Green Door, Geekery and Irving

The weekend was fairly eventful. On Saturday evening, hubby and I went to the Green Door and then some new age store next door. As usual, The Green Door was busy, but I was in the mood for some hearty veggie fare and sadly, there are no such places in our east-end ‘burb.  Taking a tray and glass plate, I lined up behind some mother and daughter who were obviously complete rookies to the vegetarian cafeteria style dining experience.

“ this?” The girl kept asking, pointing at various dishes.

Her mother looked even more spaced out and kept weaving in out and out of the line.

“Is this tofu?” She asked a staff member who had dreadlocks and those giant ear plugs.

“Yeah its tempeh” He replied tiredly.

Then she proceeded to poke at it, like it was an alien that just might bite her and by this point, I had enough and tried to move past them. Honestly ladies-Stop being idiots, its food, you dump some on your plate and go to the cash! You’re holding up the line!

After stuffing ourselves, hubby and I ventured to this new age bookstore to buy a birthday gift for this friend of ours. I found two books and an A.Andrew Gonzalez calendar for myself! That calendar made me super happy, as he is one of my favorite artists. Go check out the link!

While were at the cash, hubby noticed the storeclerk’s computer had a Dragon Age Origins site open. After pointing it out, the three of us launched into this big geekfest on how great the game is, how we can’t stop playing it, which “race” we currently are, bla bla. At one point, the store clerk mentioned that you could have an orgy with some of your characters and that she was going to try it.

‘Actively trying to have an orgy in a videogame?, I thought to myself, ‘that is the dorkiest fucking thing I have ever heard. I must try it when I get home!’ LOL

On Sunday, we went to said friend’s 30th birthday party. It was decent-delicious chocolate cake and regular champagne and non-alcoholic sparkling berry wine. (That was surprisingly good!) The birthday girl and her husband have a son and a giant boxer named Irving:

He kept mooching cake and shaking paws with various guests. Its hard to believe how big he is, last time we saw him was in the summer and was just a little wrinkle face back then!


11 thoughts on “Green Door, Geekery and Irving

  1. Blueberry

    I am like those line ladies sometimes in a regular buffet – looking closely at things, hoping for an ingredient list, and if possible, asking “does this have meat in it?”, and then hoping the person I ask doesn’t think that fish are vegetables.

  2. Wandering Coyote

    Oh, I used to LOVE The Green Door, but yes, there were A LOT of annoying customers there….I loved it when they picked through stir-fries to select on the the veggies they liked. Really irritating. They had such freaking awesome desserts at that place….Yum!

  3. hannah78 Post author

    Deutlich-Me too! Besides which, all the food at the restaurant is great so you can’t lose!
    Blueberry-Well that’s different. If its a regular buffet, us vegetarians have to check and make sure. But these chicks were acting like they were surprised at all the vegetables and soy products! They were also surprised that putting more stuff on your plate=it costs more. LOL
    Wandering Coyote-Well this was my first time seeing morons like those. It was very strange! The desserts are kick ass! I had a not cheese cheesecake that was very good!:)
    Kate-He is cute. We’re hoping to set up a playdate. (Not sure how Selena will react to such a big dog though, she tends to like dogs her own size or cats since their more fun to pester! ;))

  4. meanie

    i go to the green door once a week – i love it so much. but it does give me rage when people are soooo slow and el stupido about line etiquette.

  5. hannah78 Post author

    Raino-I figured you might.;)
    Walkingonsunshine-Both of them were annoying as heck!
    Meanie-LOL@ “el stupido”. Yeah, its kind of scary how dumb some people are. Buffets really aren’t that complicated and if you’re trying a new type of cuisine(ie vegetarian), you have to be a little more openminded and less of a scaredy cat about it.

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