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Good luck Mom!

My mom recently slipped on some ice coming home from work one day and smashed her left wrist. She’s now wearing a cast (which drives her nuts, because she can’t do as much and she is definitely not one for complacency)  and getting surgery on her wrist sometime this weekend.

So I would like to use this blog to wish her good luck in her surgery and hope she will be back to her usual busy and unbroken self soon!:)

P.S. Just in case there was any doubt, no that is not her in the photo. I am not the offspring of a polar bear who obviously can’t read signs. 😉

Wouldn’t it be nice?…

Retirement. Its a word I’ve been hearing a lot lately, particularly since a large chunk of my coworkers have either left recently or will be leaving very soon. They just love to bring it up:

Them: “Yep, I’m retiring next week/next month/sometime in the very near future”

Me: “Wow, how nice for you.” (While I’m thinking in my head ‘You smug lucky bastard’!)

But then I see some others-easily pushing 70 or 80+-who are still working here! Its not a matter of not being able to afford to retire, they should have a good government pension saved up, its just they are so commited and/or love their jobs so much, that they just can’t picture themselves doing anything else.

Wow! Is all I gotta say, because I can think of a million things I’d rather be doing!

I’m considering even retiring early, but that will take some extra planning and consideration on my part and I guess we’ll see how things go. I’ve still got lots of time to think about it.

What about you? Are you close to retirement? How long would you like to keep working? Do you think giving up steady employment to retire early(ie. age of say 50) to pursue one’s dreams is too risky or possibly very worthwhile?


Pain in the Butt-Part II

As some of you are aware, I have issues with my tailbone. Pain to be exact. Pain that comes and goes and sometimes becomes so unbearable that I literally cannot sit down.

Yeah it sucks the big one. (Particularly when you consider the fact that I spend 10 hours/day sitting as part of my commute and job)

After getting nothing but a patronizing look and a suggestion that I change my office chair from my dickhead doctor, I decided after one particularly torturous day, to check into a clinic to get some real answers. The doctor at the clinic gave me some anti-inflammatories and told me to get an x-ray.

Well kittens, I did so and followed up on the results with her last night. Turns out that there are no abnormalities with the bones in my back-yay!-but she is referring me to a proctologist so they can rule out any possible gastrointestinal issues. So basically, I have to endure an extremely humiliating (and possibly painful) test with this guy and pray that I don’t have Crones or something. If they find nothing, then I will be put on the waiting list for an MRI .

If the pain continues, I could look forward to getting a needle in my bum. They call it a cortisone injection-I call it “I-will-never-complain-again-about- getting-the-flu-shot-again shot!”)

So basically, proctologist exam followed by needle in the bum.  Isn’t that just awesomely craptastic?

On the way home, I began to ruminate on how stupid I was to get myself into this mess. Specifically, I used to do a fairly high contact sport and was thrown down quite a few times and this former hobby of mine is more than likely the reason behind my pain. So it is self inflicted which makes me feel awful. Why did I continue with this sport for as long as I did? Several reasons-Because I was starting to excel at it, I didn’t want to let my coach down and it gave me confidence.  As an insecure and sensitive person, an activity that makes me feel good about myself really was worth its weight in gold and I cherished the pride and thrill that I got from it.Plus, that sport could be a lot of fun and enabled me to get into fantastic shape. (I should add that we did use safety equipment, but I guess nothing is guanteed when you’re a small person like me)

I’m not sure if the skills I acquired or levels I achieved in this activity were quite worth the pain I now experience, but at least I can say I did it and am proud of what I accomplished in what is widely considerered to be an extremely difficult activity.


Cleaning out and Weird Weather

The weekend was good. One thing that made it notable was finally getting rid of all the dead AA and AAA batteries in our house! Having two televisions and every video game console known to man definitely uses up a lot of batteries!

So we gathered all the dead batteries, tossed them in a bag and went to Home Depot where there are giant bins for used and reusable batteries right at the front entrance. It felt really good to get rid of those toxic things without throwing them in the garbage. (Which is beyond lazy and irresponsible!)

The rest of the weekend was decent, more cleaning and painting, comme d’habitude.  This morning was very strange, however-Plus 6 degrees C! Plus 6! In January! With Rain! What the hell is going on? It has been so mild this winter, its just so bizarre! I’m used to walking in -20 to -40, grumbling the entire way, feeling my face get bitten with frost bite.  Meanwhile, my penpals in Belgium and France have been complaining about how cold it is over there. Not at all typical. Plus think about all that snow that the UK recently got. ( I guess Canada’s winter considers itself so wonderful, it decided to share itself with the rest of the world and give us winter weary Canadians a break.;P)

I’m not usually very interested in discussing the weather on my blog (that’s what coworkers are for afterall!), but this oddness is intriguing me. How has the weather been in your location lately?


Here is a new drawing that I just finished. She was going to be a redhead, but I didn’t like the way the colour looked on her, so I erased the red pencil crayon and overlaped the red marker with black. (You can still see a bit of the red marks though)

The picture was inspired by a photo from Elle Québec magazine. 🙂

Interesting Story

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know all about the recent earthquake in Haiti. Most of the stories surrounding this disaster are pretty heartbreaking, but this one is definitely one of the more optimistic. This guy was trapped under the ruins of his hotel after the earthquake for almost three days(!) and survived using the medical application on his i-Phone! After looking up things like how to treat broken bones and excessive bleeding and using the alarm feature to prevent himself from falling asleep, French rescuers finally pulled him out of the rubble. Funny how in many cases technology (ie. Cell phones) and the distraction they create, cause many fatalities, but in this case it prevented one!

He should consider himself extremely fortunate, because according to recent reports, 200,000 people have died and millions are homeless and still desperately seeking food and medical attention.

Another tattoo…maybe?

Over the holidays, I began to pondering the possibility of getting another tattoo. I already have two and once upon a time, told myself that two was the limit. But now I have been reconsidering that stance. I would love to get some Celtic type of design. Something like this:

or this:

 If I got another tattoo, it would be smallish and below my navel.  I know that its probably a crazy place to put a tat, since stomachs tend to stretch, but it honestly seems like the best place for it.:)

I’ve been feeling very ‘rebellious’ lately. Maybe its because of cabin fever or feeling conflicted over getting older. It could even be from boredom, who knows? Another thing I’d like to do is get my hair cut again. It was cut recently, but I want it shorter and redder, like this, except with bangs:


I hate feeling like I have a limited range of “looks” that I am allowed to play with! Isn’t life about experimentation and finding yourself? If I want to go a little crazy, I should be allowed to!

Anyways, as was the tradition with my other tattoos, I will give myself at least a year to think about it and research other possible designs.  But I’m thinking it could look really nice on my 30th birthday.

Do you guys have any tattoos and/or piercings? Would you get more if you could?