Good Things about Winter:)

I won’t lie-I’m a complainer! Always have been and probably always will be (to some extent anyways),  but since non-stop ranting and raving tends to make me feel worse and is probably not the most attractive attribute in the world, I will try and start looking at the brighter side of things more often. (After all that is part of my blog title.) So with that, I give you the best things about the shittiest season of the year-Winter:

1-You can store various food items and beverages in your garage. Our fridge is small, so having this extra bit of storage really comes in handy. I sometimes even store freshly made chocolates on the hood of my car to cool. (And yes I remember to remove them before I drive away! LOL)

2-You can eat and eat and eat and not worry, because all that flub is hiding under layers of clothes. Plus, when you think about it, we do need the extra insulation(or at least I do) to survive these bitter months. So go ahead, indulge in that poutine or beavertail (Woo for Canadian junk food!), but only if you’ll share some with me.:)

3-Sleep-Like many people, I tend to suffer from sleep problems, but with winter, the hibernation instinct kicks right in and I sleep longer. (Though this does make dragging my ass out of bed in the morning much harder!)

4-Toasty fires-There is nothing better than cozying up with your sweetheart next to a fire or reading a book or toasting marshmallows.

5-The slight-minute possibility of a “snow day“-This tends to apply more to children(lucky buggers!) but last year during a particularly nasty snow storm, my boss called me up at noon and said: “Y’know what? The storm is really getting bad. Go home”. After doing the dance of joy, I ran home and for once thanked my lucky stars for living in such a frigid town.:)

6-Hot drinks-I love ’em all-Cider, tea, coffee-making them “Irish” (aka. mixed with alcohol) also makes winter seem slightly less dreary and more fuzzy.:P

7-Sledding-I am a disaster on skis (my klutziness+long flat boards attached to my feet rapidly going down a hill=something akin to a “Mr. Bean” episode) and loathe skating, but since sledding requires no athletic skill or grace, it can be really fun! (I don’t recommend doing it near any major highways or busy streets however. LOL)

8-No mosquitos or flies-It’s nice to be able to walk around in the woods without constantly itching, swatting or having to wear nasty bug spray.

Well that’s all I can think of right now. What are some of your favorite things about winter?


15 thoughts on “Good Things about Winter:)

  1. Counter Culture Clown

    My favorite thing about Winter. Well, being in Minnesota… it’s the stupidity that gives me even MORE to complain about. Really, Winter brings out the dumb here in Minnesota. And since I love complaining, it just makes me have more fun. As can be seen…


    and Here:

    annnnd here:

    THAT is what I love about this season. ❤

  2. hannah78 Post author

    Kim-Awww..flannel. Truly a winter staple!
    Counter Culture Clown-LOL. Winter really does bring out the stupid(see my ‘don’t sled next to highways’ comment. I only said that because I’ve actually SEEN people doing it!)
    Now I am going to go and read your posts and see how entertaining complaining can be! 🙂

  3. Counter Culture Clown

    I don’t slide next to highways. I tie my sled to the back of cars and have them PULL me down highways.

    I am, of course, joking, but I bet people actually HAVE done that…

  4. Lynn

    “No bugs” is by far my favourite thing about winter. But I also like the fact that the garbage we put out in the garage freezes — no gross smells, no animals getting into it, no goopy messes at the bottom of the pail. So that’s a plus.

    There isn’t much else, though!

  5. artman2112

    oh that’s an easy one, the thing i LOVE most about winter is shoveling snow! endless snow, huge daunting piles of snow just waiting for me to attack while the biting sub zero wind freezes my face to where i must actually touch my nose to make sure its still there!

    ok, sarcastic rant over…. let’s see, yeah the no bugs thing is cool, the squitos were horrible this past summer so it is nice to get a break from those little bitches (its the females that do all the biting!) ummmm, what else….. oh yeah xmas bonus from work, woo hoo!…. ummmm, fires are nice IF you have a fireplace and i dont so…. yeah i think that’s about it…

    i hate winter…..

  6. deutlich

    You know what? You make some very, very valid points about why the winter isn’t SO bad.

    But…I still want me some warmer weather.


  7. get off my lawn

    In the right places, starting in January the transition to winter is usually over. No more rain, no more storms, no more unpredictability. It gets really cold (-20 or colder) and suddenly sunny for weeks and weeks. Those mornings make one glad to be alive. Harder to feel that way in cities, I’ve found. But your city might qualify.

  8. hannah78 Post author

    Chris-Oh me too! I am literally crossing off the days until Spring! 🙂
    Counter Culture Clown-LOL. That HAS to be on failblog somewhere!
    Lynn-I still get goopy messes in the bottom of my compost bin. “Leak proof” bags, my foot!
    Omawarisan-That is always good, though, I think snow shoveling is more tiring than grass cutting.
    Artman-LOL. Me too! Winter sucks! But bonuses are nice..
    Deutlich-Winter is bad, very, very bad, but as mentioned complaining can only be entertaining for so long. 😉 Bring on the warm weather!

  9. hannah78 Post author

    Bevchen-IRISH cream? 😉
    Get off my lawn-Being out in -20 doesn’t make me feel “alive”, sunshine or no. Being out in PLUS 20 does however.:)
    Walkingonsunshine-I like baggy clothes with extra pockets, so you can stash more candies in them!

  10. Robin

    When we lost power for 13 days last December we stored all the food we could outside, it was pretty convenient. It’s odd that we could function pretty well without any electricity even when that’s how we get our heat.

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