Stressful Day!

Today is “one of those days”. In the morning, after ‘suiting’ up in long underwear, pants, sweater, jacket, boots, etc. I walked all the way to the bus stop to discover that my bus pass has disappeared! Crap!

After rummaging around and cursing a blue streak, which probably made me look like a crazy person to my fellow commuters, I stomped all the way home and begged hubby to drive me to work. Which he did, thankfully.

The day continues to suck with various work related “issues” and conversations (ie arguments) and I just received an email from my local councillor stating that the “Audit, Budget and Finance Committee” is recommending that OC Transpo cut a bunch of bus routes, two of which I rely on every single day to get to and from work!

He mentioned there would be a town meeting to discuss budget issues in my area, but since I am unable to attend on the date listed, I fired off an angry email to him.

Seriously WTF? The buses I take are always full to the gills, so it is crazy to consider cutting them! Cut money somewhere else, we NEED these buses! It is major league bullshit after that horrible strike last year, to even debate screwing over transit commuters again by cutting bus routes!


17 thoughts on “Stressful Day!

  1. Kate

    OMG, that’s awful! Have they considered how it would impact the local economy if they cut the bus routes? How many people wouldn’t be able to get to work or to the businesses in the area? The Chicago Transit Authority threatens cutting lines about once a year, but it never seems to happen — thank goodness.

  2. hannah78 Post author

    Kate-I highly doubt city council or OC Transpo cares about the negative impact that cutting routes would have for us faithful commuters. Money, not people, is what counts for them.
    Quackattack-Exactly! It can’t be sunshine and kittens all the time! (Which would be pretty boring to read anyway)

  3. andhari

    I think one of those days means you earn one of those quality self pampering tine. I’ll try to lay in bed and do nothing but watch dvd if i were you, just to feel better a little 😀

  4. walkingonsunshine18

    That doesn’t sound like a fun day at all!!! I so know how you’re feeling btw – as soon as I get my luggage, I’m scheduling a massage

  5. Blueberry

    They always seem to be cutting the bus routes when they should be adding. We are always having to fight to keep them, sometimes it does some good and sometimes not. They prefer more cars, followed by more (toll) roads I guess.

  6. pinklea

    And if you were in Vancouver, they’d threaten to cut the bus, then they’d reroute it so you had to take three more buses to get to work, and then they’d raise the transit fares – all this while spending billions of dollars on the Olympics! (Sorry – just a little cynicism here)

  7. Natashya

    Strikes really make me angry now. In TO it seems that everyone is on a strike all the time. It always seems to be the best paid people too..

  8. meanie

    i will never understand oc transpo. yesterday there were about a hundred people lined up at lebreton to get to hull and one bus pulled up. today no one was waiting but myself and a handful of others and there were three buses that pulled up!
    i hope your routes don’t get cut. i don’t know what i do if that happened to me.

  9. hannah78 Post author

    Walkingonsunshine-Hmm..massage. That reminds me, I better schedule that hot stone massage with that gift certificate I got for my birthday.:)
    Blueberry-They prefer more cars? That is awful! With global warming, they should be working to improve public transit! But I guess its somewhat the same here-People get fed up with the BS from City Council and the bus service, so they end up taking their cars and then end up in rush hour traffic day in and day out.
    Pinklea-I noticed the bus system in Vancouver wasn’t that great, but at least you have the Sky Train. (Though it doesn’t cover the entire area) Yeah, the Olympics are frought with problems and I agree the money spent there could be spent more constructively.:)
    Get off my lawn- LOL! I’m sure somewhere someone has already attempted that and is probably now on the site
    Natashya-I know! Some of the people who go on strike seriously do not know how good they have it and act like spoiled brats! Its really sickening how selfish some people can be!
    Meanie-Yeah OC is run by idiots, but that goes without saying. The worst is when you spot your bus and run for it and the driver sees you but drives off anyways..&%$#@!

  10. XUP

    I’ve had it up to here (holding hand vertically way above my head) with OC Transpo. Did you read Tales From a Grouch blog on the insanity of their bus purchases? They already cut routes after the strike. Now they’re increasing fares again in the summer. AND cutting more routes??? Why not just scrap the whole friggin’ useless system and let someone else start over? Problem is people who don’t use transit (i.e.: City Council) think transit is a waste of money and should be able to be fully supported by transit users. Even after the traffic chaos during the strike, they don’t seem to realize how valuable an efficient transit system is to a city that intends to thrive.

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