I’m not a total freak honest!!

As an aspiring artist with limited money, I am faced with a problem: Models( or lackthereof). Ottawa is just bursting with all different shapes, colours and sizes, many of which I would love to capture on paper or canvas and( I’m hoping) eventually on various sculptural media. 

But how does one exactly ask someone they know to model for them without possibly looking like a weirdo/perv?

During the few times where I’ve actually worked up the gumption and asked friends or acquaintances in the past to model for me they usually have one of these reactions: A)Extreme self-consciousness, followed by much hemming and hawing and blushing or B) Think I’m hitting on them and that this is a way for me to ‘cruise’ the ladies or gents.

It can be difficult as well because sitting is well..kinda boring..and if you’re nude or semi-nude then it can get pretty chilly.

Anybody have any tips because I’m tired of squinting at small, one-dimensional pictures of people on the internet. (Plus, when you type in the search for “woman”, all sorts of disturbing-WTF-retina burning stuff comes  up! LOL)

Picture of the artist John William Waterhouse


11 thoughts on “I’m not a total freak honest!!

  1. famethrowa

    You could post an ad on Kijiji. To deter weirdos/exhibitionists, you could offer some nominal reward. (If money is tight, possibly some service like a portrait or some other talent like baked cookies.)

    Have you asked your friends? I think your friends would understand the situation, and I’m sure you have at least a few who are comfortable enough with you to shed some clothing.

    What about art classes in colleges, community centres or universities? I’m not saying to sign up for one, but if you could get in touch with an instructor, she could tell you her own sources for models or maybe let you participate with the class. (A kind of “I draw you, you draw me” thing.)

  2. k

    I think you might have answered your own question with this post. I’m sure you’ll get lots of comments from people who wouldn’t mind.

  3. artman2112

    hah try being a male pinup type artist in the same situation!! they dont look at me weird they just start dailing 911 on their phones!
    seriously i’m in the same situation as you, finding suitable subjects locally is almost impossible. i had a line on one model but it ended up she was just testing the waters and really wasnt serious about it. grrrrrrrrrrrr, time waster!!!! i’ve been lucky that a few internet friends were eager to become subjects in my art but in that situtation i dont get to control the pictures taken and so its a ‘work with what ya get’ type thing. still, i am very grateful to them for taking part in it all.
    sorry i cant help ya 😦

  4. hannah78 Post author

    Dr.Monkey-Thank you, I do hope we meet someday so I can take you up on that offer. 🙂
    Famethrowa-I’m still weary-Serial killers and all round crazies probably troll those ads, despite nominal rewards other than money. (There are a lot of hungry nutsos out there! LOL) Admittedly, I haven’t actively asked my friends, but many of them live far away or on the other end of the city and/or have kids, so I am doubtful that they would pose for me. I’m taking art classes in the winter so I’ll ask around and see if people can point me in the right direction. 🙂
    K-Well fingers crossed someone in my area will comment and agree to pose.:)

  5. hannah78 Post author

    Artman-LOL! I can imagine its worse for male artists finding models! Hopefully we’ll both find reliable models soon!
    Lacochran-LOL! Consider yourself lucky!
    I sometimes sketch people on the bus, but they tend to move or they notice what you’re doing and purposefully turn away.
    Walkingonsunshine-Alright! So I’ve got one model in the States and one in Toronto! Hopefully, I’ll have a few more mapped out. 🙂

  6. Counter Culture Clown

    I kidnap all of my models. Of course, I don’t sculpt them, I incase them in plaster and keep them in a room upstairs. Is that cheating?

  7. XUP

    I would join a life-drawing class or get together with 5 or 6 other artists and form a life-drawing group and you can all pitch in to hire a model. I’m sure the Ottawa College of Art could help you out on both fronts.

  8. hannah78 Post author

    Counter Culture Clown-I hope not, because if I don’t find any nearby models soon, then that was going to be my next step! 😉
    XUP-I was in a life drawing class briefly awhile back and might enroll in another one, but I’d like to see if I can find some free models first.:)

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