I was sitting at home, waiting for him to get back from the grocery store, thinking about how nice it would be to have markers and there they were minutes later! 🙂 He also braved the wrath and scorn of our neglected Wii Fit and started using it again, which is great. He’s set a fitness goal and will be getting back into shape.  So he’ll be sweet and fit! 🙂

Short Weekend and Blah Monday

The weekend went by fast, seems like their becoming shorter and the work days are becoming longer. But maybe that’s just due to my current severe disatisfaction with how I spend my 9-5. But that’s another blog post. (Probably a “for invitation only” and not public post.)

Anyways, on the weekend, I took Selena to the vet for one more butt checkup and the vet gave her another antibotic shot, but hopefully this will be our last visit to the vets for awhile. We saw a mammoth Irish Wolfhound at the vet’s and it was so cute to see our little brown furball look..wayy..up at his face and attempt to kiss him. I love giant breeds-They are such darlings, but their food and vet bills are pricey and unfortunately they don’t live too long. But this wolfhound looked good, all smiles. 🙂

Later that day, I went to my parents place and brought my wedding dress and some things that were in storage at their place to my house.  My allergies have been terrible lately, so I also bought a new vacuum for the stairs and couches and am looking to buy a new upright vacuum with a hepa filter. If anyone’s got any suggestions, I’m all ears. 🙂

Saturday night, CM and I went to see “Paranormal Activity“. The theatre was full of teenagers who kept giggling and saying “Oh my God!”, which was irritating, plus one numbnut who kept yelling out “genital warts!” during the previews, which he thought was hilarious. (We really don’t need to hear about your medical problems buddy!)  Plus, I skipped dinner and gorged on popcorn and combined with jerky camera motions, I was worried that I might heave in the middle of the movie! Luckily, however, the feeling subsided after awhile. I saw a bunch of people leave during the beginning of the film, maybe it was scaring them or maybe they were just sick of the dumb teenagers. LOL. Anyways, the movie itself was good-The protagonists ignored all common sense, like horror movie characters do and proceeded to get themselves even more stuck in a bad situation. I wasn’t scared by this movie right away, but going to sleep that night…proved to be a bit difficult. 😉

On Sunday, I did some drawings and hubby and I watched the very last episode of “Six Feet Under“. It was a great series and I’m sad that we finished it. Some shows lose quality after a few seasons, but that show stayed strong until the end. Now, we just have to find a new series. I am loving the new season of “Dexter” with John Lithgow, but hubby just isn’t as into ‘dueling serial killers’ as I am. LOL.  Has anyone one else been watching that show?