Happy Birthday to Me!

I am officially 29! Hubby made me breakfast, bought me some art store gift cards and now we’re watching the dvds we got for Christmas. Later on, I’ll be going out to Zen Kitchen for dinner with the fam. Should be a good day! Now if you’ll excuse me I have some French vanilla coffee, veg bacon, raisin toast and granola yogurt to finish.:)



19 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. walkingonsunshine18

    Happy Birthday to one of my favorite bloggers! I hope the rest of your bday is equally as fabulous! πŸ™‚

  2. pinklea

    Happy, happy birthday Hannah!

    (And just so you know, 2010 is supposed to be an amazing year for us Capricorns – something
    BIG is supposed to happen, something that we’ve all been working towards for several years … if you believe all that stuff! Not sure I do, but it’s fun to speculate!)

  3. Chris

    Happy Birthday (belated…but better late than never!) Hope everything goes the way you want it to! And best wishes for the new year…:)

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