More food!:)

With the holidays and winter quickly approaching, I’ve been hit with the urge to cook hearty meals. I found this recipe in an old issue of Food and Drink magazine and thought I could try it with veggie ground round, instead of pork.

The ground round wasn’t a spectacular substitute in this case, but the sauce was delicious!

On Sunday, I made a tourtière, also using ground round. Tourtière, for those who don’t know, is a French Canadian entrée also made with ground pork and spices in a pie crust. It’s traditionally eaten during Christmas eve, but frozen versions are available in most Canadian grocery stores throughout the year. My mom used to buy them and frankly when I was a child (during my meat eating days), I was never fond of it.  I prefered steak pie, because ground pork always tasted weird to me.

Anyways, here is my version and the recipe is in the Holiday Recipes note:

I hadn’t realized that our ground round was “Mexican flavoured” until it was too late. But remarkably, the spices in the ground round contrasted well with the cranberries and other items in the recipe. For dessert, I prepared one of my father’s recipes-Carrot pudding with orange sauce. Hmmmm!

The recipe is handwritten, but I’ll type it out and post it on here soon!


13 thoughts on “More food!:)

  1. pinklea

    Mmmm – tourtière! I’m not a huge fan of ground pork in general, but I don’t know, there’s something about the spices that make tourtière yummy!

  2. meanie

    i’ve tried ground round for meatballs and it just doesn’t work. if you ever find a good trick, let me know! did it work well in the tortiere???

  3. hannah78 Post author

    Kate-It is now up and ready to be reproduced in your kitchen! 🙂
    Pinklea-The spices certainly make it interesting.
    Meanie-Yep, the ground round worked much better in the tourtiere! I’m going to try and make some new dishes along with meatballs again using TVP:
    I’ll let you know if its better than ground round!:)
    Marie-I don’t usually have the energy to do both. This was a freak occurrence and my energy was pretty much sapped by the time cleanup came around.
    JustJP-Well there’s lots of vegetarian items available at your grocery store, so you should check them out and experiment! 🙂
    Walkingonsunshine-Thank you, most of it was!
    Jocelyn-LOL. Good luck!

  4. kim

    Yummmmm. I’m the same way when it starts to get cold- I want hearty rustic meals & giant bowls of soup with chunks of bread.
    Yours all look delicious!

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