Quickie Penguin

Lonely Penguin

Yesterday I started working on this penguin and after some quick colouring, decided to post it, since its been awhile. The picture didn’t scan very well, but it can be difficult to get clear, bright colours using pencil crayons. Perhaps I should start using markers and pens..hmm.

Are there any artists out there that use these mediums in their drawings?


19 thoughts on “Quickie Penguin

  1. jobthingy

    that is lovely. i have a friend that paints and her husband does pencil sketches. both of them do amazing work.

    ill have to ask him if he ever uses pencil crayons.

  2. Amanda

    I’ve never had good luck with pencils, you always get that grainy look. Or at least I did. I like pastels a lot, but they’re harder to control. For my money, there’s nothing better than marker- Prismacolor to be exact. They’re also insanely expensive. But there’s no better way to control color and it gives a beautiful, soft, even color.

  3. hannah78 Post author

    Jobthingy-Thanks and yeah if you could get any tips from them, it would be appreciated.:)
    Why did you stop drawing?
    Amanda-Prismacolor? Hmm..I will have to look into it. The cost is worth it if they help create beautiful images.:)
    Robin-You’re great at photography, maybe you should try drawing again too! 🙂

  4. f.B

    i like that a lot. i haven’t drawn in a long time, but when i did, i used markers and pens just because of what you mentioned: clear, brighter color.

  5. Gilahi

    Thanks! If they’re still in print, I recommend “How To Draw Animals” by Jack Hamm. For anything colored pencil-related, I recommend any book by Bet Borgeson, particularly “The Colored Pencil: Key Concepts for Handling the Medium” and “Colored Pencil Fast Techniques: Methods and Strategies for Gaining Speed and Improving Your Work”. I’d suggest looking her up on the web, too. She gives classes, but stays west of the Mississippi (not sure where you are). I’ve spoken with her on the phone and she’s a terrific person. There’s also the Colored Pencil Society of America (http://www.cpsa.org/). Look up their web page and see if there’s a chapter in your area. I’ve learned a WHOLE lot by sharing with other artists.

  6. Gilahi

    Sorry, at the risk of taking up more than my share of comment space, I should have said that I really like your penguin, too. Nice work.

  7. hannah78 Post author

    Gilahi-I’m in Ottawa, Canada so kinda far from that instructor, but thanks so much for all the suggestions. I am going to check out those books. And thank you for the compliment. 🙂
    Kate-Thanks! 🙂

  8. Julia @ Mélanger

    Hannah, what a great picture. You are so talented. I can’t even draw a stick figure.

    My sister is an illustrator. She used to do a lot in pencil and would have massive handcramps because she would have to press so much to get a good strength of colour.

  9. hannah78 Post author

    Blueberry-LOL. Computers are good scapegoats.
    Julia-Thanks! Yeah, I’m thinking of trying markers to get enough colour saturation, because pencil crayons, even good ones, leave white spots.
    Olivia-Aww, thank you!

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