Food weekend

It was a nice weekend-Full of yummy food and socializing. Saturday morning was the Ottawa Blogger’s breakfast and the Fox and Feather was packed to the gills with bloggers. I met Capital City Chris and a few others, as well as caught up with some familiar people. We sat with Raino and her two daughters, but this time, the hot sauce stayed put in the container and didn’t wind up again in her hair again. LOL

Hot sauce

After we left I took a picture of the outside building, which caused hubby to roll his eyes and say “Do you have to take a picture of everything?”

Yes, yes I do.

Fox and Feather

Then we rushed home so hubby could get started on his school projects. Later that night, we went to Mayo, Québec to my bellydance instructor’s house for a pasta dinner potluck.  She lives WAY out in the boonies and there weren’t a lot of signs or illumination in that area, so driving around there at night was frustrating.  Anyway, because I like to document everything, here is a picture of the ferry across the Ottawa River.

Ferry to Mayo, QC

My instructor, in addition to teaching dance, also makes pottery and small ceramics, like this lady:

LM Sculpture

and these very cool mugs:

LM Mugs

They also had this deer head on the wall, which I’m guessing they inherited from some great-grandpa, because neither of them strike me as hunters. (I honestly do not understand why people put dead carcases on their walls.)

Deer head

Anyways, we had some nice homemade and store bought pasta and engaged some of her friends in coversation. I chatted with this guy and his wife and probably overshared a bit on my creative endeavors. 

Interesting story-A couple of years ago, when I was pursuing photography more seriously, I took some slightly more risqué photos and used them to pad my portfolio. One of my models was quite the character. I like to photograph people as they are most comfortable and his “thing” was leather, chains and S&M stuff. He was a big gay bear and a very nice guy and I think we created some fantastic yet tasteful photos, but it wasn’t stuff that you would find on postcards or anything.

Anyway, I was sitting there, wine in hand yammering away about my early photo adventures, while this couple looked at me horrified! LOL. Which kinda surprised me because I’m fairly reserved and maintain a strictly professional relationship with my subjects.  Personally, I think some of the best photos can come from going outside your own comfort zone and engaging different kinds of people and cultures.


15 thoughts on “Food weekend

  1. lacochran

    After we left I took a picture of the outside building, which caused hubby to roll his eyes and say “Do you have to take a picture of everything?”

    Yes, yes I do.

    Ha! I can relate. And, I, too, have never understood the carcass on the wall mentality. I’ve often walked into a restaurant/bar and said “There’s dead things on the wall. Let’s go.”

  2. Brad

    “… it wasn’t stuff that you would find on postcards or anything.”

    Maybe novelty postcards?

    But, yeah: carcass decor is pretty creepy.

  3. Kate

    If you don’t like the dead-animal-on-the-wall thing, you’d hate my dad’s place. In addition to the myriad (real) stuffed animals he has in his living room, he has two deer heads that flank the TV. It pretty much feels like they’re staring at you the whole time you’re watching the set.

  4. hannah78 Post author

    Hella Stella-Oversharing is indeed fun! (Well at least for us anyway. LOL)
    Lacochran-Yeah, restaurants with animal heads on the walls (ie. Montanas) don’t tend to have great vegetarian menus, LOL, so we avoid those places too.
    Robin-? It was a deer head, but I get the joke about Canadian’s being “mooseheads”. Crazy Yank! *kidding* 😉
    Brad and/or f.B-LOL. Yeah as I wrote that, I was thinking ‘Well except maybe in certain establishments” LOL
    Kate-LOL. Sounds like a few homes I’ve been to in the past. Why can’t people get these fake animal heads instead?:

  5. XUP

    I would have trouble eating a meal in a house with a dead animal nailed to the wall. How bizarre! And next time we get together I absolutely want to see your photo portfolio

  6. hannah78 Post author

    XUP-Yeah, it is bizarre! I’ll see if I can find my old portfolio. Things got shuffled around in the move, but I’m sure its lying around somewhere. 🙂

  7. Titania

    Photography is one of those things I always wanted to learn… One thing though, since I am the crazy animal lady, I think I’ve walked out of any place that had animal heads stapled anywhere…

  8. hannah78 Post author

    Titania-Well its never to late to learn. I am another ‘crazy animal lady’. Animals are innocent creatures and to kill them and display their body parts on walls seems..kinda barbaric.

  9. Marie

    Yeah I don’t get the whole putting a massive carcass head on the wall either. Freaks me out a bit.

    Matt tells me the same thing about taking pictures! “Do you have to take so many pictures?!”

    Yes we do!!

  10. Nat

    I learned something today, my buddy’s dad is a bear… LOL.

    Always funny to me what upsets people.

    PS Great to see you (again) this weekend.

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