The Holidays

Well Christmas and Boxing Day are over and now I get a full week of doing whatever I want. Woo hoo! On Christmas morn, hubby and I opened each other’s gifts. He got me stuff like this:

(I miss this show)

and this:

and this (With Silent HIll on the Wii underneath):

He also got me a few other cool items. Yep, I am very spoiled! Meanwhile the animals had fun with the holiday paraphenalia. ie:



Afterwards, we watched videos and I made him breakfast. In the afternoon, we went to my parents where we opened more gifts, listened to my brother’s radio commercial (He’s trained in broadcasting), watched my bellydance performance on dvd, talked, ate, joked, wore those silly hats that come with crackers and left with lots of goodies. On Boxing Day, we went to hubby’s parents place where we were spoiled with more stuff than we know what to do with. His parents bought us a PS3!  So we now own an old Atari system, PS2, XBOX, XBOX360, Wii and a PS3! Along with all the booze we got for Christmas and frozen pizzas in the freezer downstairs ,we are now fully set up to be a frat house. LOL.  The rest of the day was a bit more..troublesome. We have been dealing with freezing rain in Ottawa recently and this caused us to lose power multiple times throughout the night. Then at dinner, not being able to see much of anything, I accidently spilled some candle wax on his mother’s new table runner. Which caused to her spaz out a bit. So I spent the rest of the evening feeling embarrassed as hell and trying to scrap the stuff off the runner and table.

But while we were getting ready to leave and hubby was removing the ice off our car, she said it was “no big deal”. (I still felt like an idiot about it, but no sense crying over spilled candle wax) Anyway, after piling into the car with tons of boxes and food, we carefully drove home on the ice and later that night in bed, I cuddled with Marcus under my new electric blanket. A sweet end to a sweet day!

Did you guys have a good weekend?


9 thoughts on “The Holidays

  1. Erika

    You really DO have a frat house! Glad to hear your holiday was good, despite the candle wax debacle. Ours was awesome. Coming down from the high today is tough.

  2. hannah78 Post author

    Robin-I’m glad it turned out fairly well.
    Erika-I know! Yeah my mom-in-law kinda freaked out about the wax. I’m a klutz what can I say?
    I’m happy yours went so well. I’ll have to read all about it on your blog! 🙂

  3. k

    An electric blanket is amazing for winters in our city. Great present idea, hubby!

    Is Mission Hill like The Oblongs?

  4. hannah78 Post author

    Julia-LOL. Yeah Selena chomped on that bow like a heron trying to swallow a fish! It was too funny! (Thankfully I managed to snatch it from her before she tried to swallow it though)
    K-Yeah electric blankets are a definite must have item in Ottawa. Mission Hill is different from the Oblongs, but was shown among the “late night” cartoons on Teletoon years ago. More adult type humor definitely!
    Get off my lawn-Yeah, she seems over it. (I’m sure she’ll bring it up again at some point however. ;))
    Walkingonsunshine-Me too! I love anatomy and love colouring so its a great combo!

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