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Happy Birthday to Me!

I am officially 29! Hubby made me breakfast, bought me some art store gift cards and now we’re watching the dvds we got for Christmas. Later on, I’ll be going out to Zen Kitchen for dinner with the fam. Should be a good day! Now if you’ll excuse me I have some French vanilla coffee, veg bacon, raisin toast and granola yogurt to finish.:)



The Holidays

Well Christmas and Boxing Day are over and now I get a full week of doing whatever I want. Woo hoo! On Christmas morn, hubby and I opened each other’s gifts. He got me stuff like this:

(I miss this show)

and this:

and this (With Silent HIll on the Wii underneath):

He also got me a few other cool items. Yep, I am very spoiled! Meanwhile the animals had fun with the holiday paraphenalia. ie:



Afterwards, we watched videos and I made him breakfast. In the afternoon, we went to my parents where we opened more gifts, listened to my brother’s radio commercial (He’s trained in broadcasting), watched my bellydance performance on dvd, talked, ate, joked, wore those silly hats that come with crackers and left with lots of goodies. On Boxing Day, we went to hubby’s parents place where we were spoiled with more stuff than we know what to do with. His parents bought us a PS3!  So we now own an old Atari system, PS2, XBOX, XBOX360, Wii and a PS3! Along with all the booze we got for Christmas and frozen pizzas in the freezer downstairs ,we are now fully set up to be a frat house. LOL.  The rest of the day was a bit more..troublesome. We have been dealing with freezing rain in Ottawa recently and this caused us to lose power multiple times throughout the night. Then at dinner, not being able to see much of anything, I accidently spilled some candle wax on his mother’s new table runner. Which caused to her spaz out a bit. So I spent the rest of the evening feeling embarrassed as hell and trying to scrap the stuff off the runner and table.

But while we were getting ready to leave and hubby was removing the ice off our car, she said it was “no big deal”. (I still felt like an idiot about it, but no sense crying over spilled candle wax) Anyway, after piling into the car with tons of boxes and food, we carefully drove home on the ice and later that night in bed, I cuddled with Marcus under my new electric blanket. A sweet end to a sweet day!

Did you guys have a good weekend?

Christmas Artisan Fair

Christmas is about tradition and it is practically a tradition for my mother and I to go to the Originals Christmas Craft Sale at Lansdowne Park every year in December. We’ve been going to this arts and crafts show since I was a little girl and it never disappoints with the food and beautiful wares. 

We decided to hit the back row first and sure enough the ‘soap lady’ was there again, selling beautiful handmade soaps and these delicious looking (and smelling) bubblebath cupcakes.

In the next few tables, we saw candles of all shapes and sizes.  These ‘cocktail‘ ones would be great for New Years:

And here are some pie shaped ones, they look like real pies, don’t they?

After a brief pause for lunch, we browsed some beeswax candles. I LOVE beeswax candles! They are much more environmentally friendly then regular candles and don’t irritate my asthmatic lungs as much. Plus they smell like honey, so really its win win.

Here are some beautiful porcelin fairies that are a fairly recent addition to the fair. They are so gorgeous and I would totally buy one of them, if not for the fear of my animals messing with them.

Speaking of fairies and other mythological beings, I bought some very nice coasters from a woman who creates these paintings in various sizes.

I hope I can paint this well someday. After more browsing, I found some pewter snowflakes

…and we found this cool company that makes sweaters out of sweaters. (Or recycled sweaters to be exact)

My mom bought me a beautiful red and blue wrap sweater and said: “Happy Birthday!”. Hey, I’m not going to argue with early birthday presents. Thanks mom!:) The girl at that booth looked almost exactly like my friend Stella, I was tempted to ask her if they were related.

After leaving, I went home and showed off my swag to my hubby, wrapped more presents and made some Christmas treats. I think I’m finally ready for holidays, now if these remaining pesky work days could just go by faster, that would be great.:)

Blog note: Please visit the links provided in this post to browse more examples of each artist’s work.

Super Cool Etsy Stuff!

O.k I know its really late, but if any of my friends and family are still struggling with what to get me for Christmas and my birthday (Dec.30!),  I have the following suggestions from Etsy. For everyone else, I hope they provide some shopping ideas for the people on your list. Being greedy is fun with cool shopping sites like these!

1. Cicada Wings Shirt-

2. Red Choli shirt-

3. Steampunk Necklace-

4. Fairy Necklace-

5.Octopussy necklace-[]=tags&includes[]=title

6. When I want to wear my t-shirts but still stay warm-[]=tags&includes[]=title

7. Fleece blanket/throw for our living room couch-Because our dog ATE a large hole in our last blanket!

Note-I’m not commited to this design or anything and am really just looking for a dark coloured, comfy blanket to hide under when I’m watching TV.

8. Hypoallergenic Soap and Perfume-Many soaps and perfumes make my skin itchy and rashy, so I would appreciate some stuff that is less harsh. Like this stuff-[]=tags&includes[]=title

Beauty products that are not tested on animals or made from their carcasses are also fantastic and ethical gift ideas!

AND an Extra-special suggestion for the geek on your list- A Star Wars shower curtain!:[]=tags&includes[]=title

My brother used to have this exact same pattern on his bed blanket when were were little and it is too awesome! (Shut up, it is!)

My first Performance

The ‘butterflies’ started to flutter in my stomach on the bus ride home yesterday afternoon. ‘I am going to be dancing for the first time in front of a large group of people and I don’t have the choreography down cold! Crap!’ I kept thinking to myself. Once I got home, I threw a frozen pizza in the oven, put on a bunch of jewelry and studied the dance notes. After shoveling down the pizza, hubby and I raced over to the University, he talked about how nervous he was for his upcoming exam, while I, still reading the choreography sheets, blurted out stuff like “Saidi step back. Push right, left, right-What the hell does that mean? My instructor should draw stick figures on these sheets!”

When we finally arrived at the John Turcott Building, I got my ticket stamped and rushed backstage. The backstage area was about a million degrees and packed with gorgeous women of all ages, shapes and sizes in a diversity of bellydance costumes. Some were practicing their routines in the hallway, while others were talking and eating the spread of snacks laid out on a table. I picked the least crowded room, ripped off my clothes, put on a nice purple skirt and velvet shirt, as well as fingerless gloves and my purple coin belt. My group was huddled together in the next room and after about ten minutes we were ushered into a narrow corridor next to the stage. “If you’re not being blinded by the lights, it means, you won’t be in the video!”, a woman with a crewcut and event shirt bellowed at us, as we passed by.

It felt like were were lining up to be executed-I was terrified! I kept nervously pulling on the ties of  my skirt and coin belt, praying to the gods of bellydance that I don’t have a ‘wardrobe malfunction on stage’. I started chatting with a young, blond, curly haired woman next to me and we both shared feelings of terror. She revealed to me that she used to be an opera singer.

“Oh? Why did you stop?” I inquired

“Stage fright”, she replied, nervously chewing her bottom lip.


We watched the performers on stage, who looked pretty uncomfortable: “They look as nervous as I feel” I remarked.

After cracking more bad jokes (Its what I do!;)), it was our turn. I followed the blond girl and found a nice spot near the back to dance. The lights were in my eyes (bingo!), but I could still see some of the audience and my fellow dancers. We ran through our routine and I made some mistakes, but then suddenly it was all over! That was fast!

Like cattle, we followed one another off stage, to the change rooms downstairs. After putting on my winter clothes and watching some more performances on the sidelines, I joined my parents and hubby. “Did I look o.k.”? I prodded my mother.

“You looked great. Well at first, we couldn’t see you because you were hiding in the back, but once we spotted you, we thought you danced really well!” She said. (LOL!)

 So that was it. The evening featured mainly beginner and intermediate level students and everyone danced really well. Later that evening, in bed, I repeatedly rehashed the evening in my brain and eagerly anticipated the next time I would be able to dance again on stage.


Still Sick

Well I’m still sick! Not super sick, mind you, just sick enough to still bug the hell out of me. In addition to the fatigue and phlegm, my throat is still very scratchy and I sound like a male teenager in the throes of puberty. The weekend was spent buying food supplies for Christmas and playing “Dragon Age: Origins” since I was feeling too crummy to do anything else.  (It’s a decent game, give it a spin if you’re into videogames)

This morning, I overheard some woman on the bus talking on her cell phone and she said that the Olympic torch passed through our suburb recently.  Too bad I missed it, would have been a great photo opportunity!

Tonight is my bellydance class party. I attempted to make shortbread cookies for the event, but they turned out tasting like shortbread Playdoh instead, so I said “screw it!” and sent hubby to fetch some store bought from the store. I’m getting better at pie crust, why does something so seemingly simple as cookies still allude me? Urg! I think once I’m feeling better, I’m going to go on a quest to make the perfect cookies. Anybody have any good recipes they’d like to share?

This whole week will be mostly about bellydancing-There’s the class party tonight, the rehearsal tomorrow night and our performance is on Wednesday.  I’ll probably hack up an organ or two by the time its all over!

Anyways, dear readers, if you want to see a flu-ridden zombie (ie. me)  dance, come to the University of Ottawa Alumni Auditorium (John Turcot University Building) this Wednesday at 6:30pm. Admission is $10.