Christmas Artisan Fair

Christmas is about tradition and it is practically a tradition for my mother and I to go to the Originals Christmas Craft Sale at Lansdowne Park every year in December. We’ve been going to this arts and crafts show since I was a little girl and it never disappoints with the food and beautiful wares. 

We decided to hit the back row first and sure enough the ‘soap lady’ was there again, selling beautiful handmade soaps and these delicious looking (and smelling) bubblebath cupcakes.

In the next few tables, we saw candles of all shapes and sizes.  These ‘cocktail‘ ones would be great for New Years:

And here are some pie shaped ones, they look like real pies, don’t they?

After a brief pause for lunch, we browsed some beeswax candles. I LOVE beeswax candles! They are much more environmentally friendly then regular candles and don’t irritate my asthmatic lungs as much. Plus they smell like honey, so really its win win.

Here are some beautiful porcelin fairies that are a fairly recent addition to the fair. They are so gorgeous and I would totally buy one of them, if not for the fear of my animals messing with them.

Speaking of fairies and other mythological beings, I bought some very nice coasters from a woman who creates these paintings in various sizes.

I hope I can paint this well someday. After more browsing, I found some pewter snowflakes

…and we found this cool company that makes sweaters out of sweaters. (Or recycled sweaters to be exact)

My mom bought me a beautiful red and blue wrap sweater and said: “Happy Birthday!”. Hey, I’m not going to argue with early birthday presents. Thanks mom!:) The girl at that booth looked almost exactly like my friend Stella, I was tempted to ask her if they were related.

After leaving, I went home and showed off my swag to my hubby, wrapped more presents and made some Christmas treats. I think I’m finally ready for holidays, now if these remaining pesky work days could just go by faster, that would be great.:)

Blog note: Please visit the links provided in this post to browse more examples of each artist’s work.


11 thoughts on “Christmas Artisan Fair

  1. pinklea

    I especially love those amazing candles (I’m always on the lookout for great candles). I’ve never found beeswax ones that actually smell like real honey, though. They mostly smell waxy to me. But maybe that’s just my wonky sense of smell?

  2. hannah78 Post author

    Pinklea-Maybe. But if you’re on the lookout for great candles, you can buy some from the links I provided.:)
    Walkingonsunshine-They are indeed!

  3. get off my lawn

    I am physically unable to shop for more than twenty minutes or so. I am struck paralyzed by back pains and foot sores. So I envy you the joy you got out of this experience. Happy hoidays. Hope the time goes fast until work’s out.

  4. hannah78 Post author

    Get off my lawn-That sucks! Silly question-But have you seen a doctor about those issues?
    Happy holidays to you too!
    Chris-Yep and as a newbie to Ottawa, you should come to Lansdowne and visit one of these fairs. Then you can say you got the full “Ottawa experience”. 🙂
    Natashya-Aren’t they sweet?

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