H1N1 Shot and Santa Paws

On Friday night, I got the bright idea that hubby and I should get our H1N1 shots.  So we went to our local City of Ottawa office, got some wrist bands, went home and came back two hours later to get stabbed with needles. I was nervous, because the last time I got a flu shot, the nurse jammed it into my arm, but the H1N1 needle is small and you barely feel it.

Well that is until the next day when you feel like you were hit by a Mack truck! I was incredibly sick the entire weekend-Dizziness, nausea, extreme fatigue and migraines-you name it, I had it. It sucked big time! Anyways, I feel better today, but I just thought I would warn you guys that there is a chance you could have a reaction to the shot. I have never had reactions to flu shots before but this one kicked my ass!

On a brighter note, Selena got groomed and isn’t she sweet?:

Good thing she was groomed too because we went to Licoln Fields for the Santa Paws event.  For the unitiated, Santa Paws is an event organized by the Humane Society (I still have faith in them despite my last post) where you can have your furbeasts photo taken with Santa. Selena met some cute puppies before her picture. Like this Newfie:

and Springer Spaniel (wearing the latest from the Walmart pet section):

Selena’s photos with Santa will be available in a week. Here is an image of the process-Santa holds the confused animal, while some guy squeezes a squeak toy to get their attention and the photographer snaps away. One person brought their cat who was so incredibly tolerant of the whole thing. (Our cats would freak the fuck out! LOL)

Check your local shelter and see if a similar event is going on near you!:)


8 thoughts on “H1N1 Shot and Santa Paws

  1. kerri

    Great photos!

    I got my H1N1 shot the weekend before last and the next day I was soooo tired and achey. And my arm hurt a lot for three days. I hope you’re feeling better now!

  2. Chris

    I heard stories about side-effects from the Swine Flu vaccine. That’s one of the reasons I won’t be getting it. Ever. Aside from not wanting to buy into the hype of the whole Flu thing, for me, side-effects are worse than getting sick!

  3. XUP

    They were doing Santa photos at Global Pet Foods the other day, too. What chaos! What fun! I can’t in a million years imagine bringing my cat for something like that. He’d have a stroke and kill a few people on his way out.

  4. Wandering Coyote

    I’ve heard a lot of stories about people having bad reactions to the shot, actually. I’m glad you’re feeling better!

  5. Blueberry

    Sorry to hear about the folks having bad reactions to the shots. I got lucky and had no side effects, also found a place where there was no waiting. Once in a while something goes right.

  6. hannah78 Post author

    Chris-Well to be fair, the side effects only lasted a day and a half, while the H1N1 flu makes you very ill for a long time. I don’t like “hype” either, but I enjoy being ill (particularly as an individual with asthma) much less!
    Robin-Yeah, its pretty brutal, but everyone is different and its possible you may not have a reaction. You might be one of the lucky ones who only gets a sore arm.:)
    XUP-LOL. Our cats would do that too and probably give a few dogs a run for their money. 😉
    Wandering Coyote-Me too! Lets hope I continue to feel better.:)
    Blueberry-Wow! No waiting and no reaction. That must have been nice!

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