Birthday and New Years Eve Recap

The rest of my week off was spent in glorious, heated laziness. My birthday was decent-I stressed about trying to organize something (Being born between Christmas and New Years really sucks, because everybody is preoccupied with those two events and its too damn snowy to do anything besides hibernate) then decided that it was better to just go out with my family. We went out to Zen Kitchen and I had some tasty drinks..

 ..and shared some appetizers with hubby and had their delicious ravioli.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love cake so it goes without saying that there was birthday cake.

I got some very nice earrings, a spa gift certificate and a crystal serving dish from my grandma. New Years was also fairly low-key, we stayed home and my good friend T called and we yakked on the phone for hours. We were invited to parties, but New Years parties lost their appeal years ago when I accidently spilled a drink on some girl (Are you sensing a trend with me yet? LOL) and hubby and I waited until literally 4am in a lobby waiting for a cab.

Yep, its official, getting drunk and being stranded in -40 C on New Years eve is no longer considered “fun” for me. 😛 I feel so grown up!

For the remainder of the week, I played videogames and did some practice painting on canvas paper. It was wonderful.  We also got a ton of snow, which Selena gets all over her face and body when she’s on walks.

And now its Monday and January and back to the daily grind. But I’ve enrolled in some classes to keep my mind busy, so I don’t spend the entire winter staring wistfully at cheesy Caribbean vacation  commercials.

Here’s to a new year!!:)


14 thoughts on “Birthday and New Years Eve Recap

  1. Marie

    I see nothing wrong with staying inside and keeping warm (that’s pretty much what I did too).

    Happy belated birthday and happy 2010!

  2. Kate

    Ooh, what kind of birthday cake? I love cake!

    Positively the worst thing ever about NYE in Chicago is trying to find a cab once the festivities are over. I’ve had MEN steal them from me! And one year I was almost forced to cut a bitch. 😉

  3. XUP

    Yes! A good thing to do when all that there is to look forward to is dark, cold and work — take some courses! I’m doing the same thing

  4. hannah78 Post author

    Kate-It was chocolate and actually wasn’t as good as the rest of the food. Ah well, guess I’ll have to make my own. ;).
    Your past New Years eves sound really bad, but admittedly made me laugh out loud and immediately think of this:


  5. hannah78 Post author

    Lynn-It really is about the cake! (oh and the presents! LOL)
    Get off my lawn-Well these are art and bellydance classes, so their not university courses or anything. But still fun regardless!

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