Super Cool Etsy Stuff!

O.k I know its really late, but if any of my friends and family are still struggling with what to get me for Christmas and my birthday (Dec.30!),  I have the following suggestions from Etsy. For everyone else, I hope they provide some shopping ideas for the people on your list. Being greedy is fun with cool shopping sites like these!

1. Cicada Wings Shirt-

2. Red Choli shirt-

3. Steampunk Necklace-

4. Fairy Necklace-

5.Octopussy necklace-[]=tags&includes[]=title

6. When I want to wear my t-shirts but still stay warm-[]=tags&includes[]=title

7. Fleece blanket/throw for our living room couch-Because our dog ATE a large hole in our last blanket!

Note-I’m not commited to this design or anything and am really just looking for a dark coloured, comfy blanket to hide under when I’m watching TV.

8. Hypoallergenic Soap and Perfume-Many soaps and perfumes make my skin itchy and rashy, so I would appreciate some stuff that is less harsh. Like this stuff-[]=tags&includes[]=title

Beauty products that are not tested on animals or made from their carcasses are also fantastic and ethical gift ideas!

AND an Extra-special suggestion for the geek on your list- A Star Wars shower curtain!:[]=tags&includes[]=title

My brother used to have this exact same pattern on his bed blanket when were were little and it is too awesome! (Shut up, it is!)


11 thoughts on “Super Cool Etsy Stuff!

  1. quackattack

    It’s funny because, although I have only met you in-person once, I look at all these things and immediately think they’re so YOU! Good luck getting what you wish for 🙂

  2. hannah78 Post author

    Quackattack-Guess I picked well then.:)
    Get off my lawn-Go to the Etsy link provided and you can order one yourself. We should both get that shower curtain! 🙂
    Kate-You and me both hun! 😉

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